Andre Iguodala: The Key Piece for this Season

The one word that seems to describe this Heat team heading into the season is depth.

When going down the line, many begin to pick out the youth at the end of the roster, but there’s plenty of veterans as well.

The one player that will hold major importance this season is Andre Iguodala. For starters, the departure of Jae Crowder made this evident automatically, since losing a quality wing with size could be troublesome.

To that point, that’s a main reason Coach Spo will slowly help him adapt in the regular season, since veterans will need rest on this team after the quick turnaround.

Although he will be key in the postseason, what makes him so essential in the regular season?

Well, I believe they balance him with the playing time of Jimmy Butler. There may be some nights, especially on a back to back, where Jimmy will get more breaks than usual. And that is where Andre will come into play.

Last season in the playoffs, Iguodala was most effective on that second unit when Butler exited, since he’s able to replicate the things he does from the perspective of running the offense.

They will utilize him in a similar way through this regular season, especially with all of the youth on this roster, a guy like him is necessary for the other guys to strive.

Heading into the season, Andre Iguodala’s name doesn’t get thrown around much, mostly since he’s one of those silent impact guys who’s play doesn’t show up in the stat sheet at times.

And with the relationship of Coach Spo and Iguodala building over time, it’s clear that these two high IQ guys will come up with an efficient plan for him to be worked in.

Andre Iguodala may not be in many discussions right now, but he will be pretty soon.

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