What Would A Miami Heat Aron Baynes Signing Look Like?

There’s been some discussion about the possibility of Aron Baynes joining this Heat team. He had a career year this past season with the Suns, and has seemed to make it clear that he will be moving on this off-season. But how would he fit?

For starters, one of the biggest things to note with Aron Baynes game is that he has evolved into a knock down shooter. He went from attempting 1 three a game to 4 threes a game, and was a 35% three point shooter.

Going from 5.6 points per game to 11.5 points per game is also impressive in itself. And his three ball wasn’t the only reason for that, since he began to get more and more comfortable around the rim. Which offensively, are the two things Miami is looking for when adding another big.

But the most intriguing part of this signing would be Aron’s defensive abilities. He is 6’10 and 260 pounds, and has such impressive mobility. It seemed as if he made huge leaps this season defensively with Phoenix, since he took them from 29th in the league in defensive efficiency, to top 15 throughout the season. Especially since he took over the starting center role with Deandre Ayton on suspension.

The Meyers Leonard and Bam Adebayo starting front-court this season had great success. And this Aron signing makes me think of that same duo if Meyers had high tier defensive abilities and mobility.

I honestly feel that this signing makes a lot of sense for both parties, and will begin to be talked about more and more as we approach free agency.

And by the way, Aron Baynes seems to love the city of Miami…

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