Dolphins seeking specific trait for their rebuild

The Dolphins have been a dull football team for a long time.

And while it would be an unfair accusation to say they’ve been a dumb one too, they haven’t exactly been marked by their overall intelligence. Unlike the Patriots, who seem to adjust to every circumstance, between or within games,the Dolphins have struggled to make the proper play when it matters — in part because they don’t seem prepared.

It appears, now that they are basically run by former Patriots, that they are determined to address that.

This applied to the Dolphins’ third round pick too…

Will this translate to success? It’s impossible to say. When Bill Parcells came in, back in 2008, the slogan he, Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland used their first season was “Smart. Tough. Disciplined.” It was even etched in the wall in the auditorium. It worked the first season. Chad Pennington never made a mistake, the receivers ran tight routes, the defense was opportunistic, and the Dolphins went 11-5, a record they haven’t replicated since. But they stumbled their next three seasons, and that regime was out.

This one is trying the strategy again.

That doesn’t mean every player will be a mensa candidate. But the emphasis is obvious, and welcome.


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