Miami Heat: The Beard or The Bunch

James Harden.

That’s a name that has been flying across the league after his eagerness to find a new home became public. And obviously, this was reported by ClutchAdamNBA from Five Reasons Sports a while back, which included the Brooklyn Nets, Philadelphia 76ers, and the Miami Heat.

Now, the reason I haven’t discussed it much is because even though there was interest there, and active discussions going on, it just honestly felt like a waste of time to discuss at the current moment with the pieces that were going to need to be thrown in.

The issue I had with the trade had nothing to do with James Harden, clearly. And it had nothing to do with including Tyler Herro in a trade for a top 7 player in the NBA. Instead, the issue I had was trading away the entire house.

And clearly Miami feels the same way.

Does it seem like a viable option to trade away four shiny, young, and improving pieces away? It always makes sense to trade away assets for the star, but not four.

Having to include Precious Achiuwa, who just had the best day of training camp thus far.

Having to trade away KZ Okpala, who just scored 24 points in a preseason game while getting thrown into the fire.

Giving up Duncan Robinson, who just had one of the best individual seasons shooting the basketball in NBA history.

And of course Tyler Herro, who is an improving young prosepct in which Miami is already ready to hand the offensive keys to.

That’s a lot. A whole lot.

And once again, this doesn’t mean that they won’t ever come back to this James Harden situation, but just not for that asking price.

The beard or the bunch. Miami tested the waters for the beard, knowing that they always had the bunch to fall back on. And well, it’s a solid bunch.

Although it seems as if most people are more worried about trades than actual basketball, the Miami Heat have been “locked in,” as Jimmy Butler said today.

We will see how this plays out, but as I’ve discussed many times, it’s a win-win situation for Miami. And now they’re almost ready to kick off their season in 48 hours.

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