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Three trade deadline ideas for the Miami Dolphins

The NFL trade deadline will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 2 at 4 p.m. ET. Some trades may not be announced until after 4 p.m. ET, but all must be agreed upon and filed to the league office before that time.

With the Trade deadline days away lets go ahead and speculate some moves the Miami Dolphins could make.

Spoiler: this article does not include Deshaun Watson.

WR Devante Parker and a 6th for OT Andre Dillard and a 5th

When the Philadelphia Eagles drafted Andre Dillard with their first pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, he was seen as one of the top two offensive tackles by many draft experts. However, he hasn’t panned out his draft stock yet.

There have been reports about Dillard being shopped around two AFC teams and would not surprise me  if the Dolphins are one of the two. Desperately, the Dolphins need help along the offensive line. He might not be the most exciting name but he becomes a serviceable starter on a putrid Dolphins offensive line.

Dillard, a backup LT for the Eagles, filled in for an injured Jordan Mailata and looked decent. Dillard, could play LT or RT depending on what the coaching staff prefers.

He has been one of the better OL for the Eagles in his limited playing time and was the highest graded player against the Carolina Panthers.


Devante Parker on the other hand has not been able to suit up for the Dolphins much this season. When healthy, he is a valuable weapon in the passing game. Parker could help Jalen Hurts’ development and be a veteran voice in the WR room.

There have been rumors about Devante Parker potentially mulling retirement. It would not be surprising if he is indeed the player as soft tissue injuries have made him sit out multiple games. 

A change of scenery may help Parker get back into his groove. Also, helps the Dolphins to dump of his salary and recoup it for 2022 Free agency. 





WR Albert Wilson for LB Zack Baun

The Saints are desperate for WR help signing Free Agent Kenny Stills. Micheal Thomas has yet to return from IR, Tre’Quan Smith is coming off of IR. Mickey Loomis has to be on the phone for a WR that can stretch the field.

Albert Wilson can be that guy for the remaining 10 games for New Orleans. Wilson has not seen the field much as a Dolphin even with a stellar training camp. It seems as if Miami has been holding onto him as a trade asset.

Baun, the former Badger LB, has been relegated to special teams, and made some major strides during training camp and preseason for his development. Unfortunately, his game tape does not give a strong sample size to see his productivity. Still, Baun is capable of being a strong linebacker in the league.

The former 3rd round pick is speedy around the edges and active in pursuit against the run and does a good job hugging the line of scrimmage. Not to mention, he can cover the flats and hooks decently.

Baun will be helpful in special teams value and Duke Riley could be seen as a casualty, Baun is a cheaper replacement, still on his rookie deal, on special teams and a valuable 3rd down pass rush specialist. He reminds me a little bit of Kyle Van Noy, but lacks experience in this scheme.

OT Austin Jackson and CB Noah Igbinoghene for OT Taylor Decker

This may indeed cause an uproar for Dolphins and Lions fans. If a deal like this is made, Chris Grier and the Dolphins publicly admit that the selections and development of Jackson and Igbinoghene have been a failure.

On Detroit’s end, moving on from Decker shows that the Lions are fully committed to a rebuild and want young cheap players that they can mold to fit into their vision. Decker is in the first year of a four-year, $59.65 million contract extension ($29 million guaranteed), which shouldn’t be discounted in any trade speculation with cap numbers above $17.5 million for 2022-2024. 

Detroit can clean out big cap dollars in those three seasons with a trade. They can also start the future with Penei Sewell at left tackle now, not just as a fill-in for Decker as it has been so far this season.

Furthermore, Miami is able to move on from Austin Jackson and fortify their offensive line; thus to better protect Tua Tagovailoa and help the run game. A better offensive line will allow the Dolphins offense to score points on the board and help their defense. 

Decker may not be able to play out of the gate with a finger injury, but he locks up a spot for the future and bring veteran leadership the Dolphins have been missing for some time.

As for Igbinoghene, he has not been able to see the field much recently. A good athlete that is around the ball at all times cannot seem to make the plays after two years of development from this coaching staff. 

While learning behind one of the best corners in the game, Igbinoghene has not been what the Dolphins have hoped for. A change of scenery in Detroit to learn under former DB coach Aaron Glenn would help his development. It will also have him partner up with Jeffrey Okudah

This also opens up avenues for UDFA Trill Williams to possibly get more playing time, he was active against the Jaguars and made a few plays.

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Austin Jackson

Dolphins practicing patience with OT Austin Jackson

Looking back on the Miami Dolphins first preseason game of the 2021 season, it’s safe to say that the offensive line is going to be a concern. To make matters worse, one player stood out above the rest with his struggles against the Chicago Bears. That’s offensive tackle Austin Jackson. According to ProFootballFocus, Jackson gave up five pressures in 18 pass blocking chances. His run blocking was only marginally better.


By every available metric, Jackson struggled in his first ever preseason game. It’s no secret that numbers sometimes lie in sports. However, in this case, the film seems to support the numbers.

Austin Jackson is a 1st round draft pick. He is expected to perform as such. If Jackson doesn’t figure things out quickly, then Tua Tagovailoa could find himself hitting the ground a lot more than what is necessary. Granted, there is still time, and Jackson is only 22 years old. He showed what he’s capable of during his rookie season, having plenty of ups to go with his downs. As a result, the Dolphins seem to be taking the same approach they’re taking with Noah Igbinoghene.


“I thought he did some good things. I thought he competed well.” Head coach Brian Flores said on Sunday. “We were playing against a good front, some good players over there. I thought he competed well, I thought he did some good things in the running game, did some good things in pass protection. I thought he did a lot of good things. Obviously there were some instances where his techniques and fundamentals weren’t as good and we’re making those corrections right now. But I was pleased with how he played.”

It’s no surprise to see Flores defending his players. He’s never been one to throw any one player under the bus. As for Jackson himself, he’s focusing on trying to get up to speed, and declines to comment on where the OL is versus where they want to be.

“That’s a tough question to ask, especially with all of the moving pieces going in.” He said after the game. “We’re putting in the offense right now, so we’re all learning; but I know one thing we do do is we come in and compete every day. The effort part, if you’re not lacking the effort part – which is a struggle for a lot of people and teams – then you can go great places. We’re staying on that track and just keep building until we get a brick wall.”

While Austin Jackson struggled against the Bears, not all hope is lost. The offensive line was not able to do anything while run blocking, but their pass protection was better than given credit for. QB Tua Tagovailoa even went out of his way to credit them after the game was over.

“I think the line did a tremendous job today.” Tagovailoa said after the game. “They kept the pocket clean, gave me a lot of time to step up into the pocket and make that throw. And it wasn’t just that play. There were numerous occasions throughout the first quarter and second quarter where they’ve really shown up and given me a clean pocket.”

Watching the film, the pass protection actually was better than it seemed. Tagovailoa’s best throws of the day came with no one around him. The real glaring weak spot was Austin Jackson. Fortunately for the Miami Dolphins, there’s still time to bring him back up to speed.

Luis Sung has covered the Miami Dolphins for numerous outlets such as Dolphins Wire for seven years. Follow him on Twitter: @LuisDSung

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Miami Dolphins

Preseason Week 1 – Miami Dolphins at Chicago Bears: 5 players to watch

As the Miami Dolphins prepare to face off against the Chicago Bears for their first real game action of the year, there are plenty of players to keep an eye on. But considering the circumstances, there are a few players who deserve more attention than others. Here are five of those players.

1. Larnel Coleman – OT

Larnel Coleman is intriguing for a few reasons. First and foremost, the Miami Dolphins offensive line is – once again – in flux. Liam Eichenberg did not immediately take to right tackle like so many hoped. His left guard ambitions did not go much better. However, in limited snaps in practice, Coleman has shown a certain level of promise. Against the Chicago Bears, Coleman will have a big test ahead of him.

As a 7th round pick, Coleman is undoubtedly a project. But he has talent and he’s already shown he can hold his own against his teammates. Raw speed seems to be a weakness of his, as evidenced by Vince Biegel figuring him out in practice last week. If Coleman develops quickly, Miami may dodge a bullet if Eichenberg doesn’t catch on first. All due respect to veteran Jesse Davis, a long term starter he is not. Miami needs an upgrade.

2. Noah Igbinoghene – CB

To say that Noah Igbinoghene has been disappointing so far in practice would be an understatement. Even the coaching staff briefly demoted him to third string due to his struggles in practice. In one practice he was beaten not once, but twice on deep passes to Isaiah Ford. That is not a ringing endorsement for the 1st round pick out of Auburn. However, once again, patience is required for Igbinoghene.

He’s a physical freak, a one of a kind athlete. But his experience at corner is so limited compared to other players in his draft class, it’s no surprise he’s a step or two behind. Will Miami get to reap the benefits of his drafting? That remains to be seen. Fortunately, the Dolphins worked things out with Xavien Howard, so Igbinoghene’s bought at least one more season to train as an NFL cornerback.


3. Brennan Scarlett – LB

When Jaelen Phillips went down with an injury, the first player to make an instant impact was none other than Brennan Scarlett. The veteran linebacker went undrafted in 2016 and signed with the Houston Texans, only to land on injured reserve over and over again with various injuries. It’s clear that his career has been derailed by these injuries. Ever since training camp opened, Scarlett has made plays against the first team offense and is a regular contributor on the special teams unit.

So why look at Scarlett instead of rookie Jaelen Phillips? Well, if Phillips plays, then by all means, watch him too. After all, he returned to practice during the joint sessions with the Bears and was immediately placed with the first team. But Scarlett has been given more time to stand out than Phillips, and he’s taken advantage of that time. If Scarlett performs, that could give Phillips more time to heal and develop. No need to rush things along if someone can provide an instant impact already.

4. Gerrid Doaks – RB

If it feels like the choices are a little obscure, there is a reason for that. Remember, preseason is essentially an extended tryout. There’s no question that Myles Gaskin, Malcolm Brown and Salvon Ahmed are the favorites to make the roster as the team’s running back stable. But the Miami Dolphins opted to draft Gerrid Doaks with their final draft pick in 2021, so they must have felt he was worth something to not let him test the market.

Doaks hasn’t necessarily stood out. If he had, he would have pushed for more playing time with the starting unit. But the rotation at running back in practice is so fluid that literally everyone has gotten a chance to take handoffs from Tua Tagovailoa at this point. Doaks will likely receive a lot of snaps, since Gaskin is the clear starter. Brown and Ahmed both suffered injuries in practice recently, and are also expected to make the team anyway.

So keeping the reality of preseason in mind, Doaks will receive more of a chance to stand out than anyone else as the game drags on. His main niche is as a power back, and has a reputation for being a good blocker out of the backfield. Everyone knows how much Miami loves running backs that can block. Doaks has a chance to make his presence felt against the Chicago Bears.

5. Tua Tagovailoa – QB

The one that everyone’s been waiting for. The time has come to finally see Tua Tagovailoa throw the football against an NFL team that isn’t his own. So why, with all the hype surrounding him, is he so low on this list? Simply put, he likely won’t be in for very long. This is not the dress rehearsal. There may not even be a dress rehearsal with the way the NFL has changed the structure of preseason. He’ll get in a few drives, maybe even play a quarter. But it’s unlikely he stays any longer than that before Jacoby Brissett and Reid Sinnett take over from there.

Make no mistake, as with any NFL team, the season hinges on the performance of the quarterback. Tagovailoa seems to have taken a huge step forward so far, so if he can follow up his camp performance with an amazing showing in limited time against Chicago, then Miami Dolphins fans everywhere have a massive reason to be excited for the upcoming season.

Luis Sung has covered the Miami Dolphins for numerous outlets such as Dolphins Wire for seven years. Follow him on Twitter: @LuisDSung

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Jevon Holland

Dolphins rookie Jevon Holland making instant impact

Miami Dolphins GM Chris Grier is judged on his ability to draft brand new talent every season. With the amount of high draft picks Miami’s had over the past few seasons, that scrutiny has intensified. Already there are concerns regarding CB Noah Igbinoghene, and several other Grier draft picks are under the microscope based on other players that were available to draft. However, this year’s draft class already seems to be catching the eyes of veterans and coaches, as many of them are being given opportunities to take snaps with the starting units. And not only that, many of them are doing well with those opportunities. Such as safety Jevon Holland.

All throughout training camp, Holland has rotated in and out of the starting lineup with veteran defensive back Jason McCourty. As of late, Holland is getting a lot more shots to practice with the starters while McCourty moves to the boundary corner position. He answered the call by diagnosing plays well, keeping pace with tight ends running routes, and capping things off with interceptions against Tua Tagovailoa.

“I think my interactions with him early on when we first got here, you can see the intelligence.” DB Jason McCourty said on August 4. “I think that’s the toughest thing, especially a rookie, of being able to learn the defense. Because as a safety, you’re the key communicator. You’re the guy who has to get checks out, who have to tell guys what to do. So you have to be able to master the defense. Early on when I first jumped on the Zoom calls, you saw that from him. Whenever a question came his way, he knew the answer. He knew what to anticipate and you can see it out here on the field. As we go on, he’s making more and more plays. He’s a hell of an athlete and he’s a fun guy to be around.”

As the first safety selected in the 2021 NFL Draft, Jevon Holland has lots of expectations attached to him. In fact, his versatility on the field is drawing comparisons to Minkah Fitzpatrick, who the Dolphins hoped would become their Swiss army knife on the field. He’s now a star safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers. There are signs that Holland can do the same.

“I feel like I’m learning the playbook and getting the fundamentals down, really.” Holland said on Saturday. “When you get the fundamentals down and do the little things, then plays come to you. You don’t have to really go find them. That was the result of one of them. But that’s in the past. I’m just looking forward to continuing to execute and capitalize on those things that come to me.”

It’s one thing to have expectations about a player. Many draft pundits considered Jevon Holland the best safety in the entire draft. No Oregon safety has been drafted so high since Patrick Chung in 2009. Which is convenient considering Chung’s history with Brian Flores as a New England Patriot. So far, Holland is showing excellent signs that he can become just as good in Miami.

“I would say he’s doing a lot of good things. He’s smart, he’s tough, it’s important to him. We’re asking a lot of him – multiple positions. I think he’s doing a nice job. But it’s not necessarily the interception – and that’s a good play, one that everybody sees – but it’s getting guys lined up, getting himself lined up, being in the right position, being in good position to make a last line of defense tackle, communication with the corners, with the linebackers, down and distance situation.

“There’s a lot that goes into that position. I think he’s taken on that responsibility and been very – let’s call it forthright and trying to do a good job as far as taking on that leadership or signal-caller spot, which is hard for a rookie. I would say to step in there and tell somebody else what to do – that’s what the position calls for. He’s growing. He’s getting better. There’s still a long way to go.”

Make no mistake, there will be a learning curve. Fans recall that Bobby McCain – now with Washington – was a key facilitator of the defense for years. It will take time for Jevon Holland to gain that comfort level. However, all signs so far point to Holland becoming an excellent NFL safety, a playmaker that the defense can use to rise to the top of the league.

“I think it’s just TNT’s – the ‘takes no talent’ type things.” Holland said. “It’s just about effort and wanting that ball. ‘Coach Camp’ (Anthony Campanile) talked to us about just feeling like the person with the ball is taking your livelihood and to attack the ball every play like that. Nobody has an answer for that – that 100 percent effort to the ball every time. I think that’s one of the main things of trying to play fast is making sure you know what you’re doing so you can react and just go run to the ball.”

Luis Sung has covered the Miami Dolphins for numerous outlets such as Dolphins Wire for seven years. Follow him on Twitter: @LuisDSung

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Dolphins training camp

Miami Dolphins Training Camp Notes: Day 4 – Linebackers, big plays, Albert Wilson, more

As the Miami Dolphins training camp welcomed fans back, debuting their brand new facility, the audience was treated to a performance which saw both sides of the ball make plays. Now, here are some of the big highlights to take away from Day 4 of training camp.


The linebacker corps for the Miami Dolphins is proving to be incredible facing off against the offensive line. Now, it remains to be seen if this will remain the case when the pads come on, presumably on Tuesday, but for now it seems like Miami’s pass rush is a lot better than anyone assumes. Brennan Scarlett, Shaquem Griffin, Jerome Baker, Vince Biegel, even Calvin Munson. All of these linebackers made at least one notable appearance during Saturday’s practice.

It should be noted that Jaelen Phillips was held out of practice due to a minor injury. So his name being omitted is not a cause for alarm. But the linebacker spot is going to be loaded, particularly with Scarlett making a serious push. Of all the linebackers who practiced today, Scarlett made more plays than any of them. If that continues, Brian Flores will have some seriously difficult decisions to make.

Christian Wilkins

Speaking of players standing out above the crowd. Former first round pick Christian Wilkins spent most of his afternoon playing against the second team unit. Now, this is not a detriment towards Wilkins. If anything, it just shows what kind of depth is available along the defensive line that Wilkins is relegated to second team duty. To really emphasize the mismatch, there were several occasions throughout the day where Wilkins had to either be double teamed, or he burst through the offensive line the moment the ball was snapped.

There’s no question Wilkins is more than good enough to play with the starters, and he’s certainly a lock to make the team. All this proves is that the defensive line will almost always be fresh, barring an outbreak of injuries.

Albert Wilson

Miami Dolphins training camp is making one thing very apparent. Albert Wilson is still an excellent wide receiver in the NFL, and he’s proving it beyond the shadow of a doubt in training camp right now. He and Tua Tagovailoa are building a remarkable rapport, connecting on huge plays throughout the last several days, including today. This time, it was a 63-yard touchdown on a slant that was threaded between two defenders, one of which was Byron Jones. Not only that, he made a diving catch in the endzone during goal line drills to bail Tagovailoa out of trouble.

If there was any question as to whether or not Wilson was going to make the roster, it’s rapidly disappearing. No other wide receiver on the entire team has made as much of an impact as Wilson so far. It’s not even close. Even Tagovailoa’s Alabama teammate, Jaylen Waddle, has not proven to be so effective at navigating the defense. Wilson is always open and making big catches. If they continue building chemistry at this rate, Wilson may have himself a career year. That will undoubtedly lead to a big contract in the offseason.


Big plays galore

The big plays did not stop with Wilson. All day long, on both sides of the ball, plays were made that if they were in-game, would turn the tide instantly. Going back to Brennan Scarlett, not only was he harassing Tagovailoa all day long, but he even forced a fumble out of Lynn Bowden Jr.

Zach Sieler dominated Robert Hunt and got a sack against Tagovailoa almost as soon as the ball was snapped. He also got in the way of a lot of runs throughout the afternoon.

Jakeem Grant leaped up and made a turnaround catch in midair in tight coverage, continuing from yesterday’s stellar performance.

Cornerback Terrell Bonds intercepted Reid Sinnett in the endzone, and then Jamal Perry did the same thing during the same drill against Tagovailoa.

Later, Tagovailoa weaved through pressure, kept his eyes downfield, and lobbed it up to Adam Shaheen who caught the jump ball in midair for a big gain.

All this to say, the Miami Dolphins are certainly going to be an exciting team to watch in 2021.

Michael Palardy

One final note before wrapping up these Miami Dolphins training camp notes. The team seems to have made a huge upgrade at punter. With Matt Haack now in Buffalo, Michael Palardy has come in and shown an incredible ability to punt the ball exactly where it needs to be for the perfect trajectory.

Gone are the days of 50/50 chances of either a booming punt or a shanked punt. Palardy is offering something the Miami Dolphins haven’t had for quite some time. Consistency.

Practice MVP: Albert Wilson

Struggled: Noah Igbinoghene

Luis Sung has covered the Miami Dolphins for numerous outlets such as Dolphins Wire for seven years. Follow him on Twitter: @LuisDSung

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