Minkah watch: Did he raise his stock Sunday?

By now, you likely know that Dolphins second-year defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick is available — the only question is how available.

I had suggested the Dolphins sit Fitzpatrick on Sunday against the Patriots.

After all, if he’s an asset, you don’t want him playing and hurting himself, and losing value. And he was more likely to hurt himself if his head and heart weren’t into it.

Turns out I was wrong about that.

Fitzpatrick was good Sunday; he was about the only Dolphins who was.

How good?

Here’s what Pro Football Focus — which dissects every play — said:

Which sort of raises a question:

Why are you trading him?

Well, they shouldn’t, not unless they’re getting more than the pick (No. 11 overall) that they gave up for him. Especially because he’s a more seasoned player than anyone they are getting.

So, yes, I agree with Dave Hyde:

Yet this feels too far along.

The Dolphins are all in on the tank, and it doesn’t matter how many young players it rolls over.

Even if they’re young players that GM Chris Grier wanted.

Great photo by our Tony Capobianco — that’s Minkah with Patrick Chung.

It’s worth a creative caption.



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