Top 3 Horses to Watch Out for in Belmont Stakes 2022

Many punters are starting to prepare for the Belmont Stakes this year as the event gets closer. Others may already have placed their bets on the horse that they think will win the race this year via ante-post betting. 


But there are still many percentages of bettors who are still undecided as to who they will entrust their bet to this coming June 11. We will talk about the top three names that are making the rounds on the internet today. But first, we will discuss any updates regarding the projected lineup of the Belmont Stakes 2022. 

Post-Preakness Update

After dominating the Preakness Stakes last May 21, Early Voting trainer Chad Brown announced that they would not enter the Belmont Stakes race. Epicenter, the second runner-up of the Preakness Stakes, also won’t run the third and last leg of the Triple Crown this year. It was stated by his trainer Steve Asmussen. 


Therefore, both horses should be removed from your list if you have considered betting on them in the Belmont Stakes. However, Kentucky Derby winner Rich Strike will compete this coming June 11. 


With that being said, let us start discussing the top three contenders of the 2022 Belmont Stakes that you should watch out for. With this article, you can better prepare yourself before wagering on the tvg top picks for the belmont.

Rich Strike

Since the winner of the Preakness and its second runner-up will not be on the race track for the Belmont Stakes, we will be rooting for the Kentucky Derby winner. Rich Strike is expected to be amongst the final lineup of the Belmont Stakes, and he is not just a contender. He is one of the most promising to win the race. 


Rich Strike entered the Kentucky Derby Race race with an 80-1 odds. So it was an unexpected moment for the fans when Rich Strike won. At that moment, the Derby favorite Epicenter, who entered the race with a 4-1 odds, and Zandon with an 8-1 odds, were occupied on a duel on the front. Rich Strike seized his moment and stole the spotlight from the two frontrunners. 


The race ended with a winner that nobody had expected. Rich Strike, who is way below the odds list, has triumphed. He beat Epicenter, the favorite, by three-quarters of a length, while Zandon finished third also by three-quarters of a length behind Epicenter. The result of the Kentucky Derby 2022 became the second-biggest upset in Derby history.


Punters who trust Rich Strike also didn’t expect the turn of the events. Rich Strike pays out $163.60. The Kentucky Derby 2022 is a perfect example that not all the time, the favorite will win. Events will have their plots and twists that no one expected. In that race, Rich Strike shows the world what he is capable of. Not to mention that he finished his last five races in the top five. 


It would be best to consider that Rich Strike had plenty of preparation time after he skipped the Preakness Stakes.

Mo Donegal

Mo Donegal is one of the Kentucky Derby 2022 contenders. He has a short odds of 8-1 entering the competition, but he only finished the Derby in the fifth spot. However, on the Belmont Stakes, Mo Donegal has an increased chance of winning the race considering the lineup and his race history. 


This 3-year-old colt trained by Todd Pletcher has won three out of six races he joined. In two of them, he finished third and one as the fifth finisher, which was the Kentucky Derby. Remember that when handicapping a horse, you should also consider his competitors. Other horses who will compete with him significantly impact whether he wins or loses. 


Trainer Todd Pletcher also decided to skip the Preakness Stakes so Mo Donegal will have enough time to prepare for the last leg of the Triple Crown. Although Mo Donegal didn’t have luck on his side in the Kentucky Derby, it might be the opposite on the Belmont Stakes. Mo Donegal already has experience running in Belmont Park before. 


He raced on the track twice last year, where he recorded a win in one of those races and third on the other. Because of this, Mo Donegal’s familiarity with the race track might be his ticket to winning the Belmont Stakes.


Creative Minister

Creative Minister is the Preakness Stakes 2022 third-place winner. He entered the race with a 10-1 odds and finished it two ¾ lengths behind the second place winner, Epicenter. Out of the top three finishers of the Preakness Stakes, Creative Minister is only the one who has shown interest in contending for the Belmont Stakes. 


He has shown strength on the race track since May 21, which is why he became among the top three Belmont Stakes contenders that you should watch out for. Creative Minister has an outstanding race record. He runs for a total of four races, including the Preakness. He won two out of the four races he entered. Creative Minister never falls below third place in his racing history. 

Start Handicapping Early

If you plan to bet on the Belmont Stakes 2022, you should start handicapping as soon as possible. The race is set for June 11, and you only have a little time to do all the research to get the information you need. Then, you can start and prioritize handicapping these top three horses to start you off. 

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