Two More Draft Names on the Miami Heat’s Radar

It was reported today that Miami has requested another zoom interview, this time with Duke’s Tre Jones.

He is a high IQ point guard who makes great decisions with the ball in his hands. He’s a good defender as well by jumping into passing lanes, but his size doesn’t scream great NBA defender.

His shooting began to get better as the season progressed, but he’s still a very streaky shooter.

He is a very gritty player though which definitely would entice Miami, but I’m not so sure he’s exactly what Miami is looking for right now.

If they did go this route of drafting Tre Jones, it pretty much means they’re moving on from Kendrick Nunn. If Miami is to grab a guard, it’ll have to be one that can be a trusted defender upon arrival such as Tyrese Maxey.

But once again, I believe that they end up going the route of getting a big.

Another big that I haven’t mentioned that stands out is Daniel Oturu.

I believe he’s the type of player in this draft that can give Miami immediate production, which is what they are looking for.

He can protect the rim and rebound at a high level, which is their biggest need.

His offensive package stands out as well, since he has a very efficient mid-range jumper and shot the ball well from beyond the arc this past season.

He is 6’10 and 240 pounds as well, which is why he can be a force on the block. He was very productive in the post this past season, mostly since that seems to be the spot he is most comfortable.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Miami arranges a zoom interview with Daniel Oturu pretty soon, as well as Vernon Carey who I’ve discussed in the past.

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