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Quickie Dolphins Camp Notes Day 2


– Glorious day today. Clear skies. Not too hot.
– Ok, forget that, It’s like the 7th ring of hell out here.
– “Allen Hurns is here to bring competition.”- Coach Flores.
– Allen Hurns is also necessary. As our own Chris Kouffman pointed out (@ckparrot), they need a true slot guy, and they had nobody on the roster that did what a true slot has done for the New England Patriots all these years.
– Albert Wilson not limited. Will not practice.
– Pads come on tomorrow (Saturday).
– Excited to see Chris Reed. Excited to see Woodard, Carradine. Some physicality.
– Players will get tested on recall from day 1 install on day 2 and so forth.- Coach Flores

– TJ McDonald is off PUP. The Rest remain. TJ McDonald looks pretty good out there. Slim. Sleek. He had a “bloated” heavy look last year in camp. He showed up in shape this year. Will say this. Further review of his 2018 film reveals a very good NFL player on a friendly contract.
– Charles Harris has lined up wide on each side of the formation. Going to be interesting to see how it translates when people actually try to block you.
– The Team stretch is unlike any team stretch I’ve seen before. You gotta see it to understand. Perpetual motion. Emphasis on staying loose, Hydration.
– QB’s warming up. Rosen never drives it during warmups. He is today. On Day 1, it was lolly pops. He is showing some power today.
– Mike Gesicki might have the best hands on the team. I don’t remember his last drop.
– He just dropped one.
– Goal line work with the QB’s. Rosen displays some touch.
– Rosen being bad throwing on the run, is a thing.
– We are not allowed to talk about what they are specifically doing, but the run game is going to be completely different in every aspect, from play call, alignment, even cadence
– This DJ is on FIYAH. That was Biggie, Wu-Tang Clan, and Busta Rhymes, back to back to back. I was tempted to perform on press row, and then I came face to face with my own mortality as I realized that most of these players were not born when these artists were at the peak of their powers.

Header for first day of training camp

– DeVante Parker, well. He’s good. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. I get it.
– Josh Rosen has some moments. Good on an over route. Fast on an option route. Quick to recognize the back in the flat.
– Good for Josh Rosen, but he is not the best QB on this field, and it’s obvious.
– Some 11v11 here….Rosen threw late on a cross. You can see he wanted the guy to clear the zone…good idea, bad execution. Incomplete.
– Uneventful practice today. A lot of Indy drills. Pads come on tomorrow, so it makes sense that they have a lite practice.
– Pads tomorrow. We get to learn MUCH MORE.

Practice MVP: Preston Williams, Brice Butler
Struggled: NOBODY


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