Miami Hurricanes: Ed Reed to join program as Chief of Staff

A familiar face is coming back to Coral Gables. The Miami Hurricanes have hired Ed Reed as  Chief of Staff for the program.

According to the program’s official press release, Reid will serve in an advisory role to head coach Manny Diaz. Reed will take on duties that include strategic planning, operations, quality control, and player evaluation and development. He also serve in an athletic mentor role and help recruit players as much as the NCAA allows.

A smart move for the Miami Hurricanes

This is certainly an impactful move for the program. Reed was one of the best Miami Hurricanes players of all-time. Playing from 1997-2001, he was part of the most recent golden age for the program. He led the nation with nine interceptions in the 2001 season and was named the 2001 co-Big East defensive player of the year. He was undoubtedly the heart and soul of those great defensive teams. That is certainly saying something when you consider who else was on the roster.

Reed was a  first-team All American in 2000 and 2001. Those Miami Hurricanes teams posted a 23-1 record. They were at the pinnacle of the college football mountain. Some still talk about that 2001 Hurricanes team to this day, and they are continually in the conversation as one of the best college teams of all time.

Having Reed on the recruiting trail would be  tremendous for Miami. When you consider his body of work both at Miami and at the professional level, there is no denying he was successful. A Pro football Hall of Famer in 2019, he has been successful everywhere he has went. His role with the program certainly checks off many boxes. It will be interesting to see where he contributes most.  Just having his name attached to the football program is a huge win for the Miami Hurricanes.

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