A Look Into the Impact of Duncan Robinson

Some people think they know who Duncan Robinson is as a player. A guy who can knock down 7 threes in a game on the big stage on Christmas Day.

But that’s not who he really is. More importantly he’s a guy that impacts winning.

30 seconds into the second quarter, Duncan knocked down his 5th three of the game. And yes that’s right, his fifth.

It’s clear that the number of threes made at that point is impressive in itself, but what that led to was the true definition of Duncan Robinson.

After that shot to begin the second quarter, I tweeted to watch what happens for the rest of the team from that point on. And well, Miami went on a 27-7 run after that shot.

And by the way, that is not a coincidence. When an opposing team has one guy who hit five threes on them in only 12 minutes of play, adjustments are made.

But that’s exactly what Miami wants.

The reason the word gravity is associated with Duncan is because of that very reason.

In that 27-7 run, almost all of their points came from a layup, dunk, or the free throw line. This is when guys like Goran Dragic, Jimmy Butler, and Bam Adebayo can begin to do what they do best, which is attack the basket in the open floor.

We often discuss spacing being essential for the production of Duncan on offense, but spacing is actually much more beneficial for the rest of the team once created by Duncan.

This offense relies on Duncan, not to hit seven threes in a game, which can happen on any given night, but actually to just be a decoy at times so others can thrive.

And not to get back into past trade packages, but that is why this team will hold on to Duncan for as long as they can.

He’s more than a piece. He’s more than an asset. Duncan Robinson still is making leaps, even if he is already 26 years old. The guy is just absolutely special.

27-7 run. That run can be the difference in a playoff game. And 7 threes can also be the difference in a playoff game.

He’s playing at a very high level at the moment, while many of his peers haven’t even gotten going. So just wait til the starting lineup begins to click.

And that offensive chemistry will have a lot to do with impact of Duncan Robinson.

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