Is Jerami Grant a Good Fit For Miami?

Well, what else is new. Another free agent that is expressing interest in the Miami Heat.

This one is definitely intriguing for Miami, since Jerami Grant is a young and emerging player right now.

For starters, he will most likely be opting out of the last year of his deal, which is $9 million. Miami currently has a $9.3 Million Mid-Level Exception that they can offer as well. He may have some interest in Miami, but does Miami express the same interest?

I actually believe not. For one, if Miami will be going after a free agent power forward or big, it will not be to the likes of a Derrick Jones Jr type player.

Miami wasn’t even giving DJJ any run during this bubble run, so what makes you think they make a big push to throw a bunch of money at him.

He does bring some positive aspects to this team, such as his defensive abilities. He is labeled as a guy that can guard almost every position, but once again, so was Derrick Jones Jr this season.

And this is not to keep reiterating that these two are equivalent, but just to point out that this may not be the guy Miami will go all in for.

Jerami has made some huge strides in his game though this season on the offensive side of the ball. He now has a respectable three ball and takes initiative to put the ball down and attack the rim. These attributes definitely mean that he will have a bunch of teams taking a long look at him this off-season, but I’m just not so sure it will be Miami.

He is also very capable of making more money than a $9 Million Mid-Level Exception. And when he gets that offer, he will most likely take it.

There will be many young teams with cap space, such as the Phoenix Suns, who would love to bring in an evolving player like Jerami Grant.

Miami, on the other hand, has their eyes on a prize much bigger.

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