The Flexibility of Dragic, Iguodala Team Options

While the Miami Heat’s young free agency products this season will be testing the market, the veterans are being controlled by the front office. With team options being attached to Goran Dragic and Andre Iguodala’s final year of their deal, it’s up to Miami on what they elect to do.

The first option would be to completely opt out and work the free agency route. But other than a point guard addition, like Kyle Lowry or Mike Conley, is there somebody out there worth money that the Heat would have their eyes on?

That feels to be a no, which takes us into the second option of opting into the deals. This doesn’t mean that they would have to be back in Miami for another season, but it gives them flexibility to operate any type of trade deal with both of those salary fillers.

That is one thing the Heat lost when trading away Meyers Leonard for Trevor Ariza, since they no longer had that money chip to include in any sign and trade to equalize any salary in the deal. Now Dragic and Iguodala are those playing cards, but one seems to be much harder to move on from than the other.

Have we seen Iguodala’s final NBA season? Could he be back with a familiar franchise? Those questions have yet to be answered, while the questions on Dragic are much different.

After quite the ride in Miami, there’s no doubt that the Heat won’t be reluctant to move on and improve the team right now. Yes, Jimmy Butler would love Dragic back in a Heat uniform, but he also seems to like the idea of Lowry in a Heat uniform.

He’s going to have a point guard on the roster next season that he shares a close relationship with, meaning all eyes are on the decision makers in the front office to figure out the next move. The focus is on Butler’s window more than anything, and while the clock is ticking, a deal will most likely needs to be finalized in some fashion.

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