Who Benefits Most from a Jimmy Butler Return?

Jimmy Butler is probable for tonight’s match-up against the Dallas Mavericks, and although they came out with a win without him on Wednesday, he will clearly be needed today.

One thing that is always discussed when talking about Jimmy Butler is his impact when on the floor. That was obvious after Miami got obliterated by Milwaukee on the first night of the back to back, since most of the guys just don’t seem comfortable when he’s not on the floor with them.

Every single player benefits when Jimmy shares the floor with them. It allows Goran Dragic to take less of a load from the last game and it gives Bam Adebayo added security on the defensive end.

But who profits the most from his return?

Well, that would most likely be Duncan Robinson. When people discuss the player that helps Duncan out the most, the name Bam Adebayo usually comes up, and rightfully so since the dribble hand-offs they run are un-matched.

But Jimmy Butler being on the court opens up the floor for Duncan tremendously. The word gravity is always tied with Duncan, but it should be tied with Butler as well, since the worry he puts on a defense when putting his head down to attack should not be understated.

Not many on this team attack the basket at the level of Jimmy Butler, except for maybe Goran Dragic, but he’s usually not looking to create for others on the perimeter when he drives in.

In the first game without Jimmy, Duncan was 1-4 from three, and followed that up the next day going 2-4 from three.

Only attempting four threes is something that must change for Duncan going forward, since he is their key to a successful offense. But just watch how many shot attempts Robinson gets up tonight when Jimmy returns.

Jimmy Butler will probably have to guard one of the leagues brightest young stars, Luke Doncic, tonight at times, so it’s clear somebody will need to step up on the offensive end to take the load off of him.

And I would expect that guy to be Duncan Robinson.

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