Under 25 NFL Players: Best Up and Coming Stars in 2022

The NFL is constantly changing and evolving, with new players emerging as the best. This season is no different, with some great young players set to take the league by storm. Here is our view of the best players under 25 who will be entering the 2021 season.


If NFL spread records are anything to go by, these players could take their teams to the Super Bowl. Let’s take a peek at each player in turn. Starting with Saquon, Barkley had a phenomenal rookie season in 2018.


Saquon Barkley, RB, New York Giants – Age 24


Saquon Barkley was, without a doubt, one of the most exciting players in the NFL last season. He ran for 2,723 yards and 19 touchdowns while catching 91 passes for 1,443 receiving yards. Barkley is incredibly elusive and has excellent speed and power. He is a genuine triple threat who will be one of the top players in the league for years to come.


Derek Barnett, DE, Philadelphia Eagles – Age 25


Barnett, born in 1996, is almost too old for this post, but he played well for Philly last season after being taken with the 14th overall pick in the 2017 draft.


He has a total of 21.5 sacks and showed his potential throughout the year even though it was hard to get into the starting lineup because of all Philly’s defensive line talent.


Josh Allen, QB, Buffalo Bills – Age 25


Allen had an awe-inspiring rookie season. He showed that he could be a franchise quarterback for years to come after throwing for 13,231 yards and getting one receiving touchdown. He also threw 15 interceptions, which needs to improve, but there is no doubt that with his big arm and many plays ability, he will continue to impress this upcoming season.


Marcus Davenport, DE, New Orleans Saints – Age 25


Davenport is one of those players who has made incredible plays in college. He was drafted by the Saints with the 14th overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft and had 17.5 sacks to date.


He is still raw, but with his potential, don’t be surprised if he becomes one of the top players in the NFL very soon.



Lamar Jackson, QB, Baltimore Ravens – Age 24


Jackson was signed with the 32nd overall pick in last year’s draft by the Ravens and had an outstanding rookie year. He is an athletic quarterback who can run the ball very well and has a solid arm to play downfield, whether using his arm or legs. Jackson will be one of the best quarterbacks in the league very soon.


Jaire Alexander, CB, Green Bay Packers – Age 24


Alexander was taken with the 18th pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. He had a great rookie season despite being placed on injured reserve after week 8 due to a groin injury and then spending most of the 2018 season on the bench. He has been awarded a second-team ‘All-Pro’ player 2020 award for his abilities.


He will get even better as game time goes on and could become one of the top defensive backs in football if he stays healthy.


Derwin James, S, Los Angeles Chargers – Age 25


James was taken in the 17th overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft and has been one of the best players on the Chargers since then. He had 219 tackles, five sacks, four interceptions, and 17 pass deflections this year and is a true playmaker on defense. 


Derwin James is still young and has a lot of unexplored ability to become one of the top players in the NFL very soon.


Christian McCaffrey, RB, Carolina Panthers – Age 25


McCaffrey was drafted with the 8th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft and has been one of the most on-the-ball productive players in the league since then. So far this year, he’s run for 3,587 yards, and 3,015 receiving yards last year while scoring 17 touchdowns.


Joe Burrow, QB, Cincinnati Bengals – Age 25


Burrow was drafted with the 1st overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft and will likely be the starting quarterback for the Bengals this upcoming season. He is a 2019 Heisman Trophy winner from LSU, and has a lot of talent, and could become a great NFL quarterback. 


Joe Burrow will have some struggles early on, but he could develop into one of the best quarterbacks in the league with time.


Photo by Anelale Nájera on Unsplash


Josh Jacobs, RB, Oakland Raiders – Age 23


Jacobs was drafted with the 24th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft and is the Raiders’ starting back this upcoming season. 


He is a multi-faceted team player who can run between the tackles or catch passes out of the backfield. He is also a good blocker which will help him stay on the field for all three downs. Jacobs has a lot of early embryonic talent and could be one of the best running backs in the NFL very soon.


Under 25 player of the year – Prediction


Our prediction for the Under 25 player of the year is Washington State, DE Chase Young, age 22, one of the youngest players, and here’s why:


Chase Young is one of the most talented young players in football and will get even better this season. The Washington State defensive end was named to the All-Pac 12 First Team last year and won all-conference honors after his sophomore year. 


He is a disruptive player with great speed and agility and dominated at the college level (116 tackles, 32 for loss, 16 sacks in two seasons). This ex Ohio State player has the potential to be one of the best defensive players in the NFL very soon and we think he’ll win the title of ‘Under 25 Player of the Year.’


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