5 Key Moments from Spoelstra, Herro, Silva Interviews

After another day of 5 on 5 practice, Tyler Herro and Chris Silva talked to media along with Coach Erik Spoelstra. Here are 5 Key Moments from Spoelstra, Herro, Silva Interviews.

Spoelstra, Herro, Silva Interviews Comment #1:

There was some pretty unique news reported last night by Chris Haynes about Miami Heat’s own Jimmy Butler. It was reported that there was a noise complaint in the hotel, and when security got to the room, it was Jimmy Butler drenched in sweat in the middle of a full workout. Coach Spoelstra seemed to enjoy this, saying “That’s why I love Jimmy.” He continued to talk about his work ethic and described him with the word discipline. He says Jimmy is so unique with his workout times, nutrition, consistency, and more.

Comment #2:

Tyler Herro received the same question that Spoelstra did earlier in the interview. Tyler Herro was not surprised at all when he heard the news about Jimmy, since he’s seen Jimmy’s drive all season. He says that Jimmy was probably “bored in his room,” and usually causes him to do what he does best which is put in more work. The phrase “not surprised” is used all the time by teammates of Jimmy Butler. The team knows how he is which is why they respect him so much on and off the court.

Comment #3:

Tyler Herro talked about his health standpoint and the shape he is in after the hiatus. He says “I’m the best I’ve ever felt in my life.” This is a good sign due to the fact that it’s pretty much the exact opposite for other players in the bubble as of right now. Tyler follows this statement discussing his body fat and says it’s down to 5.5%. It seems as if that Jimmy Butler hard work is contagious throughout the locker room, especially since the coaches made sure they stayed in shape as well during the hiatus with zoom workouts.

Comment #4:

Chris Silva also got to talk to media today. He discussed the topic that seems to come up a lot in these interviews. Depth. He says he doesn’t think everybody is going to play as many minutes, which will definitely be true for the eight regular season games and probably the first round. Chris Silva will be ready to play if his name gets called once the season return. He may see the court a lot during the regular season since Spoelstra will be playing around with different lineups. Chris also talked about the impact this virus had on him personally. He planned on returning home to Gabon before the pandemic.

Comment #5:

Erik Spoelstra talks about the depth of this team once again. He says, “I don’t know if there’s ever been more of a need for depth.” This is definitely true for a couple different reasons. Guys will need some time to get back in game shape, which means there’ll be more of a need to get fresh legs on the court. Another reason is that this format is different than anything the NBA has ever seen, which means this playoffs may not only benefit veterans. Young guys may flourish in this type of format, which is why Erik Spoelstra will be playing around with this roster as much as he can before the playoffs start.


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