How Does Giannis Antetokounmpo Fit with Miami?

Although Giannis Antetokounmpo isn’t a free agent until 2021, he’s the guy that Miami seems to be revolving their 2020 free agency around.

There seems to be real optimism around Giannis joining forces in Miami if he chooses to leave Milwaukee. And well, that seems fairly obvious. Who doesn’t want to live in bright lights of Miami? And who doesn’t want to play with the hardest working organization to compete for a title?

But how would this fit truly look with this Miami Heat team?

For starters, the only issue that people seem to have with this acquisition is the fact that their three best players wouldn’t be able to shoot. And I can guarantee that thought won’t cross the front office’s mind once.

Jimmy Butler doesn’t shoot threes since he feels he can impact the game in every other part of the game, which is also why Erik Spoelstra bought into that. But with Giannis, I feel that they’d definitely find a way for him to improve his shooting.

I believe that starts with having play-makers on the floor who can make him feel comfortable. In Milwaukee, he’s the primary play-maker on the floor at all times, and he also has to play a bunch of one-on-one ball. But in Miami, he will be the third play-making option behind Butler and Bam, which I think could open up his shooting abilities.

Even if he doesn’t improve the shooting it’s not an issue. If Miami is running Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson in the starting lineup with those three, it’ll definitely make up for the lack of shooting.

But Miami is not trying to acquire Giannis to improve on the offensive side of the ball, it’s to overload on defense. Giannis is debatably the best defender in the league, who can guard any position on the floor.

The switches between Bam and Giannis on defense would be incredible, but the zone could be one of the deadliest things for this team.

The reason Bam thrived so well with the zone is that he has the ability to constantly move and can guard the perimeter. Giannis is all of that and more, which would definitely make the bottom of that zone a scary sight.

I also don’t believe a fit next to Bam has to revolve solely around a player who can shoot. It actually is about finding a player who can keep their offensive spacing while still playing to their strengths.

While Bam operates from the free throw line extended, Giannis would have no problem roaming the baseline for back-door passes and put-backs.

That doesn’t mean he won’t be their number one option on offense, since he’d probably be utilizing his abilities with his back to the basket as he did in the playoffs. That also takes some pressure off of Bam since he clearly doesn’t enjoy backing down defenders.

I don’t think there’s any question this fit wouldn’t work. As mentioned previously, this team would be the number one defensive and passing team in the NBA. And as long as you have Duncan Robinson, the shooting will be just fine.

Not only is he a fit with this organization and the Miami Heat’s players, more importantly I believe he’s a fit for Erik Spoelstra. Spoelstra has already dealt with a top player in his prime taking his talents to South Beach and he will do it again.

A new big three could be brewing in South Beach.

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