The Awakening of Jimmy Butler Has Arrived

When looking at the current state of the Miami Heat, it’s clear that taking it game by game is necessary since they’re 7-13 through 20 games and sit at the 13th seed in the East.

It’s been a roller coaster of events for the Heat to start the season, but now with a healthy roster, it’s time to takeoff. And more importantly, it’s time for Jimmy Butler to takeoff.

Jimmy has the ability to step up in every facet, as he showed in his first game back after missing three weeks to Covid. This is his team, and he’s now going to prove that yet again.

It has been discussed that saving Jimmy Butler for a playoff run is essential, but in order to make a playoff run, you need to actually get into a playoff seed. And now, he’s going to look to takeover now before it’s too late, and possibly rest later.

He’s the superstar of this Heat team, and he can turn it on at any moment. The only question with him has been when he decides to turn it on, but that time is now. If there’s anything that is known about Jimmy Butler, it’s that he hates losing more than the average person.

Although he declined to speak with media after Monday’s loss, Goran Dragic said yesterday after practice, “It’s no excuses Jimmy said.” The message in the locker room and practice the past 24 hours has to be a strong one. And not just from Jimmy, since Goran said nobody could sleep after their performance.

The point is that not only is Jimmy Butler the star of this team, he’s also the leader. And going from making the Finals to starting the season 7-13 does not sit well with him. Of course he will still be the guy who sets up teammates and gets others involved, but he won’t let it get to the point that it got to Monday night.

If Miami has a 10 point lead against a lower tiered team, you better believe Jimmy will take initiative to close it out so it doesn’t come down to a buzzer beating three point attempt.

As mentioned before, he has a switch that can be turned on at any moment, and starting tonight that switch will be turned on once the whistle blows at 8:00. Jimmy said a few nights ago, “The losing is over,” but now that he had to take that loss right to the chest, it seems as if that may be true now.

Jimmy Butler has been awakened, and now a display of offensive firepower and winning mentality will try and lead Miami back into the mix over this next stretch.

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