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Top 8 Most Interesting Cricket Facts You Didn’t Know

Cricket has one of the most significant followings of over 2 billion people worldwide and is considered an esteemed gentlemen’s sport.


Cricket is encouraged to youngsters in various countries around the globe. When selecting a cricket bat and ball for your children, it is vital to ensure that you get the right weight and size for them to handle easily. For this purpose, you can purchase kids’ cricket set at Kookaburra or other similar websites.


The history of cricket is filled with weird coincidences and outlandish occurrences. Let’s see some fascinating facts about the sport that most people have never even heard.

  • Origins of Cricket

The origins of cricket began as a plain children’s game that was played by kids in England throughout the 16th century. During Britain’s rule and colonization in other countries, it expanded the scope of the sport by introducing it in those countries.

  • The 2nd Most Beloved Sport

Cricket isn’t just simply a popular sport. It is actually the second most favored sport adored by over 2.5 billion individuals in around 180 countries, especially Australia, Britain, and South Asian Countries like India, Siri Lanka, and Pakistan. The first most enjoyed sport is Football or Soccer.

  • Length of a Cricket Pitch

A cricket pitch is always 22 yards long and 3.33 yards wide. In the long and vast history of the sport, this length of the cricket pitch has always remained the exact same, ever since the 18th century.

  • Similarities Between Asia Cup Matches of India and Pakistan

The coincidences between two separate matches between India and Pakistan, once in the Australia-Asia 1985-86 and once during the Asia Cup 2014, are incredibly bizarre. During Both matches:

  • At the start off, Pakistan chose to bowl first.
  • Indian opening batsman hit two consecutive sixes.
  • Three batsmen in the Indian team scored half-centuries.
  • The match ends in the final over of the game.
  • Pakistan wins the game with only one wicket left.

  • The First-Ever Cricket Match

The first cricket match is considered to have been played by two countries, the United States of America and Canada, in Bloomingdale Park in New York in the year 1844.


While the first-ever proper cricket World Cup was played by the men’s teams in 1975, West Indies won the World Cup while Australia placed second overall.

  • Taking Part in Cricket and Football World Cups

In the history of the sport of cricket, only two people have ever played in both the cricket and the football world cups. One was Vivian Richards, who played with Antigua in the football World Cup in the year 1974. He was included in the team of West Indies for the cricket World Cup in 1975 and 1979.


Yet the other person who played World Cups in both sports was a female Australian player named Ellyse Perry.

  • The Father of Cricket

The man acclaimed to turn cricket from a local sport into a modern worldwide phenomenon is William Gilbert Grace, also known as the father of cricket. In England, he had an incredible passion for the sport and played amateur cricket.

  • The Quickest Cricket Pitch Ever

The renowned cricketer Shoab Akhtar is credited with throwing the fastest cricket pitch in recorded history during the 2003 cricket World Cup. He earned his famous nickname, the “Rawalpindi Express” after clocking in at an insane speed of 100.23 mph while during a match with England.

The Pros and Cons of Cricket Betting

People who are tired of betting on football and tennis but are not ready to wager on computer games have many other sports that they can choose from. One of the most popular options in some parts of the world is cricket. This is a sport that has millions of fans in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and several other countries in Asia. Consequently, every top-rated online bookie will allow you to place bets on this sport.


Similar to every other betting option, cricket has its advantages and disadvantages. People who follow this sport up close know about them, but we assume that most punters reading this don’t have a clue. So, let’s check some of the things that you need to consider when choosing this sport.




One of the big advantages of betting on cricket is the fact that there will always be something to punt on. If you check this chart with rated cricket betting sites by Nostrabet, you will see that pretty much every top-rated gambling site allows users to place bets on cricket. However, some operators pay more attention to this sport, which is why you can find every cricket league in the world. Consequently, there will always be something interesting that you can bet on.


Another thing that makes cricket so special is the number of markets. This is among the sports that will give you the chance to choose from a wide range of betting options. Some gambling websites may provide you with as many markets as the ones you can use for football, which is impressive. Even though you probably won’t take advantage of all of them, the fact that you have more things to choose from makes you more flexible.




Even though Nostrabet’s chart with cricket betting websites will give you the option to choose from a few reputable gambling platforms, there are some disadvantages associated with cricket betting that you should keep in mind. Perhaps the most notable one is that you need to learn a lot of information about the sport, and the best teams. 


Unless you live in one of the countries mentioned above, you probably don’t know much about the sport, especially when it comes down to the best performing teams. Sure, you can always place a bet based on the odds, but you will miss out on a lot of opportunities.


Another con that many people don’t consider when choosing cricket as their go-to option is the lack of a live stream. Despite the fact that some betting platforms will allow you to watch some of the hottest cricket matches, most bookmakers either don’t have this feature at all, or it only works for eSports and football. Needless to say, you probably won’t find a specific cricket match on TV (unless you live in India or Pakistan).




Cricket is definitely one of the sports that you should consider when choosing what to bet on. It has many things that make it special, but you need to find a solid betting platform to take advantage of them.