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Team Defeat Diabetes Competing in TBT 2022

The Basketball Tournament, known by fans these days as TBT, stands as one of the more popular forms of summer basketball to enjoy. This year, the tournament hosts 64 teams playing in a single-elimination bracket for a winner-take-all $1 million. The teams are made up largely of professional and former college stars, some representing their former schools while others play on sponsored teams, like team Defeat Diabetes.

TBT 2022 will be ninth installment of the tournament, with games being played in July and August, aired on ESPN and ESPN2. South Florida basketball fans might recognize the Category 5 team, made up of University of Miami alumni, including the recently graduated Chris Lykes and former Canes stars like Durand Scott. Miami Heat fans might recognize former Heat players Jamario Moon and James Ennis, playing on teams, amongst others.

This event provides players an opportunity to showcase their skills in the States, in an effort for some to make or return to the NBA. This includes former first-round NBA Draft picks and, for the first time, frontline NBA Draft prospects. The Overtime Elite squad features twins Amen and Ausar Thompson, both of whom are projected top-10 picks in the 2023 draft.

But beyond that, many of these teams find themselves playing to support of important causes, like Type-1 diabetes. There are squads representing a variety of foundations, including those for ALS, autism, cancer, mental wellness, and muscular dystrophy.

Team Defeat Diabetes to Debut in TBT 2022

In its first year at TBT, the Defeat Diabetes team hopes to benefit those individuals living with Type-1 diabetes. The squad is sponsored by the JDRF, formerly known as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. They will donate a portion of their winnings to the foundation.

Former University of North Florida star Jalen Nesbitt co-founded team Defeat Diabetes with his fiancé, Cristina Desemone. Nesbitt, a Spartanburg, SC, native, sports seven years of professional basketball experience in Europe.

Desemone, who has been living with Type-1 diabetes since 2006, is a registered dietitian specializing in performance nutrition. She works with athletes to help them reach their performance goals and prepare them for an elite level of play. The couple felt TBT provided a solid platform from which to advocate for those with diabetes.

The team will play out of the Xavier Region at the Cintas Center, in Cincinnati, Ohio. They have a growing presence on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as YouTube. They continue their funding efforts on GoFundMe.

Defeat Diabetes TBT Team Roster

The Defeat Diabetes roster sports 10 players, headlined by former NBA forward Gary Forbes. The 37-year-old Forbes spent two seasons in the NBA, playing with the Denver Nuggets (as a teammate of former Heat fan-favorite Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen) and Toronto Raptors. Interestingly, he was part of the trade package that sent current Miami Heat guard Kyle Lowry from Houston to the Raptors in 2012.

Forbes played in previous TBT events for the Talladega Knights (2017) and Gael Nation (2018). He played collegiately at both Virginia (2003-05) and UMass (2006-08). Forbes earned Atlantic-10 Player of the Year honors in 2008.

Gary Forbes is one of three players with Type-1 diabetes to play in the NBA. Following his stellar college career, Forbes joined Chris Dudley and Adam Morrison as the only other players in NBA history with Type-1 diabetes. Only one player, Lauren Cox, has played in the WNBA with Type-1 diabetes.

In committing to team Defeat Diabetes for TBT, Forbes said he wants to “represent those living with Type-1 diabetes.”

The team’s co-founder, Jalen Nesbitt, recently played for Almansa in the Spain-LEB Gold league during the 2021-22 season. Nesbitt starred at the University of North Florida, in Jacksonville, from 2013-15. As a senior, Nesbitt started in all 35 games for UNF while averaging 10.9 points, 5.7 rebounds, and 3.4 assists per game. He helped UNF capture the program’s first Atlantic Sun Conference title and advance to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in school history.

Nesbitt says he’s “excited to bring awareness to Type-1 diabetes”. The 28-year-old shooting guard stands “ready to compete and win this million dollars.”

Rest of the Roster

Joining Forbes and Nesbitt on team Defeat Diabetes for TBT are veterans of both NCAA and international professional basketball.

Donovan Donaldson played collegiately at Tusculum University in Tennessee. The 25-year-old guard has played in Germany, North Macedonia, and most recently Hungary with PVSK-Veolia.

Arthur Edwards played at Alabama in the 2015-16 season, starting all 33 games and averaging 9.5 points-per-game. The 29-year-old guard has played in the NBA G League, Bulgaria, and most recently Switzerland.

Demonte Flannigan excelled at Cleveland State. He played under head coach Gary Waters, who also coached former Miami Heat guard Norris Cole. After college, Flannigan has played in the top leagues in the UK, Denmark, and Georgia.

Cameron Forte comes to team Defeat Diabetes as a TBT veteran, including a 39-point/23-rebound performance the 2018 event. At Portland State during the 2015-16 season, he averaged 19.2 points-per-game, earning All-Big Sky Second Team honors. Forte has played professionally in Canada, the Philippines, Mexico, and Iceland.

JJ Frazier averaged 18.8 points-per-game during his senior season at Georgia and earned All-SEC First Team honors. He has played professionally in Italy and Turkey. Frazier’s also played for the Memphis Hustle of the NBA G League.

Brevin Priztl led the Big Ten in 3-point field goal percentage during conference play (53.5) as a junior at Wisconsin in the 2018-19 season. He has played professionally in Serbia and Denmark since then.

Zac Seljaas played four years at BYU before playing professionally in Georgia for BC Vera. The 24-year-old averaged 22.1 points-per-game and 12.0 rebounds-per-game during the 2021-22 season.

Emmanuel Wembi finished his college career Lenoir-Rhyne before playing overseas in Croatia and most recently Estonia. This past season he averaged 12.2 points-per-game and 8.2 rebounds-per-game for Tartu Ülikool Maks & Moorits in Estonia.

Support Team Defeat Diabetes at TBT 2022

To support team Defeat Diabetes at TBT 2022 you can donate on their GoFundMe page. Follow them on their social platforms, including their YouTube channel, their Twitter page, as well as both their Facebook page and on Instagram.

5 Tips to Profit while Betting on Basketball

Professional basketball bettors have developed a keen capacity to identify value in betting lines, which they have developed over hundreds of hours of practice and experience. The experts have a couple of behaviors that are simple for amateur sports bettors to adopt and will immediately result in more profitable NBA wagers.


You will be able to approach betting on basketball with greater confidence if you use profitable basketball tips to your advantage. By using certain tips, rather than making simple estimates based on chance observations, you will be able to put together and execute a strategy that will increase your chances of winning.


There is no reason to settle for ineffective and simplistic methods of engaging the NBA betting game. Following legitimate NBA betting tips can assist you in making better informed, profitable wagers and determining which NBA games to wager on.

Check the Schedule

Depending on rest spots, travel, and motivation, the calendar can occasionally affect a team’s performance on the court. Situational betting, commonly called spot betting, is an effective strategy for identifying underlying value while betting on or against a team.


The schedule may require a team to play numerous games in a short time, leaving them depleted for the final games of that period. Additionally, the schedule can include an extended break from the action to allow coaches and players to change their game plans and recover injured bodies. And, as always, keep an eye out for lookahead and letdown spots surrounding key games and significant wins.

Always Track Your Results

While everyone can win a bet or two, individuals seeking long-term success must keep accurate records of their wagers. Consider making a spreadsheet that tracks the date, the wager, the sportsbook, the odds, the final score, and your profit or loss. Include another column for notes and remarks about the action. This information will assist you in fine-tuning your approach and making more informed wagering decisions of your Odds to Win NBA Finals bets. 


As you track your profitability over time, you’ll discover the value of devoting time to conducting thorough research on each wager. Keep an eye on your NBA betting to stay current on news and trends and simply enjoy the game.

Bet Early

One of the most effective strategies for gaining an edge when betting on NBA games is to begin betting immediately after the markets open each morning. As oddsmakers and bettors gain more knowledge about games as the match approaches, betting early helps you profit from any first line errors released by oddsmakers before they are corrected.


Since bookmakers update their lines in real-time depending on activity received, injury news, and other variables, the lines grow more accurate and more difficult to overcome as the day progresses. 


Betting on sports is the ultimate multi-player game. You are not only up against the bookmaker; you are up against thousands of other sports bettors whose opinions shape the market. Considering what the great majority of the public and seasoned professionals think about a game enables you to correctly read the market and choose the optimal time to place your bets.

Take Note of Injury Reports

When it comes to NBA betting, the importance of injuries cannot be overstated. Bet early in the morning, but be accessible in the afternoon to monitor injury news and watch for games where an injury could significantly impact the outcome.


It is usual for top players to sit out back-to-back games in the era of load management. You must predict which players will sit out based on the previous play, press reports, and betting markets. There are slower-moving sportsbooks that are slower to adjust their spreads and totals in response to injury news, which is one immense opportunity for bettors to gain an edge.

Pace Factor and Scoring

There are two critical stats to review before betting on the over or under for a game’s total. The first is the Pace Factor, which estimates a team’s possessions per 48 minutes. The second is team scoring. Team scoring keeps track of a team’s total points scored in a game, including regulation and overtime points.


If you check both statistics thoroughly, you’ll discover that the teams with the highest scoring averages are not usually the ones with the highest Pace Factor and vice versa. This is because a fast pace frequently results in turnovers and inconsistent shooting. Conduct a side-by-side analysis to determine which teams excel at both. Teams that excel on both fronts will average a high number of possessions each game and score efficiently with those possessions.


Final Thoughts

By following the several tips above, such as checking the schedule, betting early, paying attention to injury reports, scoring, and recording your results, you can take the first step toward being an expert bettor. With sufficient knowledge, you may place a confident wager and enjoy the NBA.


Five Teams to Look Out For at March Madness 2022

March Madness is about to begin – the best time to watch college hoops. But which teams could go all the way in 2022 and emulate last year’s winners Baylor? Read on to find out



March Madness brings out the best in college basketball

It is that most wonderful time of year again. No, not Christmas and the holidays, March Madness is about to begin. The best of the best of college hoops come together to battle it out to leave one remaining champion.


Fans across the country will be eagerly filling in their brackets and preparing their best March Madness bets. Baylor took the championship last year in what was an incredible tournament. But which teams should you be keeping a close eye on this year? Who can go all the way and win the NCAA Tournament? Read on to find out.


Baylor Bears


Baylor became the second consecutive first-time winner in 2021 as it rounded off a tournament of shocks and surprises to beat Gonzaga 86-70 in the National Championship game. Only seven teams have come back and won a second title straight away – so can Baylor become the eighth?


The Bears are one of the best teams in the country and could be good to be one of the four number one seeds. But repeating last year’s incredible triumph will be tough as they battle against other programs looking to take down the king. Baylor will be there towards the end of March Madness – but maybe not on the final day.


Gonzaga Bulldogs


You’ve got to feel for Gonzaga. It is twice in five years now that the Bulldogs have come up just short and lost to the eventual winner in the National Championship game. Gonzaga was outstanding last season, winning its first 31 games – it just couldn’t beat Baylor when it mattered.


The Bulldogs have been installed as the favorites to win in 2022 and could well go into the tournament as the number one overall seed for the second year running. Freshman Chet Holmgren has added another aspect to the Bulldogs’ dominance this year and could be the difference in the Final Four in New Orleans.


Duke Blue Devils


It was a huge shock last year when Duke missed out on the NCAA Tournament altogether – the first time the Blue Devils had not made an appearance since 1995. Repeating that just wasn’t an option this year after Coach K announced that this season would be his last.


But can Duke make sure that Mike Krzyzewski bows out at the very top of the college game? It was all looking good earlier this season as the Blue Devils blew away the opposition. But then came that double-digit loss to UNC. It was not the final home game that Coach K would have wanted – so now his players need to go all out to win the championship.



Who will make the game-winning shots this year?


Arizona Wildcats


Oregon State was the surprise team from the Pac-12 last year, winning the tournament and reaching the Elite Eight. But it is Arizona that most people will be the main hope from this conference in 2022. After missing out because of the self-imposed postseason ban, the Wildcats are hungry for glory.


Not many outside of the program really believed that Arizona would be one of the favorites this year but new coach Tommy Lloyd is in charge of a team that has excelled on both sides of the ball. He spent 20 years at March Madness perennial Gonzaga before taking on the Arizona role, so he should have a good idea about how to deal with the NCAA Tournament.


Kentucky Wildcats


Kentucky is regarded as one of the regulars of the NCAA Tournament but it has been a while since these Wildcats went and won it. That was back in 2012 when UK beat Kansas to take the title. John Calipari was the same coach in charge for that victory and Kentucky celebrated in New Orleans where this year’s Final Four will be held.


Kentucky is number three seed in the SEC Tournament and will be hoping for a good display there to see them into the excitement that is National Tournament. 


Early favorites for this year’s NCAA Tournament

The 2022 March Madness NCAA Tournament is right around the corner, with the incredibly enjoyable and rather hectic college basketball competition set to commence with Selection Sunday on March 13, before the First Four matches begin between March 15-16.


With that in mind, now might seem like an opportune time to take a look at who the early favorites are to win this year’s competition, especially as there are a number of exceptional sportsbook promo codes listed on gamble-usa.com already available to take advantage of.


What is March Madness?


To begin, it might be worth pointing out what March Madness is and what viewers should anticipate and expect if they are yet to witness what the iconic college basketball competition is all about.


March Madness is the annual NCAA Division I men’s college basketball championship tournament. The tournament began in 1939 and is now a 68-team event that takes place over three weekends in March and April. The Final Four, the semifinals and finals of the tournament, are played at a single site, usually a stadium or arena in a major city.


The tournament is one of the most popular sporting events in the United States. It generates over $1 billion in revenue each year, making it one of the most profitable sporting events in the world. In addition to the money generated by ticket sales and television rights, businesses, and schools across the country benefit from March Madness-related advertising and merchandise sales.


March Madness has also been a boon to college basketball players. The tournament has provided many players with the opportunity to showcase their skills on a national stage and has helped them earn lucrative contracts in the NBA. Some of the most famous alumni of the NCAA Tournament include Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and LeBron James.


What is the schedule for March Madness 2022?


This is what the current schedule of the upcoming competition looks like:


  • Selection Sunday: 6 p.m. ET March 13.
  • First Four: March 15-16.
  • First round: March 17-18.
  • Second round: March 19-20.
  • Sweet 16: March 24-25.
  • Elite Eight: March 26-27.
  • Final Four: April 2.
  • NCAA championship game: April 4.

Who are the early favorites to win?


So, for those who are perhaps trying to identify and pick out a winner of the upcoming 2022 March Madness competition, this section is perhaps the most important of the article.


Indeed, we all want to be able to pick the winner of the competition, although we know that the bracket system that is used can make proceedings rather unpredictable at times, with shocks and upsets rather commonplace in this tournament.


Nonetheless, the early favorite to win the NCAA Division I tournament this season would have to be Gonzaga Bulldogs.


Gonzaga Bulldogs favorites


The Gonzaga Bulldogs almost managed to win the competition last season, however they fell short in the NCAA Championship Game to Baylor. However, that loss perhaps fuelled the fire and hunger for the team to win the championship even further as they have largely picked up from where they left off.


This season, the college basketball program lost just three regular-season games ahead of the West Coast Conference Tournament. The final game of their WCC regular-season game ended in a surprising 57-67 defeat to the No. 19 Saint Mary’s Gaels team, but that could have been a timely reminder ahead of the WCC and March Madness.


Who else is in the running?


The Kentucky Wildcats are perhaps the other team to really take note of at the moment as we head into March Madness, as they had also enjoyed a rather decent campaign on the court.


The team did suffer more defeats than the Bulldogs throughout the campaign, having lost six games ahead of their match on March 5 with the Florida Gators, but there are many that would not be surprised to see them in the Final Four at the very least.

Adam Silver, commissioner of the NBA

Covid-19: Will unvaccinated NBA players be paid for games they miss?

Will unvaccinated NBA players not be paid for games they miss?


All NBA fans will be eagerly looking ahead to the start of the 2021/22 season in mid-October. A return to the full 82-game schedule is welcome and everyone will be looking to see how their favorite side gets on. With the Bucks looking to retain their crown from 2021, it could be a tremendous year in store – especially if the Heat do well!


If you cannot wait for the new season to kick into gear, it can be fun to look around and predict who might win the 2022 Finals. The current odds that most online sportsbooks are giving show the Nets and LA Lakers as favorites. With the Bucks not far behind, it could be a three-horse race for the title. Some fans will even place a futures sports bet on the team of their choice and hope to win big if it comes off! If you also find sportsbook promo codes, you can enjoy a risk-free way of backing NBA sides such as Miami Heat.


One thing that could impact on how well sides do this year is players missing games because of Covid. This may well see teams without important players for key games. One story you may have heard is that unvaccinated players will not be paid for games they miss – but is this true?


Unvaccinated NBA players not to be paid for missing games


A recent announcement from the NBA itself has confirmed the stories are true. Players who have not been vaccinated in line with local legislation will not be paid for games they miss due to Covid. It has also been reported that players who are unvaccinated cannot take part in home games in the coming year. Although it is thought that around 90% of the league’s players have had the jab, this still leaves a number who will feel they are being discriminated against for making a personal choice regarding their bodies.


How might this affect the coming NBA season?


The big question for fans is just what an effect such a ruling will have on the coming NBA season. The two main dangers may lie in top players leaving the sport altogether, and the impact on morale. Players who are punished for exercising their right not to be vaccinated may well walk away from the sport and leave it without the best talent. In addition, players who aren’t paid but stick around may be bad for team morale and hamper how the side performs. With so many players already vaccinated, though, it must be said that the overall impact of this ruling may not be too big.


NBA players punished for refusing vaccine


Recent comments from the NBA make it clear that unvaccinated players will be punished for their decision. By not paying people who refuse the Covid vaccine, it sets out a clear and – some would say – dangerous precedent in sports. As the observations from the Heat’s first pre-season match are drawn, this is certainly food for thought.


Season Primer for the Miami Heat

Check out this season preview for the Miami Heat. From major players and talking points to the first game that you simply cannot miss, this is the ultimate primer for the Miami Heat’s upcoming season. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know. 


Kyle Lowry 

Kyle Lowry is set to make a big difference for the Miami Heat this year, but will he be healthy enough to lead them to another championship? Lowry has been around for quite some time now, having played in many seasons already. However, while injuries have held him back in the past, Lowry seems ready and fit to take on a whole season with the Heat. 

Having played for many seasons on teams that severely under-performed, Lowry is ready to be a leader on a team of winners this season. And it seems like he’s got what it takes. Lowry has always been known as one of the best passers in the NBA, but now he’ll be sharing the ball with a couple of other superstars as well, which will make the Heat a much more exciting team to watch. 


Working on frontcourt chemistry

The Heat seems to have a strong frontcourt now, but getting them to work together as a cohesive unit will be key

The Heat’s current roster seems stacked with talent and it might be hard for some of the players to find enough minutes. As such, it’ll be interesting to see how the coach deals with the problem.

While it’s clear that this team can play well, Miami will need to work on their form before they take on any big teams. The Heat might have a tough first few weeks of the games coming up, but once they get their aggression back they’ll be a force to be reckoned with.


One game you must watch 

The first game of the season is the Heat vs. the Bucks on October 22nd. This will be their first test and it’ll be a good chance for the Heat to prove their talent.

This is one to get the gambling fans going whether you’re into UFC betting, basketball, baseball, or even golf. It’s a stone-cold classic that’s guaranteed to have everyone tuned in. 


Tyler Herro 

Tyler Herro is a young player, but he’s already making big waves in the NBA. He has been impressive so far and while his stats might not be outstanding just yet, it seems that players around the league know just how talented he really is. 

One of the reasons why people think Tyler might become such a great player is the fact that he was able to play alongside some of the best players on his college team. Herro played on teams with experienced players like Grayson Allen, Cam Johnson and Luke Maye, who may have inspired younger players like Tyler to perform at their best right from the start. 

The Heat are returning to their winning ways, which means you can expect them to play some exciting basketball this season. 

Reminiscing about Classic Basketball Video Games as Miami Heat Season Nears

When the basketball season gets underway or if a big game is taking place on the weekend, you can bet your bottom dollar that some basketball fans turn to basketball-themed games at some point. Whether it’s through playing with their favorite Miami Heat stars or simply because the temptation to silence an arrogant friend is there, basketball games are hugely entertaining. Over the years, we have seen some truly memorable releases, too. 


Many of the games which came before have helped shape the basketball gaming options of today. Of course, we have been on the receiving end of some shoddy releases over the years, but, on the whole, this particular sporting genre has served up numerous gems. As such, today’s offering is better than ever before. Fans are rushing to buy the latest releases like NBA 2K22, alongside attempting to win one of the five jackpots available in the Basketball Star on Fire slot game. It’s what has come before that we’re focussing on, though. Fans of the sport undoubtedly grew up with a basketball title they regularly played with friends or a sibling, forming a huge part of their basketball-supporting life. So many games are simply iconic.


Let’s take a look at some of them below. 


NBA Street


Released on PS2 and GameCube in 2001, NBA Street was a game many fans of today grew up with. An attempt by EA Sports to revamp 90s fan-favourite NBA Jam, NBA Street was a blast to play. Instead of serving up the traditional points-scoring method by slamming the ball in the net, the game focussed on three-on-three battles where players would aim to get the highest score possible with the best and most unimaginable tricks ever. You could do some pump-faking or slam-dunking is this classic title. 


NBA 2K13


As we’ve touched on already, fans might be flocking to snap up the latest 2K22 release, but it’s the titles that came before it that many gamers remember fondly. In the case of NBA 2K13 – which was actually produced by rapper Jay-Z – it offered some of the most entertaining All-Star Game events ever. Players would tackle the Slam Dunk Contest, the Three-Point Shootout, and the Rising Stars Challenge, as well as having the opportunity to design and then create their own sneakers to wear on court. Its online gameplay was a particular highlight, too. 


NBA Street Vol. 2


With its selection of classic hip hop tunes, four game modes, and 29 unlockable players, NBA Street Vol. 2 is a game that many basketball gamers will never forget. Released in 2003, the game was adored in particular for its Be A Legend Mode, which essentially tasked players with climbing up through the rankings and cementing themselves as a basketball legend. NBA Challenge mode was a great feature also. 




It might’ve been released on Halloween in 2000, but NBA 2K1 was far from horrifying. In fact, as basketball games go, it’s up there with the best ever. A Sega Dreamcast release, it was the first in the series to offer online gameplay. Street courts were a popular feature regularly accessed, too, as well as its impressive Franchise Mode, which enabled fans to manage a team. 


<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/-U-FJ9pIMgU” title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>




The debate will rumble on for years to come over which NBA 2K title is best, but for those who aren’t backing the aforementioned NBA 2K1, the follow-up to it is even better. In NBA 2K2, familiar faces were added to the game. You could play with the likes of Jordan, Johnson and Bird, while also making use of a whole heap of modes.

Doncic, Dallas close to knocking Los Angeles pair out of playoffs

Midway through the third quarter, TNT broadcast two hunched-over billionaires stressing out during the game. Mark Cuban and Steve Ballmer, owners of the Mavericks and Clippers respectively, stared dumbfounded from their courtside seats, as their season’s biggest game unraveled. Despite the success their business savvy afforded them, they would not own this moment. Unfortunately for them, neither would their teams.

Often, great playoff games elevate the competitive fervor between opponents, only for one to come out on top. Not tonight. Tonight, even in the waning moments of a game desperately begging for someone to seize control, neither team could hold on. The Clippers couldn’t hold on to home court advantage. The Mavericks couldn’t hold on to a 16-point lead. Kawhi Leonard couldn’t hold on to past shooting performances. Luka Doncic couldn’t hold on to the ball. Even fans couldn’t hold on to their breaths. In a postseason typically defined by games where out of two worthy winners, one must lose, tonight was a game of attrition, where one team had to win.

In Game 5, the Mavericks won. It wasn’t pretty and at times was downright difficult to watch. Though Luka Doncic scored 42 points, 27 of which came in the first half, his shooting touch was nowhere to be found in the fourth quarter. After getting off to a blistering start, Doncic went 1/8 from the field in the final frame and had a crucial turnover with just over 18 seconds remaining in a one-point game.

Momentum was squarely on the Clippers’ side. Falling behind 16 points with 11:42 left in the fourth and trailing by 10 points with 2:13 left in the game, Los Angeles mounted a furious comeback. Once again, the Clippers fell short at home. A missed layup by LA’s Nicolas Batum and two made free throws by Dallas’ Tim Hardaway Jr. led to Kawhi Leonard’s corner three. From the same spot he sank the Sixers’ season in 2019, Leonard air-balled a three to further sink the Clippers’ postseason hopes.

Now, the series heads back to Dallas, where the Mavericks will try to turn their 3-2 first round lead into their first series win since Dirk Nowitzki’s 2011 championship run. Meanwhile, the Clippers will seek out another win on the road Friday night to salvage their tumultuous season and title window. Mark Cuban and Steve Ballmer will almost certainly be in attendance. If there’s anything they should keep in mind, it’s that this series belongs to the first team to win at home, a situation unseen since the 1995 Western Conference Finals, when the Spurs and Rockets split the first five games on the road, before Houston closed  out at home in six.

Whether Dallas can follow suit behind Luka Doncic, their 22 year old superstar averaging 32.8 PPG which trails only Michael Jordan’s 33.4 PPG as the highest playoff production of all time, or Los Angeles can force a Game 7 behind the tandem of 2-time Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard and perennial All-Star swingman Paul George, will largely determine how the teams’ seasons are viewed. Either way, that defining moment arrives Friday night. It’s up to both teams whether they own it or not.

Basketball Rules and Regulations You Must Know 

Basketball is played in different parts of continents. Every sport has some defined rules to take the decisions of the game. Basketball is played in a court which is rectangular in shape and measures 91 feet long and 50 feet wide. There are 12 members in each basketball team, whereas only 5 members of each team are allowed to play on the court. 


The purpose of the game is to score maximum points by throwing the ball in the basket. The team with the maximum score wins the game. Apart from this, certain fouls take place due to the carelessness of the team members and are counted against them.


If you are unaware of the basketball rules, then this article might help you gain some knowledge about the game. 


Top basketball rules you should know



  • Basketball jersey


The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to be well dressed in the basketball jerseys.  

If you are a part of the playing team you must wear the jersey on the court for the convenience of your other team members to pass the ball.



  • Team players


There cannot be more than 5 players of each team on the court. You can substitute other players as per your choice, regarding the gameplay. 



  • Shot prevention


The team which is trying to make a shot in the basket is known as the offense team, whereas the team that is trying to stop them from scoring is known as the defense team. Without pushing any member, the defense team must prevent the offense team either by blocking the shot or by preventing the shot. 



  • Handling the ball


You cannot hit the ball with their fist, or kick it. You can pass the ball to the other member either by bouncing the ball or dribbling it. A person who leaves the catch even after touching the ball does not get the chance to dribble the ball. 



  • Chance of foul 


If the ball is placed in the team’s half, they will win the ownership back. Within 10 seconds, It would be declared a foul, if the ball fails to make it back to the other halfway line.



  • Free throw 


All the fouls that took place during the game would be assembled. After this, a free throw will be given when reached a certain number. The shot will be taken by the player who made the foul from the free-throw line. 



  • The time limit for a shot 


Both of the teams are supposed to shoot at the basket or at least hit the rim of the basket within 24 seconds. If either of the team fails to do so, the shot clock has to restart for another 24 seconds. 



  • step to avoid 


You cannot move more than a single step without bouncing the ball. It would be considered a foul. Also, you must avoid double dribble, backcourt violation, and goaltending, etc.     



  • Prevention 


The offensive team cannot take the basketball back if it passes halfway through the line. 




Playing basketball for fun is okay, but if you are playing it without any clue about its penalties you might become a burden for your team. Before playing a basketball game, you must be aware of all the rules and regulations associated with it. If you’ll have better knowledge regarding the rules, you might avoid certain mistakes.


Can Kendrick Nunn re-emerge in Miami Heat rotation?

Kendrick Nunn has been on the outside looking in this year when it comes to his role on the Miami Heat. Nunn has only played in seven games this year after starting 67 games for the Heat last season.


However, a strong performance Monday night against the Detroit Pistons showed a glimpse of what he could provide for Miami moving forward. Nunn put up 18 points, five rebounds, three assists, and two steals while shooting 8-of-15 from the field in a strong 34 minutes of game action.


Many were quick to banish him from the rotation in favor of Miami’s second year two-way contract player Gabe Vincent, but Nunn has proven he can play as well as he did last year. What could be Nunn’s role with the Heat after his latest strong performance?


The best role for Nunn may be as the ninth or tenth player coming off of the bench. The trends from Erik Spoelstra has shown that Goran Dragic, Precious Achiuwa, and Andre Iguodala will be the first few players off of the bench.


Maurice Harkless was another name who played well Monday night who could find himself in the rotation moving forward. Harkless had a relatively light stat-line, but his impact on the court defensively can not be overlooked with eight deflections and solid play.


This leaves Nunn as the ninth or tenth man coming off the bench. This spot may ultimately be the best spot for him at this point. If he can have a hot scoring night on different occasions, it will provide a nice bench boost scoring wise for Miami as they rank mid-pack at 15th in the league.


Nunn has made many mistakes in his previous games this year, but a set rotation the rest of the season would do wonders for every player on the team. They rank dead last in the league when it comes to turnovers per game, which is contributed to the lack of consistent rotations through 12 games.


If he can average 10-20 minutes per game in a set rotation, I believe he could have a positive impact for the Heat. Nunn played relatively well last year and finished second in Rookie of the Year voting. There are reasons why he could be out of the rotation, but there are positives such as his ability to score and chemistry with other teammates.


It wouldn’t be a big loss for Miami if this didn’t turn out well for Nunn. They can easily take him out if he is inefficient and possibly package him in a deal at the deadline. There are many different things they can do with him and Erik Spoelstra has those options.


Jimmy Butler and Avery Bradley still remain out due to health and safety protocols and who knows how much longer they may be out. Nunn should have a significant amount of minutes during that stretch of time and he could string off some consistent performances.


While many fans think his inconsistency is a detriment to the team, it may be best to not give up on Kendrick Nunn quite yet.


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How the Top of the NBA Draft May Play Out

After the Milwaukee Bucks won the NBA championship, that doesn’t mean the NBA calendar stops. The calendar goes on with free agency starting August 2nd but first the NBA draft happens July 29th. The draft is typically where teams are built that is especially the case with small market teams. In this draft there is certainly some difference makers at the top which is not the case every year. 


#1 Detroit Pistons- The Pistons hold the number one overall pick following a 20-52 season this year. While they need some help and especially some stars to gain more fan attention, they have a couple nice pieces as well. Detroit signed forward Jerami Grant last summer from the Denver Nuggets in what now looks like a team friendly 3 year 60-million-dollar contract. In his first season with Detroit Grant averaged a career high 22.3 points per game and shot 35% from three on 6.1 attempts per game. Forward Saddiq Bey was a pleasant surprise for the pistons this year as well. After being acquired in a draft day trade from the Nets, Bey started 53 games as a rookie averaging over 12 points per game 4.5 rebounds per game. Bey landed on the All Rookie first team and finished fourth in rookie of the year.

If Detroit can add presumed #1 pick Cade Cunningham to the group, they can compete for a play in tournament spot sooner than later. In his one year at Oklahoma State Cunningham averaged 20.1 points to go along with 6.2 rebounds,3.5 assists and 84.6% from the free throw line. Cunningham shot 40% from three as well and Cade didn’t have much help on his team and still put up good numbers. Cade is a three-level scorer that any team in the league would be lucky to have and be an instant impact player. Cade had a performance vs eventual National Champion Baylor in the Big 12 tournament that showed just how great of a player he is. He scored 25 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists. Cade shot 7-16 from the floor and 4-10 from three but he turned it on in the second half scoring 20 of his 25 points and upsetting Baylor to reach the Big 12 conference championship.

Pair him with some pieces like Grant and Bey and you have a nice core. Cade controls the pace on the court very well similar to a guy like Luka Doncic does although Cade isn’t on that level as a passer. Cade is a no brainer at #1 and could set Detroit up for years of success in the eastern conference.


#2 Houston Rockets- When James Harden forced his way out at the start of this season everything changed for Houston moving forward. Considering that Harden is without a doubt a top 10 player the return Houston got left a lot to be desired. They received a first round pick from Cleveland via Milwaukee and four first rounders and four pick swaps from the Nets. While that is a lot of draft ammo those picks won’t be very high as the Nets will be good as will the Bucks. A year prior Houston traded two firsts and two pick swaps to OKC for Russell Westbrook and while they were able to keep this pick as it was top 4 protected it still will be a problem moving forward in the draft.

That makes this pick incredibly important and Houston can’t miss with it. Houston is a more attractive free agent destination than some, but you still need good players for someone to want to come join as we’ve seen with the Knicks for years now. In today’s NBA you need a guard that can score at a minimum and that is where I think this pick should head towards. That player very well may be Jalen Green who played in the G-League last year after his high school career.

Last year in G League, Green averaged 17.9 points per game on 46.1% from the field and 36.5% from three. That is pretty good considering he was just 18 playing against players much older and experienced than him. With more volume and more reps Green will increase those numbers and only improve as a player. While Green may not be what James Harden was you need to find someone who can replace some of what he provided. Green can certainly do some of that and someone like Green will be attractive for free agents to come and play with. If you don’t have scoring from your backcourt, you stand no chance in the current NBA. Green can also score from all three levels which is extremely valuable with the volume in which the three-point shot is shot now.


#3 Cleveland Cavaliers- Since LeBron James left in free agency during the 2018 summer the Cavs are 60-159. This is a big draft for Cleveland as they are a team that will need to build in the draft vs building in free agency. Cleveland even with LeBron has had problems attracting free agents. They need to draft someone they can build around and hopefully a star will want to play with them. They have drafted guards Darius Garland and Colin Sexton the last couple years, but they don’t seem to be a great fit together. There have been rumors that Sexton is on the trade block as he seeks a rookie extension. That could free up some space for Garland to be able to operate more in his space without Sexton clogging the backcourt next to him. The Cavs were able to get center Jarett Allen from Brooklyn in the James Harden trade for just a first round pick they obtained from Milwaukee. After joining Cleveland Allen averaged 13.2 points, 9.9 rebounds and over a block per game. That is a very nice piece for Cleveland but the problem with it is now Allen is a restricted free agent and seeking around 100 million dollars.

The Cavs may be better off letting someone else give him that money and agreeing to a sign and trade and getting a pick back. They are in a major rebuild and giving Allen that kind of money may not be the best choice for them. They are in a perfect spot to draft a versatile big Evan Mobley from USC with this pick. As good as Allen was Mobley brings more to the game than just points and rebounds like a traditional big. In his one season at USC Mobley averaged 16.4 points, 8.7 rebounds, 2.4 assists and 2.9 blocks while shooting 57.8% from the field.

Mobley brings something to the table similar to Miami’s Bam Adebayo but even more offensive skill coming out of college. Bam is a great defensive player and Mobley may not be quite at that level, but I see some similarities and shows even more on offense than Bam. If Cleveland drafts Mobley at worst they have a guy that can hold down the big position for years to come and is a great foundation piece. Best case they found their next star and someone to build around. Cleveland hasn’t always taken the safe pick in the draft but if they do so this time it will pay off in some way at least.


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What are some Miami Heat trade options?

March 25th marks the deadline for NBA general managers to secure trade deals with other teams.


Trading players gives each squad leader a chance to bolster their roster and potentially upgrade their teams’ position in the NBA.


Miami Heat’s performance this season has dwindled. Considering last season, they slayed the courts during the Covid bubble NBAs and even made it to the finals. It’s reasonable to infer that this season the squad isn’t living up to its full potential. 


From players like Dragic and Butler sitting out because of injuries. Not to mention, Covid-19s impact on the NBA has caused a real struggle for the team. Can Miami Heat turn this season around and make it to the playoffs?


Well, if the trade rumors are true, there are a few candidates that could reignite the team’s execution on the court: Zach LaVine, Rudy Gay, and Bradley Beal. 


Many will be patiently and eagerly waiting to see the trades Miami Heat follow through with this season. From devoted fans of Miami Heat, to punters who fancy their chance on the team to succeed this season, potential trades are more than likely music to their ears.


So, here is a profile of the three potentials that could enable Miami to maintain its reputation as an elite NBA team and reach the final this season.


Potential Trade Deals


Player: Zach LaVine

Team: Chicago Bulls

Trade: Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson, Kendrick Nunn, and Andre Iguodala


Zach LaVine is 25, in his prime, and heavily considered one of the best offensive players out there right now. 


It’s thought he could do wonders for Miami Heat, but a significant trade deal would need to go down to get this star on the side. 

So, what’s in it for the Chicago Bulls, you ask? To make a trade, it’s likely Miami Heat will need to let go of four players: Herro, Robinson, Nunn, and Iguodala.


Should the trade go ahead, Zach would bring incredible offensive firepower that would boost the existing roster. And, while he may not be the best defender, Miami has more than enough defensive-orientated players to support Zach’s stance on the court. 


Alongside Miami Heat’s top players Bam Adebayo and Jim Butler, Zach would help form an unstoppable trio. Giving the team a greater chance of making it to the finals.


After all, the star player has a current average of 28.1 PPG while taking a shot of 43.0% from a 3PT range. Even when he’s under pressure on the court, his confidence, athleticism, and capability win time after time, enabling LaVine to shoot hoops regardless of the conditions.


For a player that’s likely to lift the team’s performance this season and secure Miami heat as a top team in the seasons to come, acquiring Zach LaVine is a must for the squad.


Player: Rudy Gay 

Team: San Antonio Spurs 

Trade: KZ Okpala, Olynyk, plus a 2022 second-round pick


Other trade rumors circulating suggest 34-year-old forward Rudy Gay from San Antonio Spurs could be snapped up by Miami Heat.


At a mighty 6 feet and 8 inches, Rudy could become a staple defensive player on Miami’s squad. 


From the 22 minutes Gay has played on the court each game this season, he has earned a 98.7 defensive rating, which topples Miami Heat’s Jimmy Butler’s current rating.


Rudy has tremendous defensive skills, which would undoubtedly elevate the team’s current position. Plus, despite his experience and skills, he is, for Miami Heat at least, considered inexpensive to buy.


But whether Gay joining the team would be enough to fix the squad in time for the playoffs is questionable. Instead, it may be wise for Miami Heat to on-board a few additional players alongside him.


Player: Bradley Beal

Team: Washington Wizards 

Trade: G Tyler Herro, G Goran Dragic, F/C Kelly Olynyk, 2022 first-round pick, 2024 first-round pick, 2026 first-round pick


Anyone familiar with the Miami Heat understands Pat Riley is keen on creating a “Big 3”. Just as he once did with Bosh, LeBron, and Wade.


While there are talks about putting Zach LaVine alongside Jimmy and Bam, another alternative is Bradley Beal.


As an excellent all-round offensive team player, Beal could become the go-to scorer the Heat relies on. Beal will also have the advantage of a range of advanced players who can defend and enable Bradley to shoot.


The trade would come at a high cost, causing the MIA to lose Robinson and Herro. But Bradley Beal is arguably a better player than both and could be the last piece of the “Big 3” to help the team excel and make it to the finals. 


Rumors reveal Bradley is open to the idea, too, because he’s experiencing frustrations in his current team. 


Miami Heat: Trade Deadline Nearing


Miami Heat are usually top-tier NBA contenders worthy of championship status. But, this year, it’s unlikely they’ll make the cut unless the president of the club takes serious advantage of the opportunity to recruit before the end of March and shuffle the team around with some fresh talent such as the players profiled above. 


While Zach LaVine seems like a no-brainer, Rudy Gay could be a strong accomplice too.  


Jimmy Butler finally found a home in Miami

Every hero’s journey has his or her own origin story, a path they follow to their ultimate goal. That path is almost always filled with lessons learned, hardships endured, and battles won against villains/doubters that got in their way. The odds are stacked against them, but they persevere even if the odds are 14 million to 1.

The Miami Heat is ready for such a challenge, even if the formidable Milwaukee Bucks, Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors and Philadelphia 76ers stand in their way. They don’t just believe they can make it to the NBA Finals this fall, they know they can. That determination starts with their leader: Jimmy Butler.

Butler was pushed to his physical limits in Chicago, misunderstood in Minnesota and heartbroken in Philadelphia before arriving in Miami. He has never felt happier or more fulfilled than during this past year with the Heat, but he knows…He knows that he must reach another level to shock the world.

In order to do so, the hero Miami needs will have to reckon with his memories and his own limitations to break through. To understand Butler’s future, the key lies in his past.


Still, he loathes reliving the past — so much so that he has removed the rearview mirror on his car (yes, really) as a symbolic reminder to never look back.

Jimmy Butler can be intense. He will get in your face and dare you to play and practice until you pass out, demanding the same amount of selflessness and effort on the court and obsession off of it that he has, challenging preconceptions, and that is not for everyone. It takes a certain culture to embrace that.

We all like to think that we can and will get up from whatever blows life throws at us, but let’s face it. Like Rocky once said, “nobody is gonna hit as hard as life.”

Put yourself in Butler’s shoes:  You spend your childhood without a father after dad walks out on you. But you hold no grudges, and you keep going. You grow up in Tomball, Texas, a small town of 10,000+ people close to Houston but far from the spotlight. Its more famous resident for years was former Enron executive Sherron Watkins, but you dream big.

Then you are in middle school, just 13 years old, and you are coming home thinking about that girl you like or that math assignment due the next day. You open the door and your mom Londa tells you “I don’t like the look of you, you gotta go.”

A lot of things must have been going through his head. How can your own mother’s last words to you be so cutting, so searing? At that point, it’s easy to break if you feel all alone. Bur he held no grudges, and he kept going thanks to a support system that propped him up when he felt down.

Butler wasn’t homeless for long. He attended Tomball High School while staying with the Leslies and becoming friends with Jordan, who was two years younger and would eventually make it to the NFL.

Butler would play basketball with Jordan and be Tomball’s MVP after averaging 19 points during his senior year, but there were no state championships or All-American honors on his trophy case. Most disappointingly, there were no recruits or major scholarship offers. His recruiting profile was a faceless ghost, a two-star nobody. But he held no grudges, and he kept going.


Butler wasn’t ready to give up on his basketball dreams, so he enrolled at a small school 200 miles away called Tyler Junior College. Nobody had ever made it to the NBA out of Tyler before, and nobody has since. He wasn’t even a Top 100 prospect, but the young Texan was relentless and Marquette University’s coach Buzz Williams took notice enough to offer him an athletic scholarship.

Butler arrived at Marquette and contributed as a sixth man to a team that went 25-10 and lost to Missouri in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. Jimmy scored seven points in 30 minutes off the bench, but there was a moment that could have changed everything.

Marquette was up 78-76 with 1:17 to go when Butler took a shot from behind the arc. He was 0-for-3 in three pointers for the season, but he believed in himself. He could make it, he would ice the game and send Marquette to the Sweet 16. However, he missed it, and Missouri came back to win 83-79.

The kid who nobody gave two cents for a year earlier was now a key cog in a contender, and he was ready for more. By the time the 2010-11 campaign came around, Butler was leading the team in minutes with 34.6 per game as he was joined by future Heat teammate Jae Crowder.

Number 33 was cold-blooded, and eager for more. The 2011 NBA Draft awaited him.


Butler has always had a chip on his shoulder, but more than anything he needed someone to believe in him. Enter Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau.

The small forward out of Marquette was considered a “jack of all trades, master of none” by many.

In a draft that saw busts like Jan Vesely and Jimmer Fredette as Top 10 selections, destiny would see point guard Norris Cole picked 28th by the Bulls and traded to the Miami Heat. Butler was chosen two spots later, and he was eager to join Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah in Chicago for their quest to dethrone Miami’s own LeBron James, Wade and Bosh from the NBA throne.

Those Bulls would lose in five games to the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals while Butler played only 42 games and averaged barely 2.6 points in 8.6 minutes per game during the lockout shortened season. Most importantly, Derrick Rose tore his ACL during the first round of those playoffs, and everything changed forever for Butler.

Thibodeau trusted him more after that and gave Butler the chance to play in every single game for the first and only time in his career during the 2012-13 regular season, starting 20 of them. One of those starts was against the Heat, and Butler’s 17 points and four assists in 43 minutes helped snap Miami’s historic 27-game winning streak with a 101-97 win by the home team in Chicago.

As Butler evolved, so did his reputation as a clutch player both defensively and, most importantly for his development, offensively.

The problem was, Thibodeau was running him into the ground. Butler averaged career-highs in both 2014 and 2015 with 38.7 minutes per game on his way to being named the NBA’s Most Improved Player and an Eastern Conference All-Star for the first time before signing a five-year, $95 million extension with the Bulls.

2016 saw him get the nod and recognition he craved, getting the nod from Coach K to go to Rio and win the gold medal with Team USA, averaging 5.6 points and 14 minutes a game while playing in every single one of them. His best outing came in the Group Stage against Venezuela, contributing 17 points and a +26 plus/minus in a 113-69 rout.

Butler also fell in love with soccer while in Brazil, where fuchibol is a religion, and forged a friendship with Brazilian superstar Neymar a year later when both of them were in Paris for fashion week.

Back in America, Butler was thriving as Chicago’s go-to scorer in the playoffs, where he averaged over 22 points in 2015 and 2017 along with a blistering 42.9 minutes on the court. However, the Bulls were regressing as Butler was progressing, so the Bulls traded Jimmy to Minnesota on June 22, 2017 for young players such as Zach LaVine and Lauri Markkanen.

The Bulls were rebuilding, but Butler had visions of a championship with the Timberwolves alongside Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins. In theory, those three should have at least put a scare into the Golden State Warriors, but Butler never meshed with them and requested a trade barely over a season after arriving.


The “feud” between Butler and Towns was all sorts of ugly, and the press was having a field day concocting theories about Towns’ girlfriend cheating on him with Butler. There was a trend, and that trend was the perception of Butler as a destabilizer.

Minnesota was losing and looking like the NBA version of “Melrose Place”, but in reality all the personal stuff was secondary to what Butler saw as a lack of toughness and will to overcome in Towns and Wiggins.

It all erupted during a practice session that saw Butler play for the backups and decimate the Timberwolves’ starters, calling Towns “soft”. There was no coming back from calling out the franchise’s #1 draft pick, so the team took sides and chose Towns while trading Butler to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Butler was rubbing people the wrong way as a basketball nomad, a troublemaker and disruptor. He even was being labeled as a dreaded “locker room cancer” by the national talking heads.

In reality, Butler didn’t really want to go to Philly. He already had his sights set in South Florida even if the insiders thought otherwise.

Once in Philadelphia, he took that team to another level and found a kindred spirit in Joel Embiid. In fact, he played just as well as Kawhi Leonard during the Sixers-Raptors series that Toronto won in seven games thanks to Kawhi’s miracle shot.

In fact, he could have been the Game 7 hero after tying the game with a layup in the final seconds, but it was just another heartbreak for Jimmy.

Bur he held no grudges, and he kept going, reiterating his desire to play in Miami once again after that season was over. The problem was that Miami had no cap space, or so everybody thought.

Pat Riley pulled off his magic in a sign-and-trade that shipped a malcontent Hassan Whiteside to Portland and guard Josh Richardson to Philadelphia.

So now he is ready to finish what he started and being homeless no more. Butler found his basketball home in Miami, and his family with the Heat. His philosophy has rubbed off on his teammates, there is no softness in the red and white.

With allies like that, Butler believes nothing is impossible. Not after garnering his third career All-Star nod and leading the Heat to a 41-24 record this year. More than anything, he finally feels right at home.