Three Betting Bonuses to Put to the Test

Almost every betting website has some sorts of promotions that you can use once you start betting. Most gambling operators copy each other, which is why users often come across similar bonuses. For example, almost every online bookie and casino has at least one deposit promotion that will provide users with bonus funds if they add a specific amount of money to their accounts. Although you can access most promotions on every betting website, each one has different Terms and Conditions. This means that you should always read the rules before choosing which offer to test.


Besides the promos that are available on many betting platforms, some bookies and casinos have special bonuses that can’t be found anywhere else. Some of them are so rare that you may not even have the chance to try them out.


With that being said, here are three of the rarest betting promotions.

  • Mobile cashback


Most people who bet online use one of their handheld devices because it allows them to enjoy their hobby wherever they go. That’s why once you read the review where silentbet offers an exclusive bonus code for Unibet, you will see that one of the big names in the industry optimized its promo section. Consequently, smartphone and tablet users can avail themselves of every offer that is available to their desktop counterparts.


Unfortunately, even some of the industry leaders do not have an exclusive mobile promotion that is not available to PC and Mac users. Some sites do not have the required experience to create those offers, whereas others simply do not want to provide exclusive privileges to their mobile punters. 


Although some brands might not be keen on developing a mobile-centric promotion, they will probably have to do it anyway because it is becoming really difficult for online bookies and casinos to gain new clients. Needless to say, this promotion will have a positive impact when it comes down to gaining new customers.

  • Free bets


Even though some of Unibet’s offers that you will find on Silentbet may give you the chance to get a free bet, most sports betting operators do not provide their clients with this type of offer. Usually, they just have a regular deposit promo requiring a real money transaction to work.


While it is true that some free bets also require a real-money deposit, the classic variation of this offer can be obtained for free. Typically, clients need to complete the account verification process or download a given mobile app to get their hands on it. 

  • VIP rewards


The last things we’d like to point out in this article are the so-called VIP rewards. Those types of offers are only available to people who successfully become a part of a given operator’s loyalty program.


Despite the fact that more gambling websites have VIP clubs than free bets and mobile promos, this is not something that you can find every day.

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