Best and worst tweets from the Josh Rosen trade

For some, what the Dolphins have done over the last two days has been impressive.  To others, it has been quite the opposite.

After day one of the NFL draft, much of #DolphinsTwitter was in perfect harmony over the Christian Wilkins pick.  Every. Single. Account. tweeted out the GIF of him doing a split at the National Championship game, and the provocative picture from the Ohio State game.  But for the second straight year, fans, experts, and analysts were all impressed with the Dolphins first-round pick.

And then day two came and the rumors that the Dolphins were interested in Josh Rosen had split twitter into their usual civil war.  No one knew what would happen.

Soon we would find out, the first domino would have to fall.

Miami traded down with the New Orleans Saints.

And then, the seemingly unexpected happened.

What came next was mass disarray and quality entertainment.

Here is the good, the bad, and the ugly from the Josh Rosen trade on Twitter.

Is Ethan Skolnick of Five Reasons the three-eyed raven?



And the best of all..



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