This Next Miami Heat Stretch: Tyler Herro’s Offense

Yesterday was a “downer” from a Miami Heat perspective, as Bam Adebayo proclaimed it late last night.

Miami was stripped of a second round pick, which is absolutely the least of their worries. Bam Adebayo needs surgery due to him suffering a torn UCL in his right thumb against Denver a few nights ago, leaving him out for a lengthy period. And Miami kicked off their non-Bam stretch with an ugly loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

A very odd 12 hour stretch in the game of basketball.

Jimmy Butler was also ruled out shortly before game-time due to that hard crash in the game against Chicago, which was later reported that he should end up missing the next two games as well.

That’s a lot to grasp in a short period of time, but there is one overarching point to this big old mess that stands out: this is Tyler Herro’s offense.

It’s not a bold take whatsoever, but it’s just the truth as we project forward a bit. It was essentially his offense many nights when Adebayo and Butler were playing, but now he’s a solo act in many ways. (Further aligning with his post-game shades and outfit look)


Kyle Lowry and Duncan Robinson are more unpredictable at this stage than the current/previous two-ways that are utilized. Max Strus, Gabe Vincent, and Caleb Martin continue to do their part off the bench, which actually led to some of Miami’s most effective stretches of the night next to Tyler Herro.

That just can’t happen, but it’s basically expected at this stage.

Yes Lowry will still be on the ball and Robinson will still put up shot attempts, but if last night taught us anything, it’s that they will ultimately have to live and die by the production of Herro. And many games, that won’t even be enough.

The point is that he’s fully capable of having that weight on his shoulders, which is something the majority of people questioned before the season. Nobody could’ve predicted what Herro’s doing at this moment, but the fact that he’s undeniably your best and most consistent player when Butler and Adebayo go down is a pretty interesting development.

No shot attempt limit will be assigned to him. No single offensive style will he be slotted into. It’s just going to be Tyler Herro hooping, which is basically when he is at his best.

Will Miami win many games at the start of December if that’s *all* they have? I’m not so sure about that with two games against Milwaukee in the next 6 days, but the second half of December showcases some games Herro could potentially squeak them by.

Looking past the 15th of December, Miami will face Orlando twice, Detroit twice, Indiana, Washington, San Antonio, and Houston. And well, Butler will be back and ready to go at that point, which is when many of my worries about this team will start to fade.

But the next 14 days are going to be real rough for this squad. Some hard match-ups, an unclear roster, and a ton of weight on the shoulders of 21 year old Tyler Herro.

There isn’t anybody that should be worried about the latter, which is not something I could’ve said 4 months ago. We like to talk about plenty of awards with this Heat team, and many start with Herro’s 6th man of the year/most improved player chances, but something even bigger can emerge over this next stretch.

An All-Star appearance.

It’s going to be hard to predict team success, but if Miami can win some games, which will obviously be spearheaded by Butler and Herro, it’ll be hard to deny his case. If Miami’s in a top 4 seed by February 20th, while Adebayo clearly won’t be in the mix for that insertion, it isn’t crazy to say he has a very good shot to make his way in there.

The 22nd leading scorer in the NBA cannot be brushed aside when talking about a 21 year old who is coming off the bench, obviously with a good amount of sprinkled in starts.

Herro has everything in his possession. A potential trip to Cleveland as an All-Star, which doesn’t sound as delightful as it should. The continued starting reps that many have been awaiting. And well, the entire offense in the palm of his hand, as all of the savvy vets look toward him to take them where they need to go.

And he’s more than capable of doing that. It may look rough from a short term sense, but getting past the 2 week mark, things will change.

For the better.

And Herro’s extended emergence will quickly follow.


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