Top 5 Power Forwards The Miami Heat Can Realistically Acquire

With the first month of the NBA season on the cusp of the end, it lies pretty clear what one of the struggles of the Miami Heat is, and that’s the starting power forward position. 

Although Caleb Martin’s numbers have been solid overall, and he is a good asset for the Heat, there is one thing he lacks, which is height. 

At 6’5 Caleb Martin is one of the shorter Power Forwards in the league, the Heat are currently 16th in the league for rebounding.

The Miami Heat currently average 39.4 rebounds a game, which is less than last years 2021-22 season, where we averaged 43.7, so this list is going to show 5 Power Forwards the Miami Heat can realistically trade for.




Jae Crowder

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Miami Heat Receive: PF Jae Crowder, PF Dario Šarić

Phoenix Suns Receive: SG Duncan Robinson, 2023 first-round pick (unprotected)


How The Trade Benefits Miami

Even though it is hard to give away the 2023 unprotected first-round draft pick. 

The Heat trading for Jae Crowder and Dario Šarić benefits Miami in not only reuniting Jae Crowder, who was a good role-player and defender on the 2019-20 Eastern Conference Champion Miami Heat, with the team. 

It also adds another PF in Dario Šarić who is a taller, three-point shooting big who just two to three years ago, in the 2019-2020 season was averaging 6.2 rebounds a game. 

The trade also frees up the contract situation with Duncan Robinson for Miami, as he still has three years left on his 5-year 90M deal, and both Crowder and Šarić are on the last year of their contracts.


How The Trade Benefits Phoenix

Phoenix not only will be getting the unprotected first-round draft pick that Miami has in 2023, but they will be receiving Duncan Robinson in the trade as well.

Duncan Robinson has a career average three-point percentage of 40.2%, as of right now the Suns have the 8th best three-point shooting percentage in the NBA, at 37.9%.

Even though trading for Robinson can be seen as a risky move, he potentially can add three-point shooting off the Suns bench, to help increase their already good three-point percentage.



P.J. Washington

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Miami Heat Receive: PF P.J. Washington

Charlotte Hornets Receive: C Dewayne Dedmon, PF Nikola Jović


How The Trade Benefits Miami

Although losing the new-rookie in Nikola Jović maybe isn’t the ideal choice, this trade does bring in an athletic stretch-big in P.J. Washington, who is only 24, and is averaging 15.1 points per-game, 4.5 rebounds, and 1.9 assists with the Charlotte Hornets. 

With Dewayne Dedmon no longer on the team after this trade, it also allows Omer Yurtseven to get a chance to make an impact off the bench for the Heat.

This trade also wouldn’t be allowed to happen until January 15th, due to Dewayne Dedmon being on a recently-signed restriction, and because he re-signed using Bird rights with a 20% raise in salary and the Heat are over the cap.


How The Trade Benefits Charlotte

This trade allows the Hornets to get younger with adding Nikola Jović, who is only 19 years old, and also gives them the chance to help develop the rookie from Leicester, England as much as they can.

During the 2021-22 season with KK Mega Basket, a men’s professional basketball club based in Belgrade, Serbia, where Jović played before he got drafted. Jović averaged 11.7 points while shooting 42.8 percent from the field, 35.6 percent on threes, 75.4 percent from the free throw line, 4.4 rebounds, 3.4 assists to 2.7 turnovers and 0.4 blocks per game in 25 appearances.



Julius Randle

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Miami Heat Receive: PF Julius Randle

New York Knicks Receive: C Omer Yurtseven, SG Duncan Robinson, PF Nikola Jović


How The Trade Benefits Miami

The Miami Heat have always been known as a team who chooses not to tank, as well as also being known to be a win-now team, so although we would lose two young and promising players, in Omer Yurtseven and Nikola Jović, we would be receiving the Knicks current star-player in Julius Randle.

Randle as of right now, although having early season struggles, averages 21.3 points per-game, 9.3 rebounds and 3.3 assists so far in this 2022-23 season.

Julius Randle also helped lead the Knicks to the playoffs in the 2020-21 season.


How The Trade Benefits New York

The Knicks in this trade, would receive 2 young players, in Omer Yurtseven and Nikola Jović, which they can help develop, as Yurtseven is currently 24 years old, and Jović is currently 19 years old.

Along with receiving the guard, Duncan Robinson who averages 40.2%, from the three-point line, for his career.

New York would be getting younger, and can use a bit of a restart by trading Randle, after failing to make the playoffs last year, having a record under .500,  with 37 wins and 45 losses.



Lauri Markkanen

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Miami Heat Receive: PF Lauri Markkanen

Utah Jazz Receive: C Omer Yurtseven, SG Duncan Robinson, 2023 first-round pick (unprotected)


How The Trade Benefits Miami

Lauri Markkanen has found himself with the Jazz, as he is currently averaging 21.3 points per-game, 8.4 rebounds and 2.3 assists so far in this 2022-23 season. 

Lauri Markkanen is averaging better numbers than he had in his one-year stunt with the Cleveland Cavaliers last season. 

Markkanen could help space the floor with Bam Adebayo, as Markkanen would play his role as a three-point shooting stretch-big.


How The Trade Benefits Utah

The Jazz over the off-season traded the former three-time defensive player of the year, Rudy Gobert, this trade would allow Utah to help develop Omer Yurtseven into the next center for the Jazz’s future.

The Jazz will also be getting Duncan Robinson, who can bring in some firepower from deep off the bench for Utah.

All while giving Utah the unprotected first-round draft pick, that Miami has in 2023, which will add another to the Jazz’s huge pick stash.



John Collins

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Miami Heat Receive: PF John Collins

Atlanta Hawks Receive: SF Max Strus, SG Duncan Robinson, PF Nikola Jović, 2023 first-round pick (unprotected), 2026 second-round pick via OKC, DAL or PHI


How The Trade Benefits Miami

This trade benefits the Heat by getting a 25 year-old star in John Collins, although the Heat might be giving up a lot especially like a core player in Max Strus, and the 2023 unprotected first-round draft pick, you gain an established, versatile scorer in Collins — who happens to be from South Florida and has always expressed an interest in returning.

Collins is also currently in a 5-year 125M deal, which in trading for him, the Heat have a guaranteed player for the next three years.

It has also been reported, by trusted reporter Shams Charania, that the Hawks have opened up preliminary trade discussions involving John Collins.


How The Trade Benefits Atlanta

The Hawks would not only be receiving a good role-player in Max Strus, who has come into his own the past year with Miami, elevated three-point shooting with Duncan Robinson, and a young player with potential in Nikola Jović.

Atlanta would also be receiving the 2023 unprotected first-round draft pick, that Miami currently has, along with the 2026 second-round pick via OKC, DAL or PHI.

Trading Collins to Miami would also free up some cap space for the Hawks, as Max Strus is on the last year of his deal.



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  1. Aaron
    Aaron says:

    start rebuilding, trade butler and Lowry who are older and injury prone and trade for a young star to pair up with herro and bam or trade for haul of draft picks.

  2. Matt Yetter
    Matt Yetter says:

    These all look like solid trades worth making but personally I think PJ is the most worth it. The heat NEED to make a change because this group is feeling small and like we need a catalyst in the locker room. Great post though!


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