What is Next for the NBA and Miami Heat?

The Miami Heat’s game against the Boston Celtics got postponed on Sunday night, after some things involving contact tracing needed to be sorted out.

The first thing that comes to mind when seeing this is that a postponement one night prior could’ve prevented some things, since issues have been obvious involving the Washington Wizards.

But ultimately, it was probably inevitable either way. There are Covid spikes happening across the country, which makes this NBA season very interesting over the next few weeks.

It seems like a viable option to put the season off for a few weeks, especially since Adm Silver says he is “optimistic about improvements in February,” according to the Athletic.

As Adrian Wojnarowski reported for ESPN, there will be a meeting today with team’s General Managers, as well as special Board of Governors meeting tomorrow.

All of the information being reported is subject to change, since there just truly is uncertainty about what could happen next.

Although Adam Silver and the NBA are very focused on continuing the season, this current stretch of time is crucial in many aspects involving the virus.

And as for the Miami Heat, Tim Reynolds reported the Heat are scheduled to fly to Philadelphia tonight, but once again things can change at any moment.

While they are still sorting out the specifics of the contact tracing for Miami, there is still unknown if they would have the required 8 players cleared for tomorrow’s game.

We will see what happens over the next 24 hours, but this stretch of time in the NBA, and in our country, are going to be very important when discussing Covid-19 moving forward.

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