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We will be bringing you a top 5 list compiled by Alfredo Arteaga (@Alf_Arteaga), and a counter list by Simon Clancy (@SiClancy) for each position, for the 2020 NFL Draft. By offering you rankings of prospects 1 thru 5 for each position, we hope you will better understand this most important draft. Enjoy!


Miami Dolphins Picks:
Round1· Pick 5(5)
Round1· Pick 18(18)PIT > MIA
Round1· Pick 26(26)HOU > MIA
Round2· Pick 7(39)
Round2· Pick 24(56)NO > MIA
Round3· Pick 6(70)
Round4· Pick 35(141)Compensatory
Round5· Pick 7(153)
Round5· Pick 9(154)JAX > PIT > MIS
Round5· Pick 28(173)BAL > LA > MIN
Round6· Pick 6(185)
Round7· Pick 13(227)IND > MIA
Round7· Pick 32(246)KC > MIA
Round7· Pick 37(251)Compensatory


1. DERRICK BROWN- Auburn- 6’-5” 326 lbs.

Big and powerful, yet very nimble and quick on his feet. Brown is capable of playing in many systems, all along the defensive line, being asked to do any number of things. The strength, and ability to lock his arms on a blocker in 3 tech, and steer him clear. Brown has plenty of film showing him stepping past attempted combo blocks, and causing havoc by getting on a guards’ outside shoulder. Derrick Brown figures to play a long time in the NFL as a top performer, versatile enough to play in both 4-3 and 3-4 dominant style schemes. A complete prospect.

2. JAVON KINLAW- South Carolina- 6’-5” 324 lbs.

Heavy handed with a slim, athletic build, Kinlaw draws comparisons to other heavy handed athletic types such as Ndamukong Suh, and Gerald Mccoy. While his build, and individual tape checks out for ambitious comparisons, Kinlaw has never been the consistent type, landing him all along the 1st round on many mock drafts. His knocks include playing a bit too high, and lacking a plan on his pass rush. Kinlaw is desperate for some routine, coaching and a plan for his play. Gets the raw label, but this is a prospect worth working with.

3. JUSTIN MADUBUIKE- Texas A&M- 6’-3” 293 lbs.

A five star recruit out of Texas, that built a consistent and successful college career. A Twitchy DT well suited for 3 tech pass rusher with a bevy of interior rush moves. He can be seen on film diving past, stepping through and spinning off blocks on a consistent basis. Madubuike can be a ready made pass rush threat in the NFL, but could land himself a specialist role early on due to his less than ideal size, and length.

4. ROSS BLACKLOCK- TCU- 6’-3” 290 lbs.

Good pass rush chops, and shows up on film using his hands effectively. Extremely good lateral quickness, and can be a menace finding gaps. There is also film of Blacklock being buried under doubles and getting stuck below blocks due to his low pad level. Tries to be more of an obstacle, than a disrupter defending the run. Could find a future as a 3-4 end, as he plays much better in space engaged one on one with blockers. His feet are good enough to use positional strength to set the edge. His 3 tech film is not as strong. Missed 2018 with an Achilles injury.

5. MARLON DAVIDSON- Auburn- 6’-3” 303 lbs.

We know about his teammate, so Davidson tends to be lost in the wash as Derrick Brown flashes all over the place, but if you take a little longer look, he is noticeable. Has played all along the defensive line, and offers a diverse skill set that can land him in any system. Figures to project favorably as a 3 tech in a 4-3 scheme due to his vast repertoire of pass rush moves/counters. More of a positional edge setter when asked to do so, and doesn’t often display his power. His worst film was versus Alabama on at least two occasions. Was blocked mostly one on one.


1. Derrick Brown – Auburn
2. Javon Kinlaw – South Carolina
3. Ross Blacklock – TCU
4. Justin Madubuike – Texas A+M
5. Davon Hamilton – Ohio State



1. A.J. EPENESA- Iowa- 6’-6” 275 lbs.

The consummate strong side end in a 4-3 or can play in odd fronts on either side. Is a skilled rusher on the edge, with a bevy of moves, and heavy hands. What he lacks in quickness, he makes up with a good first step that gets on top of blockers and into their chest. Good tape shows him setting the edge consistently, but also has him getting delayed and re-routed by combos. Does not play with the speed that is desirable for an NFL end, and does not have that “twitchy” feel.

2. YETUR GROSS-MATOS- Penn St.- 6’-5” 266 lbs.

Long and lean, his athleticism pops consistently on tape. Has good film standing up as a wide rusher, and can be seen chasing the play down the line of scrimmage, without catching the wash. 4 star recruit that was highly productive in his college career, posting good sack totals his last two years. Locks his arms well on tackles, and then disengages to restart his rush. What he has as pass rush chops, he gave back against the run as he does not play with much power and strength on the edge. Can be seen sticking to blockers and riding himself out of plays.

3. KHALID KAREEM-Notre Dame- 6’-4” 270 lbs.

A coach’s son (his father coached High School football), Kareem was a top 100 recruit. An efficient edge defender as he punches, and locks with real power. One of the best edge setters in this draft, that plays with little wasted motion. Heavy handed, with a twitchy body demeanor, gives Kareem a good athletic look as a NFL End. Is not seen on film chasing the play from the backside, and does have some lateral limitations. Not as productive as you would like given the opportunities. Does not have a deep bag of tricks when rushing the passer from out wide. As of now, can be accused of being a bit one dimensional as a run stopper.

4. RAEKWON DAVIS- Alabama- 6’-6” 311 lbs.

Perfect size, weight, length to play in a two gap scheme, Davis is a bull on the edge. There is a real man versus boys feel to some of his tape, as he plays with considerable violence, and remarkably heavy hands. Has the versatility to find himself playing as a 3 tech in some schemes, and his power could land him there consistently on 3rd down as an interior rush specialist. Sudden and powerful movements, with little evidence that he can play with speed/finesse when necessary. Not a stat stuffer, and lacks productivity for his hype. Lacks a plan to get to the passer, and is extremely raw rushing in space, which is to say that he does not possess the skill set.

5. JORDAN ELLIOTT- Missouri- 6’-4” 302 lbs.

Another top 100 recruit, that took till his Junior season to blossom as a consistent performer. Before then, you had transfers, accusations of immaturity, and a general lack of direction for his college career. Plays with great leverage, and is a skilled hand fighter, as he plays with great game speed. Can be seen free lancing a bit and trying to be creative when completing your fit is what is required. His lack of production, and his late bloomer knock are completely legitimate. The flashes you see on film, suggest a very good is in there somewhere. Will take the right coaching to get the most out of Elliott.


1. Yetur Gross Matos – Penn State
2. AJ Epenesa – Iowa
3. Marlon Davidson – Auburn
4. Raekwon Davis – Alabama
5. Jordan Elliott – Missouri



1. CHASE YOUNG- Ohio State- 6′-5″ 265 lbs.

Was not much of a factor versus Clemson in the playoffs, tends to keep his feet moving while setting the edge, and does not have a big pass rush repertoire. Having said that, this is a former top 10 recruit that has earned his “best prospect in the draft” status from many analysts. A long, powerful build, with a lightning fast jump from his stance on the edge. Highly productive, and projects to play large snap totals as an essential defender for any defense. A complete playmaker, that has a knack for seeking out the football to create turnovers.

2. K’LAVON CHAISSON- LSU- 6′-3″ 254 lbs.

Wore #18 at LSU which makes you a big deal since it’s given to their highest character leader. Quick hands with a lightning quick first step, with a bevy of spin moves and counters make him a pass rush threat from day 1. Has had a busy injury history with the low light being his ACL injury in 2018. Good changing directions, but has issues projecting his power. Can be seen sliding and being walled off against the run as there is scarce film of him setting the edge. Accusation of being one dimensional is legitimate.

3. ZACK BAUN- Wisconsin- 6′-2″ 238 lbs.

Was recruited as a dual threat quarterback. You read that right. An explosive edge rusher, with a twitchy athletic frame. Relentless in his pursuit for the passer, with some ideas other than running past tackles. A good thinker as a pass rusher. Fluid and flexible enough to play 3 down as a OLB, and cover Tight Ends and running backs. A good athlete that posted strong, yet not impressive combine numbers. Some expected Baun to post a faster time than his 4.65. His lack of size will be a turnoff for some that see him more as a pass rush specialist than a 3 down backer. Can get a bit lost in the deep zones and does not look natural in space while in pass coverage, which suggests a future close to the line of scrimmage.

4. JOSH UCHE- Michigan- 6′-1″ 245lbs.

Finally became a starter as a senior, but it was not for lack of production after a good junior season. Plays with good strength and noticeable speed, as his pad level is always ideal. Seems plenty raw as a pass rusher and does not possess a verifiable skill set for getting after the quarterback, despite his production. He is more of a projection, that has him in between positions, but seems likely to take to a wide rusher role as a specialist. Can be anything as he projects with a very high ceiling, but he does have stark limitations as far as where you will line him up. In space and in coverage is not where he wants to be.

5. TERRELL LEWIS- Alabama- 6′-5″ 262 lbs.

Has had a one injury or another since his arrival at Alabama, with his worst being a torn ACL in the summer of 2018. Long, rangy and athletic, it’s not hard to see why scouts will be intrigued and want to learn more. When they pop in the tape, they will see a fast twitchy edge rusher that gets on top of tackles and into their chests with the quickest of first steps. While very aware as a football player, he needs to play with stronger hands and have better space awareness. Is considered a poor tackler. His build also suggests that weight room time is in his near future as he can fill out.


1. Chase Young – Ohio State
2. K’Lavon Chaisson – LSU
3. Josh Uche – Michigan
4. Zack Baun – Wisconsin
5. Darrell Taylor – Tennessee

Alfredo Arteaga (@Alf_Arteaga) and Simon Clancy (SiClancy) are two-thirds of the trio that does the Three Yards Per Carry (@3YardsPerCarry) podcast.

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