Pat Riley Knows Tyler Herro Isn’t Going Anywhere

“He just turned 20. My gosh.”

That’s what Pat Riley had to say about Tyler Herro in his press conference on Friday afternoon.

There still seems to be some discussion if Tyler Herro is indeed untouchable. Obviously he is above most of the trades that have been discussed in the past, such as Jrue Holiday or Victor Oladipo, but what if an even bigger name gets thrown Pat Riley’s way?

Something that stood out to me about what Pat Riley said when discussing Tyler Herro over other players was that he raved about his future. He even said, “He will go to another level when he gets older.” And if Pat Riley is saying that about a cheap and productive 20 year old rookie, I can guarantee he’ not going anywhere.

Bradley Beal is the name that continually seems to get thrown into the mix when asking if Tyler would still be considered untouchable.

For starters, Bradley Beal is not going anywhere, since he seems like he wants to stay in Washington, at least for now. But if he does end up forcing his way out of Washington in the near future for some reason, I believe it’ll be too late, since Tyler will officially be off of the table.

Something else that stood out when he talked about Tyler Herro was the fact that he loved the mentorship he got from the veterans on the team. He said, “All these veterans took him under their wing because they saw something special in him.”

And Pat Riley does not give up special players. He gives up assets.

The two things that stood out the most to me from what Pat Riley said was his talk about Tyler Herro and “The Next Thing.”

Those two things don’t always need to be connected, because ultimately they are not.

The next thing can be acquired pretty easy without Tyler Herro, since there are plenty of options in both this free agency and 2021 free agency.

Pat Riley and this Heat organization know, Tyler Herro isn’t going anywhere.



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