Media Zoom Call with Heat’s Moe Harkless, Avery Bradley

Both of Miami’s free agency acquisitions spoke with media today, and there was one word that floated around frequently.


Moe Harkless talked about picking Miami, saying “You look at the culture, you look at the way they play.” He mentioned that there were a few teams that he was considering, but Miami was the clear fit.

He discussed the team’s success last year as well, saying “When things got harder, they fought harder.” And with the entire league watching from home, that clearly shot through the television screen.

He singled out Jimmy Butler, since he mentioned he’s exited to learn from him, since he’s “one of the hardest working players in the league.”

Moe was also asked what intrigues him the most about playing with Jimmy and Bam. He responded, “They leave everything out there on the floor…You watch Jimmy play, he’s constantly pointing to his teammates. Bam does the same thing.”

Avery Bradley also talked about his excitement for joining the Miami Heat, saying “I always felt if I ever had an opportunity to play here, I’d fit in perfect.”

He also made sure to set his goals straight, which are led by a personal goal of being on the All Defensive team once again, as well as winning a championship.

Avery also mentioned the team’s success this past season, saying “I feel like a lot of people aren’t even talking about our team. And they were just in the Finals.”

And well, that’s gonna be the case at all times when you join the Miami Heat.

To end it off, he gave some love to bunch of people individually. He praised Erik Spoelstra and his coaching staff for his success in the past, as well as getting the most out of every player.

Then when discussing the Miami Heat’s stars, he said, “Jimmy being one, Bam being one, and Tyler being an emerging star.”

Both Bradley and Harkless are very ready to get started with this Heat team, and lucky for them, training camp beings in exactly one week.

Avery Bradley Signs with Miami Heat

Well, there it is. The Miami Heat got their point of attack defender, and he’s a very good one.

Avery Bradley reached a deal with the Miami Heat, worth $11.6 Million over two years.

It was also reported by Shams that Pat Riley and Jimmy Butler recruited him to leave Los Angeles, and he was sold on the culture.

Of course he was sold on the culture, since he has the gritty and tough mentality that the Miami Heat tend to love.

If Miami could build their ideal point of attack defender, I’m pretty sure he’d end up looking a lot like Avery Bradley.

Pick you up full court. Great one-on-one defender. Great team defender.

And once again like I’ve continually mentioned, this was Miami’s plan all along. They knew they were going to try and go after a bunch of perimeter defenders, since they already have their offensive talents on the roster.

And by the way, let’s not just label Bradley as a straight defender. He was a very solid offensive player during his tenure with Boston, since he lingered around 15 points per game during that time.

And not only did he shoot 36% from three this past season, he has shot 36% from three over his entire career. Of course I wouldn’t label him as 3 and D, but he’s pretty close. And with this team, you’d rather 70% defense and 30% shooting from your guard than 50/50.

And the price makes it even better, since you’re getting an immediate contributor for a little under $6 Million a year.

And most importantly, if Jimmy Butler wanted him here, there’s a reason.

Once again, Jimmy doesn’t want a Tyler Herro replacement, he wants a Tyler Herro complement.

And he got one. Miami has made it very clear where their mind is with this team.

For one, they’re keeping their core intact while filling out the roster with fitting parts. And second, they’re fully focused on 2021 free agency.

Jae Crowder signed a 3 year $30 Million deal with the Phoenix Suns, but like I’ve said all along, they had a back-up plan ready. And this is a pretty solid back-up plan.

Welcome to Miami, Avery Bradley.