Bam Adebayo: “I want to be a Top 5 Center or Power Forward All Time”

Bam Adebayo spoke with media this morning about his extension, season expectations, and most importantly, personal expectations.

He began talking about many young guys looking up to him, although he’s only 23 years old, since they want to play as a versatile big who can pass. He said, “I feel like I’m trying to change basketball.”

He then reflected a bit about the past NBA Finals, which he said, “It sucked…There are wins and there is misery. No in-between.” He added, “Two more games and we could’ve been champions…My mindset has definitely kicked up a gear.”

Accountability is the word that should come up most when describing Bam Adebayo, since he takes pride in doing that and truly means it.

Bam talked a bit about a few of his teammates as well, including incoming rookie Precious Achiuwa. He said, “I feel he has more skill than I did in my rookie year.” He also mentioned the similarities between them coming out of college, but gave Precious the edge. He ended saying that Udonis Haslem is constantly pushing him to become a “hardcore leader.”

The relationship between Bam and Udonis is clear, which Bam said, “One thing about UD is that he’s 100% honest…The big brother I never had.”

When Andre Iguodala got brought up, Bam jokingly said, “He’s like UD, but without the explicit words.”

And of course he had to talk a little about Jimmy, which he described why they have such a great relationship. He said, “We’re similar because our work ethic is through the roof. And we both came from nothing and made something out of it.”

When Bam was asked about where he sees his game improving, he responded, “My nickname in the organization is no ceiling, so that gives you a point of where I want my game to be…And win this city a championship.”

It’s very obvious that Bam has his priorities straight, even mentioning that he wants to be a top 5 center or power forward when it is all said and done.

There are not many players that can be at Bam’s level right now, while being so far from reaching their potential. And plus, he’s willing to put the work in to reach that level.

Bam’s playoff run was just the beginning, and he’s ready to make yet another jump this season.

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