Does Giving Wes Matthews a Mid-Level Exception Make Sense for Miami?

As shown above, it was reported that Miami could consider splitting their mid-level exception between two veterans, and among those on their radar include Paul Millsap and Wes Matthews.

I’ve talked about how a Paul Millsap signing would look in the past, but how about a Wes Matthews pick-up?

For starters, he fits the exact mold of a defensive guard that Miami has been looking for. The playoffs proved even further that he can be trusted when taking the assignment of talented opposing guards.

And on the offensive side of the ball, he’s proven that he is fairly capable of being a great three point shooter.

Miami could potentially run a starting lineup of Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson, and Wesley Matthews. Shooting once again definitely wouldn’t be an issue, and you’re improving the defensive issues.

I truly believe this makes sense for Miami to try and grab a player like Wesley Matthews, and try and fill the big man gap in the draft if they elect to keep the 20th pick.

And once again, Pat Riley and company have so many options this off-season that truly anything could happen. But getting a 3 and D guy by using the mid-level exception seems pretty ideal.

We’ll see what transpires until the beginning of free agency, but this is an option for Heat fans to keep in the back of their minds.

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  1. Vic
    Vic says:

    Think Millsap would settle for 1/2MLE? Did just come off a huge contract …
    Matthews/Millsap, retain Goran/Jae = pragmatic offseason


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