Need the chills? Here’s another Wade video

It is the season for nostalgia when it comes to Dwyane Wade.

We’ve done our share on the Five Reasons flagship podcast, Miami Heat Beat has done plenty of its own on podcasts and videos (check THIS out), and naturally the Heat have hyped plenty about #OneLastDance.

We have felt that the national media have been a little slow to this story. Yes, Sports Illustrated just published a cover story, and sure there was plenty of coverage of Dwyane and Dirk at All-Star Weekend. But it’s been nothing like the attention afforded to Kobe Bryant’s farewell, and he was broken (and kind of an arrogant a– at times).

Yet you turn on ESPN today and they’re talking about LeBron. Of course.

And TNT is choosing to show a Celtics game rather than Wade’s last home game, next Tuesday against Philadelphia.

At least Brian Windhorst acknowledged the importance — and positivity — of this story when he was on our podcast.

And another of our friends, a Miamian named Jay Gutierrez, has put together a pretty cool video for the mother ship.

We thought we should share:



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