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Dolphins add star power in latest Tankathon Mock Draft

Let’s take a look at what Tankathon has the Miami Dolphins doing in their latest three-round mock draft.

Yes, I know. It’s way too early to start talking about the 2021 NFL draft.

And how strange is that to say? Despite last week’s loss to the gritty Denver Broncos, the Miami Dolphins are currently 6-4 with the New York Jets and Cincinnati Bengals on the horizon.

Nevertheless, as the season plays out we’re starting to see the pieces the Dolphins are missing–primarily on the offensive side of the football.

Which is okay.

First, Albert Wilson and Allen Hurns opted out. #Respect

Then Preston Williams went down with an injury, that could put an end to his 2020 season.

And who can forget the Dolphins HELPING OUT THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS and trading away Isaiah Ford. Which, say whatever you want about his long-term future in Miami, he was widely considered the smartest receiver in the room before his departure. He also had success in the slot, which is where the Dolphins need someone to step up.

But this isn’t about the 2020 Miami Dolphins.

This is about those four top-50 draft picks the team currently holds in next year’s draft–five in the top-81. And in year three of a rebuild, Chris Grier and Brian Flores know exactly what’s needed. And as I’ve said throughout, it starts with the offensive side of the football.

Let’s take a look at the latest Tankathon three-round mock draft!


First Round

The first few picks in the latest Tankathon mock draft is what you would expect to see in any mock. Trevor Lawrence goes #1 to the New York Jets followed by Justin Fields to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Oregon offensive tackle Penei Sewell lands in Cincinnati to protect Joe Burrow’s blindside #GetWellSoon and a personal favorite of mine lands in Dallas. Washington takes BYU quarterback Zach Wilson to round out the top-5.

But enough about the other teams.

What do the Miami Dolphins do to add firepower to their offense?

As things currently stand, the Miami Dolphins have the #9th overall pick thanks to Bill O’Brien and the Houston Texans. Miami could go a couple different directions with this pick but since Micah Parsons and Ja’Marr Chase have already been selected, the Dolphins turn their attention to another dynamic wide receiver.

With the 9th pick in the 2021 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select: Jaylen Waddle, Wide Receiver, Alabama.

If there is one thing that we’re quickly starting to learn this season it’s that the Dolphins offense is in dire need of playmakers. And the type of speed and big-play ability that Alabama wide receiver Jaylen Waddle would bring to this offense is immense. And we can’t overlook the chemistry he already has with Tua Tagovailoa. Yes, Waddle suffered an injury earlier in the season that could potentially affect his draft stock. But with whispers that he could try to make a comeback later in the season, top-10 might be his floor.

With the 17th pick in the 2021 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select: Creed Humphrey, Offensive Lineman, Oklahoma



I’m not going to sit here and talk negatively about Ted Karras, because I don’t think we get a full sense of what a center’s responsibilities really is without being on the field/in the huddle. But much like Daniel Kilgore last season, it’s clear the Dolphins could use an upgrade at the position. Which is why if Creed Humphrey is available with the 17th pick in the draft, you run to the podium. Humphrey is a mauler and if reports are true that Miami had interest in Cesar Ruiz last season, the writing is on the wall.

(Note: Yes, I am a huge fan of Travis Etienne and believed he was RB1 last season. As tempting as that would be–and I wouldn’t be upset–I think Humphrey would be the RIGHT move, especially based on what the Dolphins do in the next round.)

Round 2

The first pick in round 2 is going to make readers a bit upset. Because despite Miami Hurricanes pass-rusher Quincy Roche sitting ripe for the picking, Tankathon has other plans.

With the 40th pick in the 2021 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select: Patrick Jones II, EDGE, Pittsburgh

In the limited time I’ve spent watching Patrick Jones, you can see that he is a freak that can attack the quarterback in a variety of different ways. He’s also proven to be stout against the run, which is a trait the Dolphins so desperately need when looking for their future EDGE players. Adding Jones to the mix of young, impactful players in the house will open things up for Brian Flores and his staff and give them new ways to attack opposing QBs.

But that was only the first of the Dolphins’ two second round picks.


With the 50th pick in the 2021 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select: Najee Harris, Running Back, Alabama

As I alluded to above, the Dolphins pass on my RB1, but that’s okay. There are plenty of backs that are more than capable, and as we’ve seen with other positions, the scheme and the supporting cast has everything to do with a player’s success. With Etienne off the board, that leaves the perfect running back to pair with Tua Tagovailoa. Harris can do it all. And as easy as it is to compare him to the once-great Derrek Henry, you’d be crazy not to see similar players. What may be most impressive is Harris is a better receiver than Henry (IMO). Nevertheless, he’s exactly what Miami needs at running back to compliment the Myles Gaskin and Salvon Ahmeds of the world.



3rd Round

The fifth and final pick in Tankathon’s three-round mock draft is another versatile defensive back that could play all over Coach Flores defense.

With the 81st pick in the 2021 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select: Ar’Darius Washington, Safety, TCU

This will change many more times between now and April 23, 2020. With that said, how do you feel with Tankathon’s latest mock draft?

Josh Houtz (@houtz) is a die-hard Dolphins fan that believes Chan Gailey needs to #LetTuaCook.



Dolphins fans are hoping Hawaiian born Tua Tagovailoa will be their quarterback next season. (Tony Capobianco for Five Reasons Sports)

Dolphins latest Tankathon Mock Draft is PERFECTION

If Chris Grier and his staff could emulate this latest 3-round mock draft from Tankathon, Dolphins fans everywhere would be over-the-moon excited!

The Miami Dolphins are now 3-10 and where they will pick in April’s draft is still very much undecided.

However, one thing we are very certain of is that the Dolphins need a complete overhaul of the roster. As of now, Miami has glaring holes at QB, RB, OL, DL, DB, SAF, and everything in between. And although mock drafts remain the flavor of the moment, very few have left fans satisfied. That is until now.

There is plenty of speculation on whether or not the Miami Dolphins will take the chance on Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa. And although most of the fanbase is divided, for a team that desperately needs a quarterback the answer could not be easier.

In the latest Tankathon three-round mock draft, the Dolphins do what each and every fan hopes they do come draft night.

Let’s take a look at what I believe to be one of the best three round-mock drafts in the world.

First Round

Despite his season-ending injury, Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa is still at the top of many fan’s draft boards. And although he himself has said he might never be the same, the reward is far greater than the risk. And although many teams could remove him from their draft board altogether, the Dolphins have several draft picks to play with. So, as long as Miami’s doctors don’t make a similar mistake as they did in the Daunte Culpepper/Drew Brees fiasco– they should finally get their QB of the future.

With the fourth-pick in the 2020 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select–Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama

Despite his gruesome hip injury, Tagovailoa remains the favorite to land in Miami. After all, his skill-set is perfect for Chad O’Shea’s offense, and many believe owner Stephen Ross and his minions have been enamored by the young QB for several years. In 2019, Tagovailoa completed 180/252 passes for 2,840 yards, 33 touchdowns, and 3 interceptions. And if you ask anyone, there was a very good chance he would’ve been one of the Heisman finalists if he never got hurt. Of course, there’s still a chance Tua decides to return to school. But after Utah State QB Jordan Love reportedly received a favorable grade from the draft committee, one would expect Tagovailoa to receive an even better one. And if he does declare, there’s a team and fanbase, in South Florida anxiously awaiting his arrival.

Fortunately, Miami made several moves at the beginning of the 2019 season that has set them up to do as they please in April’s draft. However, with each passing week, those two picks are looking a lot later than many had hoped. Both Pittsburgh and Houston are very much alive and well in the playoff picture. And if the Dolphins decide to stay put, they will currently be drafting back-to-back in round one.

There should be plenty of talent available in the latter part of the first round. In Tankathon’s latest mock draft, the Dolphins get an EDGE defender that would fit nicely in Flores defense. Yeteur Gross-Matos, the 6’5 262 lbs. pass-rusher from Penn State has been nearly unstoppable this season. And for a team that desperately needs anything resembling a pass-rush, this would be the perfect pick at #22. Next, the Dolphins get one of the best offensive linemen in the 2020 draft at #23 with Alabama’s Jedrick Willis. Willis would be the perfect tackle to help protect the blindside of Tagovailoa, his former Crimson Tide teammate.

Tagovailoa, Gross-Matos, and Willis would be an A+ first round for Chris Grier and his staff.

Second Round

There is no team in the NFL worse at running the football than the Dolphins. And although Patrick Laird is starting to emerge as a nice piece to the puzzle, they will still draft an RB in April. With the first of their second-round picks, Miami selects Georgia RB D’Andre Swift. In 2019, Swift carried the ball 195 times for 1,216 yards and 7 touchdowns. The explosive back would be the perfect thunder to Laird’s lightning.

Later in round two, Miami lands yet another premier offensive lineman in Oklahoma’s Creed Humphrey. The addition of both Humphrey and Willis would not only make Tagovailoa and Swift very happy. And will help solve a problem the Dolphins have struggled to fix for years.

Third Round

Lastly, in round three Miami adds a defensive back to their secondary. Jaylon Johnson, the 6’0 shutdown CB from Utah would be the perfect addition for Josh Boyer, who has consistently got the most out of his unit. The Dolphins need more depth in the secondary and Johnson fits what Flores and his staff covet. The perfect ending, to the perfect three-round mock draft.

This will change many more times between now and April 23, 2020. With that said, how do you feel with Tankathon’s latest mock draft?

Josh Houtz (@houtz) is a die-hard fan of the Miami Dolphins, and all he wants for Christmas is TUA #Tankovailoa

Dolphins draft Tua Tagovailoa in latest Tankathon Mock Draft

Despite the injury to Tua Tagovailoa, the Miami Dolphins still use the third-overall pick on the once-in-a-generation QB in Tankathon’s latest 3-round Mock draft.

When the season started, many believed the ultimate goal was acquiring Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa. And whether or not you believe that was the plan all along, it has been a roller coaster of emotions to the say the least. After all, Miami started the season 0-7 and it seemed like a certainty they would get their guy. But then they won two straight games and the future seemed a bit more hazy. Since then, Miami has dropped two games in a row and with the rebirth of Andy Dalton in Cincinnati, 2-14 seems like a real possibility.

However, the biggest thing to happen since the last time I penned one of these articles, is the season-ending injury that Tagovailoa suffered nearly two weeks ago.

To read about the injury and my thoughts on whether or not the Dolphins should still draft Tagovailoa, click HERE

As of now, it is a bit murky on which pick Miami would have if the season ended today. Some say they would draft fourth-overall, while our good friends over at Tankathon say they will have the third-overall pick. Nevertheless, if things going according to plan, the Dolphins should be drafting top-3 in April’s draft. Which would net them LSU QB Joe Burrow, Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa, or Ohio State pass-rusher Chase Young.

In the latest Tankathon three-round mock draft, the Dolphins do what many fans wanted the team to do from the very beginning.

First Round

Despite his season-ending hip injury and the concern that he may never be the same talent he once was, the Dolphins have desperately needed a quarterback for the last twenty years  So, unless Cincinnati goes with the elite pass-rusher from Ohio State, that leaves only one worthy QB still on the board.

With the third-pick in the 2020 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select–Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama

Hip injury and all, Tagovailoa is probably the most talented QB in the class. And if he were truly the Dolphins target all along, Miami should pull the trigger without any hesitation. In 2019, Tagovailoa completed 180/252 passes for 2,840 yards, 33 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. Truth is, he was well on his way to being a legit Heisman contender, but again, the injury. In the end, no one truly knows how Tagovailoa will heal from the injury and where he will be projected to go in 2020. Hell, he could still decide to return to school if he wanted to. But that wouldn’t be in his best interest, especially with the 2021 class loaded with QB talent. Finally, the Dolphins get ‘their guy’ in Tua Tagovailoa.

Miami has a lot of needs that should be prioritized before the team uses a first-round pick on a wide receiver. But no one can deny Tee Higgins skill-set and how it should translate to the NFL game. And with Preston Williams out for the foreseeable future. With Pittsburgh’s first-round pick, the Dolphins choose to bring in another weapon for their recently drafted QB. With one more pick in the first-round and a ton of needs, Chris Grier gets HC Brian Flores a new weapon for his defense-selecting Alabama defensive lineman Raekwon Davis.

Second Round

At the top of the second-round, the Dolphins address one of their biggest needs on the offensive side of the football. And although there’s a very good chance a running back or two will go on day one, Miami lands arguably the best back in the class. With the 34th-pick in the 2020 draft, the Miami Dolphins select De’Andre Swift, RB, Georgia. Kalen Ballage clearly isn’t getting things done and the Dolphins would be wise not to invest a ton of money via free agency. Swift can do it all and would be a perfect fit in Chad O’Shea’s offense.

Later in round two, Miami finally addresses the offensive line selecting Iowa OT Alaric Jackson. Truth is, the Dolphins’ offensive line has been an absolute turnstile this season. And though I fully expect them to invest a lot of money on the offensive line in free agency, it would still be wise to draft some young talent to build upon. Jackson would start immediately and help both of his fellow rookies- Tagovailoa and Jackson.

Third Round

Lastly, in round three Miami does the unthinkable and take yet another offensive lineman. This time drafting TCU’s Lucas Niang. The Dolphins invested in Tua and now they are making sure to cover their investment, fixing the offensive line like many have long yearned for.

This will change many more times between now and April 23, 2020. With that said, how do you feel with Tankathon’s latest mock draft?

Josh Houtz (@houtz) is a die-hard fan of the Miami Dolphins, and wants Tua Tagovialoa, No Matter What! #Tankovailoa

Some fans question the tanking objective. (Tony Capobianco for Five Reasons Sports)

Dolphins land premier QB in latest Tankathon Mock Draft

Despite winning two straight games, the Miami Dolphins are still able to acquire LSU QB Joe Burrow in Tankathon’s latest 3- Round Mock Draft.

After starting the season 0-7, the Dolphins have won two straight games.

No, they weren’t the most prestigious of victories. After all, one came against the lowly Jets and former HC Adam Gase. And on Sunday, the Dolphins defeated a banged up Colts team, led by Brian Hoyer. They may not have been pretty, but the Dolphins continue their upward trajectory. And as 3 Yards Per Carry’s CKparrot pointed out on twitter, they could very well be playing their best football in December.

Worst of all, Miami’s latest victory comes a day after GM Chris Grier, Stephen Ross, and two college scouts attended the LSU/Alabama shootout.  And whether or not you believe that Tua Tagovailoa is the apple of their eye (he is), Joe Burrow was equally as impressive. But no matter which quarterback the Dolphins covet, they will need to do one of two things.

A) Stop winning football games.

B) Trade a boatload of assets to move up and get their QB.

C) Settle on another 2020 QB

D) Other

In the latest Tankathon 3-round mock draft, there’s still hope that the Dolphins land a premier QB. Unfortunately, it’s not the QB a majority of fans covet.

First Round

With the 4th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select — Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

Burrow has been absolutely outstanding this season, completing 236/299 for 3,198 yards 33 touchdowns and 4 interceptions this season.  In fact, some draft pundits believe he may be a better fit in Cincinnati.  After all, he’s a local product that fits Zac Taylor’s system.  Regardless of whether or not he or Tua Tagovailoa is selected #1 overall, if the top-5 were to end up the way it currently stands, the Dolphins could land a premier signal caller in this year’s draft.

At the back end of the first-round, Miami selects WR Laviska Shenault, the dynamic WR from Colorado.  Ironically enough, Shenault is a life-long fan of the Dolphins and would be a good fit in O’Shea’s offense.  With their last pick in round one, Miami selects Alabama defensive lineman Raekwon Davis.  His size and versatility would be yet another welcomed addition in Flores’ defense.

Second Round

At the top of round two, the Dolphins upgrade the running back position with one of the most explosive backs in all of football, D’Andre Swift.  No one can argue how dismal Miami’s run game has been this season, especially with Kalen Ballage touting the rock for a pedestrian 2.1 yards per carry. Hopefully, when Mark Walton serves his four-game suspension he can help ease the coaching staff’s pain. Nevertheless, Miami will almost certainly be drafting a running back in April’s draft.

Later in round two, the Dolphins select pass-rusher Kenny Willekes from Michigan State. Willekes has 55 tackles and 5.5 sacks in 2019 and would be a difference maker at a position of need.

Third Round

Back in 2018, a lot of Dolphins fans (and Stephen Ross) wanted the team to draft one of the most dynamic QBs in all of football. Unfortunately, Miami passed on Lamar Jackson for Minkah Fitzpatrick, who was later traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers. But make no mistake about it, Chris Grier has learned from his past mistakes and in the third round of the 2020 NFL Draft, he finally gets Lamar Jackson. That’s right, with the 69th-overall pick, Miami selects physical defensive back Lamar Jackson out of Nebraska.


This will change many more times between now and April 23, 2020. With that said, how do you feel with Tankathon’s latest mock draft?

Josh Houtz (@houtz) is a die-hard fan of the Miami Dolphins, and is okay (I guess) with #BlowForBurrow

Dolphins Select LSU QB Joe Burrow in Latest Tankathon Mock Draft

Another week, another Tankathon mock draft

For those keeping track at home, each week I continue to document the latest draft order and mock draft at Tankathon.com. And although the Miami Dolphins have not had the first-overall pick in quite some time, the fine folks at Tankathon continue to make things interesting, to say the least.

In fact, prior to the Jets’ blowout loss to the Patriots on Monday Night, Tankathon posted their three-round mock draft and to the surprise of many, DID NOT have the Dolphins drafting a quarterback. Obviously, that was a mistake. Or perhaps they just weren’t sure which QB Miami might covet with the second-overall pick.

Well after a short deliberation with their trusty friends, and a nice retweet from yours truly, there was one QB that the masses believed to be the clear-cut favorite.

His name was Joe Burrow.

That’s right, folks. In Tankathon’s latest mock draft, the Miami Dolphins select LSU QB Joe Burrow.

Now I know, I know, he’s not the same type of prospect as Tua Tagovailoa. However, no one can argue with how well Burrow has played through seven games in 2019. Furthermore, if he continues to ascend over the next few weeks, while Tua recovers from an ankle injury, it is very possible that an NFL team could deem him the guy to carry their franchise to the promise land.

Tankathon.com 3-round mock draft 10/22

With the remaining two picks in the first round #10 & #22, the Miami Dolphins fill two voids on their depleted roster.  At #10, Miami selects Oklahoma WR CeeDee Lamb, who will make an immediate impact in Miami’s offense.

At #22, the Dolphins select Penn State pass-rusher, Yetur Gross-Matos.  Truth is, aside from Vince Biegel and Taco Charlton, Miami has struggled mightily to get pressure on the QB.  So, Gross-Matos would instantly fill a void and help fix one of the worst defenses in all of football.

With the 33rd-overall pick, the Dolphins pick arguably the most explosive running back in all of college football, Jonathan Taylor.  Taylor would fill an instant need with Kenyan Drake on his way out and Kalen Ballage seemingly irrelevant.  Mark Walton and Taylor would be a perfect 1-2 punch in Chad O’Shea’s offense.

At pick #62 the Dolphins land Iowa offensive lineman Alaric Jackson, to help sure up one of Miami’s weakest units.  Yes, Miami has $130M+ to spend in FA, but they will absolutely turn to the draft to fix their struggling offensive line.

Lastly, Miami selects Utah CB Jaylon Johnson to start opposite of Xavien Howard in the secondary.

This will change many more times between now and April 23, 2020. With that said, how do you feel with Tankathon’s latest mock draft?

Josh Houtz (@houtz) is a die-hard fan of the Miami Dolphins, and is okay (I guess) with #BlowForBurrow

Dolphins Select Herbert and Jeudy in Latest Tankathon Mock Draft

One week ago, the Dolphins were sitting pretty at the top of the 2020 NFL Draft order.  And although there was still plenty of football to be played, fans could breath a sigh of relief.  After all, anything less than the first-overall pick would be a massive disappointment.  Which, to be honest, has been the story for the last twenty years for most Dolphins’ fans.

Well folks, prepare to be disappointed once more.

In the latest Tankathon.com mock draft, the Cincinnati Bengals are at the top of the draft order.  And for a team that wasted more years on Andy Dalton than the Dolphins did on Ryan Tannehill, the time is now for Zac Taylor to handpick his QB of the future.

Sure, there’s the slight chance he takes Oregon QB Justin Herbert, but the more likely scenario is Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa.  (Insert Sad Face)

So with the #Tankovailoa sweepstakes over, who will the Dolphins select with their three-first round draft picks?

There’s no question the Dolphins will draft a QB in this April’s draft.  And whether that be Jake Fromm, Jordan Love, Jalen Hurts, or Justin Herbert, a QB will be selected on day one. (If you want to take a look at this year’s top QB prospects, CLICK HERE)

In Tankathon’s latest mock draft, that QB is Herbert– who has been mocked to Miami several times before.  Furthermore, GM Chris Grier continues to do his due diligence on the prototypical passer (6’6, 237 LBs).


But who should the Dolphins select with the 5th-overall pick?

In previous mocks, Tankathon had Miami selecting Iowa pass-rusher A.J Epenesa.  Now, they go with one of Tua’s favorite targets in wide receiver Jerry Jeudy.

Jeudy would be a game-changer in Chad O’Shea’s offense and would make the rest of receiving corps better.  He would also be the perfect security blanket for the Dolphins’ newest QB, whoever they ultimately decide to draft.


Lastly, Miami selects LSU CB Kristian Fulton with the 25th-overall pick.  As we all know, Miami desperately needs help opposite of Xavien Howard and Fulton would be an immediate fit.

This will change many more times between now and April 23, 2020.  With that said, how do you feel with Tankathon’s latest mock draft?


Josh Houtz (@houtz) is a die-hard fan of the Miami Dolphins, despite what Jerome Baker thinks.



Tankathon has Dolphins drafting twice in top-4

We are now officially three weeks into the NFL season and according to Tankathon, the #Tankovailoa race is on!

After this weeks regular season games, there are now seven teams in the NFL without a win.  And although not all of those teams need a quarterback, there’s still plenty of competition for cant’-miss prospect Tua Tagovailoa.  After all, Tagovailoa is highly regarded as the best QB prospect since Andrew Luck in 2012.  He’s that good. However, he’s not the only QB in this year’s class that has the potential to change a NFL franchise.

You can keep track of all of this year’s QB prospects HERE

Currently, this is the way the 2020 NFL draft order looks.

Tankathon Version 3.0 Mock Draft

The last time we did one of these, the Dolphins only had two first-round draft picks.  Fortunately, Miami was able to move disgruntled DB Minkah Fitzpatrick to Pittsburgh, in exchange for what appears to be a top-10 draft pick.  Yes, it is still very early in the 2019 season, but Pittsburgh is without Ben Roethlisberger and looks to be one of the more disappointing teams in the league.

But how does this mock draft favor the Dolphins?

Personally, I don’t like Georgia QB Jake Fromm and if Miami were to miss out on Tua and Herbert, the next logical choice is Utah State QB, Jordan Love.

Ohio State pass-rusher Chase Young might be the best player in the entire 2020 class.  And we know just how desperate the Dolphins are to find a generational pass-rusher.  Any offensive lineman in the first-round is a step in the right direction.

Most demoralizing of all of this, is that Adam Gase and the New York Jets out ‘tank’ the Dolphins – and end up with Tua Tagovailoa.

In the end, there’s plenty to like about Tankothon’s latest mock draft.  Just as long as Adam Gase and his googly eyes, don’t end up with the Tua Tagovailoa.