Bam Adebayo and Jimmy Butler: The Perfect Match

When discussing Bam Adebayo, it’s never about will he take that next leap, but instead when will he take that next leap.

In the two preseason games to start the season, the improvements in his offensive package involving the mid-range jumper have been clear. But if you think he’s getting major opportunities now on offense, just wait til Jimmy Butler lines up next to him.

Something I’ve mentioned lately is that although many speak about the offensive gravity that Duncan Robinson holds when on the floor, Jimmy Butler does as well.

Sometimes he doesn’t look to score early in the game, but once he starts attacking, it just truly opens everything up for the entire team. And after losing in the NBA Finals this past year, I can guarantee Jimmy won’t be taking any regular season game lightly.

The reason Bam Adebayo will benefit majorly from Jimmy’s offensive aggressiveness and flow is because he will have many open shots from about 12 to 15 feet. And if he doesn’t shoot those open jumpers, he will be hearing it from Jimmy.

Whenever Jimmy would drive and kick to him last season, he usually took one dribble into a floater, which obviously is great to use as well, especially for a center. But making a defense worry about that 15 footer just opens that up even more.

Another thing to note is that Jimmy Butler will be directing traffic a lot this season with the ball in his hands, and he will look to work the ball into their offensive staple. The offense runs through Bam just through his ability to pass, set screens, and hand-off, but adding that element creates the leap that many have been waiting for.

There’s a reason that this organization gave Bam the nickname “no ceiling,” and that’s because even after he perfects his jumper this season, there are still tons of areas that still have room for improving.

Many always rave about Jimmy Butler’s perfect fit for the Miami Heat culture and organization, but what about the fit with Bam Adebayo?

I know Bam fits perfectly with anybody in the NBA, since he does everything on the court, but their games align just as much as their mentality and eagerness to win.

As much as people want to constantly discuss possible trade scenarios and things of that nature, just feel comfortable either way having two stars that are basically the same person.

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