Basketball Rules and Regulations You Must Know 

Basketball is played in different parts of continents. Every sport has some defined rules to take the decisions of the game. Basketball is played in a court which is rectangular in shape and measures 91 feet long and 50 feet wide. There are 12 members in each basketball team, whereas only 5 members of each team are allowed to play on the court. 


The purpose of the game is to score maximum points by throwing the ball in the basket. The team with the maximum score wins the game. Apart from this, certain fouls take place due to the carelessness of the team members and are counted against them.


If you are unaware of the basketball rules, then this article might help you gain some knowledge about the game. 


Top basketball rules you should know



  • Basketball jersey


The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to be well dressed in the basketball jerseys.  

If you are a part of the playing team you must wear the jersey on the court for the convenience of your other team members to pass the ball.



  • Team players


There cannot be more than 5 players of each team on the court. You can substitute other players as per your choice, regarding the gameplay. 



  • Shot prevention


The team which is trying to make a shot in the basket is known as the offense team, whereas the team that is trying to stop them from scoring is known as the defense team. Without pushing any member, the defense team must prevent the offense team either by blocking the shot or by preventing the shot. 



  • Handling the ball


You cannot hit the ball with their fist, or kick it. You can pass the ball to the other member either by bouncing the ball or dribbling it. A person who leaves the catch even after touching the ball does not get the chance to dribble the ball. 



  • Chance of foul 


If the ball is placed in the team’s half, they will win the ownership back. Within 10 seconds, It would be declared a foul, if the ball fails to make it back to the other halfway line.



  • Free throw 


All the fouls that took place during the game would be assembled. After this, a free throw will be given when reached a certain number. The shot will be taken by the player who made the foul from the free-throw line. 



  • The time limit for a shot 


Both of the teams are supposed to shoot at the basket or at least hit the rim of the basket within 24 seconds. If either of the team fails to do so, the shot clock has to restart for another 24 seconds. 



  • step to avoid 


You cannot move more than a single step without bouncing the ball. It would be considered a foul. Also, you must avoid double dribble, backcourt violation, and goaltending, etc.     



  • Prevention 


The offensive team cannot take the basketball back if it passes halfway through the line. 




Playing basketball for fun is okay, but if you are playing it without any clue about its penalties you might become a burden for your team. Before playing a basketball game, you must be aware of all the rules and regulations associated with it. If you’ll have better knowledge regarding the rules, you might avoid certain mistakes.


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