Jimmy Butler: Easier Role Due To Young Player Breakouts

“We’ll be back.”

That’s what Jimmy Butler had to say following a game six loss in the NBA Finals to the Los Angeles Lakers.

It doesn’t matter what the circumstance was this past season in the bubble, Jimmy truly believes that they will be back. And why wouldn’t he, after a team projected to be a second round exit battled in the NBA Finals.

The regular season and playoffs showed everybody who Jimmy Butler is, but the Finals showed who he can be if needed.

Conversations loomed all throughout the season if Jimmy was playing the correct way. It seemed as if his unselfishness at times hurt this Heat team, and many said he would need to step up and score more.

And well, that’s exactly what he did in this past NBA Finals, and I feel the Finals is the only place that he has to do that.

Even if Miami goes into this next season with the same exact team, he can take a bit of a step back. Tyler Herro could have a huge second season scoring the ball, especially since he’ll have an increased role in the offense, which I’ve predicted he will be the team’s leading scorer.

Bam Adebayo will also be looking to take a huge leap this next season, after his bubble play previewed a jump that is soon to come. If he looks to try and score a bit more, that takes some weight off of Jimmy as well.

If you learned anything from Jimmy’s game this season, it’s that he’s going to do exactly what Jimmy Butler does. He’s going to be the main play-maker, defender, and facilitator for this young team, since he knows that they’re the key to success throughout the season.

But when it’s time to turn it on, he will be ready for that as well.

This is what makes this off-season so intriguing for Miami, since they have a choice to improve the team by adding some talent, or just run it back with the talent they have.

Either way, Jimmy Butler will be sharing the floor with Bam and Tyler, which means he will automatically take a step back to let these guys flourish.

But when Bam and Tyler do begin to breakout this next season, just know it’s because of the unselfishness and winning mentality of Jimmy Butler.

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