Miami’s Free Agency Acquisitions: Adjusting Some Things

Not to dive into one preseason game too much, but newcomers finally hit the floor for Miami, which gave a better look on how they should probably be utilized.

To start off with Avery Bradley, he’s a solid player who even showed some things that weren’t expected. He’s a much better passer than originally expected, as well as his ability to facilitate on offense.

One thing that stood out as well though was shot selection. Now, he may just be trying to get some shots up to get back into the swing of things, but some jumpers weren’t shots the coaching staff would want him taking on a regular basis.

I believe he has some offensive limitations, but he didn’t look bad when running the pick and roll, which goes back to his passing abilities.

I also believe his defensive presence was looked at in a different way than what he actually is. Many portrayed him as the point of attack defensive fix, but he actually strived in other areas. Obviously it seemed crazy when Spo said he can guard 1-4, but what he meant is that his physicality allows him to do it.

Overall though, you can see how he can fit in with this group, and just wait until he gets the other veterans around him.

Moe Harkless, on the other hand, has been getting called the Jae Crowder replacement since his signing in Miami, while I’ve been saying that he’s much more of the Derrick Jones Jr replacement. And that mostly has to do with the physical aspect, since he just doesn’t have the same size that Crowder had to guard bigger guys.

Moe hit a corner three early in the first quarter, and that’s exactly what you need him to do. If he can hit the open corner three efficiently throughout the season, then he’s automatically fit the role.

Both of these guys are “plug and play” guys, as Coach Erik Spoelstra has said, but I feel like seeing them on the floor finally means they will adjust some things in their game.

Don’t be surprised if we see Spo utilize them both in different ways than they were last night, and that ultimately can be a huge leap for this team before the beginning of the regular season.

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