Miami Dolphins Camp Notes Day 1 (Tua, Waddle, Palardy, more)

This is day 2 of camp, but actually day 1 of action. Blessed with good weather, I get introduced to the new facility. So, lets start with a brief review.

When you arrive, parking is much clearer, and the location could not be better (on the Stadium grounds). Dolphins staff as always is very courteous even though the NFL Covid protocols are much stronger/better than last year. The design of the building is modern, practical and the shear size of it has to be comfortable for the players. It features an indoor field, as well as two outdoor fields sporting the CORRECT grass (same grass they play on, unlike at Davie). The stands where fans can watch practice, feature ample, comfortable seats, they will surely enjoy. Only complaint I can have is that our old media perch in Davie, was a bit more comfortable for laptop wielding journalists. Other than that, bravo Mr.Ross. The Miami Dolphins have a first class training facility.

Tua Tagovailoa. His work on his body is evident. He has a stronger lower body and looks fantastic physically. He had a long touchdown on a bomb to Albert Wilson, which was not perfect, but it was there for the score (which is what you care about). He had a sizzling 15 yard out that Albert Wilson dropped, and a waggle boot strike to Adam Shaheen for another TD that was the most impressive throw of the day. he had one miscommunication that led to an interception, and another lazy throw in installs that got picked. Overall, it was a good day for the 2nd year QB, and this quote, was the highlight of his press avail:


Michael Palardy. No Hyperbole. Today was a punting exhibition. His directional punts were all perfect, and his hang time impressive. That concludes punter talk.

Jaelen Phillips. Working as a linebacker. You kinda knew he was an impressive athlete, but it’s a different thing to see him in person and watch such a long, strong athlete move like he does. If his first day is any indication, fans are going to love watching him play, and the comparisons to another long , lean, rangy Dolphins defender will be inevitable. Can’t wait to see the pads go on.

Jaylen Waddle. Is it possible to be surprised with how fast a “fast guy” actually is? Waddle has unusual speed,that I haven’t seen on this team since Mark Duper. You know he is fast, when he makes Jakeem Grant look run of the mill. His twitchy, quick stride might be playing tricks on my eyes, but what a trick it is. Jaylen Waddle is as advertised early on, with a clean practice under his belt, while being asked to do plenty. Game action is where we are going to see his impact. You are not going to be dazzled by a guy like this in what was essentially a “install day”.

Hunter Long. He is a noticeable athlete. Even while standing next to all the 6′-6″ plus guys in the Tight ends group, Hunter Long stands out. His size, and athleticism is not the only thing that is noticeable. He is almost as athletic in practice as Mike Gesicki, and while Gesicki has a long, gliding stride, Hunter Long has choppy, twitchy steps that could bode well for some YAC from the Tight end position. Of all the rookies, this is the one I am most looking forward too, to watching in game action.

Practice MVP: Michael Palardy
Struggled: WR Unit (some drops)


Alfredo Arteaga (@Alf_Arteaga) is one-third of the trio that does the Three Yards Per Carry (@3YardsPerCarry) podcast.

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  1. Bart DePalma
    Bart DePalma says:

    I cannot say enough about MIA’s 2021 draft. Grier likely picked five starters over the first two days, three to four with elite Pro Bowl skills.

    Your report on Long did not surprise me. Scott Pioli is absolutely in love with the BC TE and predicted a trip to the Pro Bowl in a couple years for the third rounder.


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