Down goes New England, social media credits Miami with assist

The divisional round of the NFL playoffs are looking different this year. The Titans defeated the New England Patriots 20-13.

Social media has given Miami credit for an assist in taking down the evil empire.

It didn’t take long for the internet to take it a step farther with photoshop.

The Dolphins defeated the Patriots 27-24 in Week 17 of the regular season, which dropped New England to the third seed in the AFC playoff picture. The Patriots also lost a bye and was forced to play a feisty Titans team that has the running game and defense to win on the road.

Even coaches praised the Dolphins for the Week 17 win.

The Dolphins spent the year transitioning from the worst team in the NFL to a competitive bunch that won five of its last nine games. Miami also defeated two division champions in the month of December (New England and Philadelphia).

However, this is far from the end of New England. Tom Brady has said that he isn’t going to retire and will likely be back next season, but it remains up in the air if the Patriots will give him the contract he is searching for.

It is also up to the Miami Dolphins to carry the current momentum into 2020.  If the Dolphins can hit on most of their war chest of draft picks and make some strong decisions in free agency, Brian Flores will have the opportunity to fight for an AFC East crown that looks like it may be up for grabs.

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