Precious Achiuwa Drafted By the Miami Heat

The Miami Heat got lucky in the 2020 NBA Draft, after a surprising player dropped all the way to pick 20, Precious Achiuwa.

Personally, I didn’t think he’d be available at pick 20, but I did mention in the past that it was intriguing that he worked out for the Miami Heat.

He gives Miami exactly what they lacked this past season, which is a Bam filler. Some believed they needed a guy that can do all of the things that Bam can’t do, but they instead went with the guy who can replicate a lot of the things he does.

For one, he has a very good face-up game, which is pretty similar to that of Bam Adebayo. He has the ability to drive to the basket off the dribble, and surprisingly utilizes a lot of the spots on the floor that Bam does.

That doesn’t mean they can’t play together. Precious has the ability to roam the baseline impressively, while playing outside of the box, which will allow Bam to continue to do what he does best.

There also won’t be much of a drop off on the defensive end when Bam exits the game, since he can guard anybody from a 2 to a 5. And after going up against the big man heavy Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals, Miami knew he’d fit their needs. Not only for a guy that has size to grab some boards, but even to match up defensively against the many bigs and wings in the loaded Eastern Conference.

He’s a physical monster, and his biggest strength most likely begins with energy. Not many bigs play with high energy in college like Bam Adebayo did, but Precious does as well. He represents the type of grittiness and Miami Heat culture that they look for in a draft pick.

He also has the ability to shoot the ball, but that’s not his best attribute in my opinion. Miami wants their guys to play to their own strengths, which is why I believe he will have a role that I described earlier.

The shooting does seem to need some mechanical tweaks, which is a great sign. If he can just develop a consistent mid-range jumper, much like the one Bam Adebayo is looking to develop, he will be in fantastic shape.

And since he can play above the rim, it’ll be interesting to see how Erik Spoelstra utilizes him in the offense.

Although Miami didn’t make any ground breaking moves during the NBA Draft, it assuredly was a productive night.

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