The Real Reason Tyler Herro Shined Against Milwaukee

Twenty-One points. Fifteen rebounds. Four assists.

That is what Tyler Herro put up on the second night of a back to back against Milwaukee.

It’s a known fact that the overall game of Tyler revolves solely around the self confidence he has in his scoring ability with the ball in his hands.

Although the big discussion as of late has been about his point guard skills, scoring is his natural ability, and he needs to play to his biggest strength.

We already know Tyler can score the ball like he did last night, but the biggest takeaway from that game was the exact spots and times he thrives as a play-maker.

He’s just not a natural point guard, which means he’s not the type of player that comes out the gate trying to get everybody in their spots. When the passing begins to be on display is when he gets into a rhythm with his scoring.

When the ball begins to go into the basket, his confidence rises. His body language tells you that automatically, since he begins to be on his toes a bit more, and has a burst of energy.

Now, another thing with his play-making is that he thrives as a passer on the fast-break or from full-court, more than he does in the half-court offense, as I mentioned during the game yesterday.

But why is that?

Well, it just plainly comes down to instinctive decisions. When he makes passes when running the break or from full-court, he just does it without thinking. But when he has the ball in his hands in the half-court trying to create for others, it seems as if he overthinks things at times.

As Tyler said after last night’s win, “I don’t think it has anything to do with point guard or shooting guard.” It just comes down to his primary mindset heading in to be a scoring one, and the passing will bounce off of that.

Erik Spoelstra seems to be putting Tyler Herro in these unique spots to test his limits, and see what he is truly capable of growing into. But now it seems as if he has realized that everything else is secondary.

Miami has a bunch of defensive guys on this roster who can rattle an opposing offense, but Tyler will be needed to take the reigns of the offense and do what he does best, which is putting the ball in the basket.

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