Prop Bets: Odds and Betting Guides

There are many sports betting games that are available to bettors such as prop betting. The prop bet’s function is more on the aspects of games rather than on the statistical data that we usually have in betting strategies.  A prop bet will allow you to wager beyond the standard game odds, and you can bet on different games. 

Different Types of Prop Bets

Prop bets have come in different types that are found at more sportsbooks.

Game Prop Bet

This type of prop bet is set by spread, moneylines, over and under totals, or yes or no format. Game props can be deliberated on the entire game and be divided into derivative winnings, halves, or quarters. 


Some examples of the game crops are the first team to 15 points,  the total number of yards, and the team with the highest strikeouts. 

Team Prop Bet

It focuses on the performance of each time. This type of bet is often over or under totals, yes or no formats, and moneylines. They can also be separated into derivatives too. 


Some examples of the team props are over and under a total of the three-pointers that have been made, the team winning in all four quarters, the team also score in a defensive touchdown, and the first-half team total points. 

Player  Prop Bet

They are decided according to the player’s performance during the game. These bets can bet on through spreads, moneylines, over or under the total, or yes or no props. It also focuses on the individual players or even two or more players against each other in the head-to-dead prop bet. 

Some examples are the first player that will score, over or under total rebounds, the particular player or team that will finish with the best first-round score, and the number of the sets to win. 


Exotic Prop Bet

These betting props are marketed beyond the boxscore for the contest and the game’s odds offering like the non-sporting events and pop cultures. It depends on where you bet. An exotic prop bet may or may not be available all the time due to regulatory restrictions.

Come up With Your Own Prop Betting Strategy

 It is better to make the whole system on your own than depending on other betting processes. Bettors have a difference in figuring out the specific prop betting options, betting system, stake amounts, and bankroll management. Knowing all the said things on your own is the best approach. It may be time-consuming, but it will be paid off in the long run.  

How to Win a Prop Bet

Prop bets are the best way of winning money when the game is on. It is less limited than the standard point spread and moneyline. To help you win a prop bet, you have to study the forms of the game, including the updated current forms, top scorers, and head-to-head results.


You have to try focusing on one sport. This will allow you to concentrate on your favorite team and track their performance well. It is also good to do more research online as betting sites will regularly offer odds on prop bets. 


The most exciting part of prop betting is to make more money during the game. Good research can be a great help if you have the feeling on which teams will get the score points. Additionally, you can also make a  prop bet to increase your overall odds.

Track the Prop Bet Odds

When we talk about game lines, it is simple to track the odds from the beginning until the game time. After you have seen the opening lines, you will see that there are changes based on things like market reactions and news that will break after the odds are unveiled.


In prop bets, pieces of information are not easy to rack since there is no centralized location for the prop betting odds. Generally, you have to observe each game to explore the opportunities. For instance, you can read the individual performance of a particular player or team. This will be a great spot for prop bets that will be related to that certain player or team. 


Betting sites and bookmakers offer odds for prop bets. There is a characteristic feature of the bet odds differential on bet pricing. Relatively to the size of the props market compared to the totals, moneyline, point spread. Thus, this will create a big opportunity as it will make the props potentially profitable.

To Conclude

Prop bet can be a great addition to an entertainment betting strategy. It is essential to come down to your ability to find value and choose winners. If you have knowledge about sports teams and players, then using them on betting is a great opportunity. Gambling is fun, and predicting is a match with risk. So, be prepared and follow the guides on prop bets that can be a way to potential profit for you, and always remember to do it responsibly.


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