ESPN Ranks the Miami Heat Below a Familiar Opponent

ESPN ranks came out with a new NBA power rankings list late last night that included a questionable placing: the Philadelphia 76ers over the Miami Heat.

For starters, a good portion of this ESPN ranks list was mainly placed based on the team’s record. Except this particular team. A 6th seed 76ers team was ranked two spots higher than the 4th seed Miami Heat.

Maybe this was because Philadelphia was better head to head. Oh wait, the Heat were 3-1 against them this year.

Maybe it’s because Philadelphia has the best player on the floor between these two teams. Oh wait, the Miami Heat have Jimmy Butler.

This could go on and on but the truth is, there’s no reason to have them higher as of right now. The only true argument would be that they are healthier. But so is Miami.

And how could a team be ranked 7th in the NBA when the team’s two best players play better when the other is off of the floor?

But at least we know now, ESPN is “trusting the process.”

For the record, here’s what ESPN’s Nick Friedell said about the Heat:

Is the bubble atmosphere perfect for the Heat?
Jimmy Butler has always believed that he could be the face of a championship-caliber team, despite some doubts across the league that his game is better suited for a secondary role. He has his chance now, as the Heat — who have cultivated a basketball-centric culture for years — believe they come into the bubble with a competitive advantage, given how business-like their mindset is. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra believes the bubble environment can bring the best out of Butler. — Nick Friedell

Remaining schedule: DEN, TOR, BOS, MIL, PHX, IND, OKC, IND

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