Miami Dolphins Training Camp Notes Day 10 (Xavien Howard, Gaskin, McKinney, more)

This is day 10 of camp, and it starts with news that Xavien Howard has agreed to a re-structure that has some added guarantees, bonuses, so all is well on that front. On another front, not so good news. Late in practice, in the game sim portion of practice, Jacoby Brissett faced a 3rd and 14 and the Dolphins pass rush as he rifled a corner route to rookie Tight End Hunter Long for a first down. Long then ran out of bounds as he got tripped up, went down, and seemed hurt. Dolphins medical staff could then be seen looking at his left knee as he stayed down for a few minutes. Hunter Long was then helped to a cart, and was then taken into the facility. The optics were not good.

Xavien Howard. So, the deal is done, and so was this half hearted hold out, that never was. On the Three Yards Per Carry Podcast we had been predicting this exact outcome for a while now, and truth be told, it was not any inside info, or anything of the sort. It was common sense. If they wanted to keep him, they would. They did. As for practice, Xavien Howard had a Pass break up that drew loud cheers at the goal line on a Tua Tagovailoa slant to Isaiah Ford. Howard also received a round of applause when lining up for the stretch portion of practice.

Tua Tagovailoa. Some great moments, and general dominance on the goal line and red zone portions. Tua also seems to own the 6v8 portions. Now for the bad. In the 2 minute portion of practice, they start at their own 25 yard line and have 1:30 on the clock to get down field and score a TD or get a FG. Tua ran two plays in this portion of practice. Not on one series, but two series. Two interceptions. On the first play of his 1st 2 minute drill, Tua seemed to be looking for Adam Shaheen on an option route, and Tua threw it to the right of Shaheen, while Shaheen went left. Miscommunication on an option route. Intercepted by Eric Rowe. On the 1st play of the 2nd series,Tua had Jakeem grant streaking down the right sideline on a 9 route, and Tua just let it rip. Jevon Holland was coming off his hash in 2 deep all the way. Gimme Interception. This was not a good set of plays for Tua Tagovailoa.

Jevon Holland. I think it’s a safe bet to declare Jevon Holland a starter. He is playing in several spots on the secondary as well. Gone is the more elementary spots as a safety, and in is a more elaborate role. He had a pass break up on the goal line on a Tua to Mack Hollins slant, and of course, his interception of Tua in the 2 minute drill. Holland is beginning to understand the concepts in the install portions of practice, and it is beginning to show. Once that part is taken care of, his considerable physical skills will take over.

Bernardrick McKinney. The run defense is fixed? Maybe? McKinney has been rolling down hill and filling on over, and under fronts, and quite frankly, the combination of McKinney and Raekwon Davis are too tough to run on inside. Those two have dominated all camp, in 11v11 portions of practice. McKinney is reading his linemen, filling with confidence, and so far, he has been right with every decision based on what he is seeing. McKinney also packs a punch as a tackler, and his size is an obvious and important factor on the defense’s success defending the run this Training Camp.

Myles Gaskin. Myles Gaskin has quietly had a strong camp. Not so much that he is breaking long runs, but that he has become a pass catching weapon in the red zone, and has been a consistent outlet/safety valve for Tua Tagovailoa. On runs, he has finished runs strong, and has not shied from contact. Myles Gaskin has embraced the RB1 role, and has taken a noticeable leadership role on the RB unit. His work on his body int he offseason has also paid off, considering he is putting up a large rep load all camp, while not missing any portion so far.

NOTE: The team closed practice by running 10 gassers (Jaelen Phillips participated in the gassers, but did not practice), in which some coaches participated.
NOTE #2: Solomon Kindley had some good moments as a 2nd team LG, and also received a couple of reps on the 1st team as the LG as well.

Practice MVP: Jevon Holland
Struggled: 2nd team tackles (Brissett faced pressure throughout)

Alfredo Arteaga (@Alf_Arteaga) is one-third of the trio that does the Three Yards Per Carry (@3YardsPerCarry) podcast.

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