Tyler Herro’s Season Opener: A Quick Preview

The Miami Heat begin their season tonight against the Orlando Magic, which is why I thought I’d discuss Tyler Herro in a basketball manner.

For the last few weeks, his name has only seemed to come up when discussing possible deals for James Harden, but now it’s time to think impact when hearing his name.

After a very unique rookie year, he will be starting his second season tonight, which is odd since it feels he has been in the league for like 4 years.

The reason I’m bringing up Tyler heading into this game is because he will look very different tonight then he did in the preseason. He played very good in both games, with limited minutes, but now the leap will be made.

He continues to show these flashes, but hitting the floor tonight with Jimmy Butler once again means we get to see a more polished Herro from the preseason.

This game tonight will be a quick preview of what we should expect for the rest of the season. Will we see a scoring mindset from Tyler tonight or an eagerness to show off his improved point guard skills?

Well, there’s a chance we may see both, but ultimately the passing will come after the scoring gets going. Although Bam Adebayo is the entire offense, the keys will be handed to Tyler Herro for him to do what he does best: Put the ball in the bucket.

And as I’ve mentioned with Jimmy and Bam in the past, Butler will be in Tyler’s ear to continue to shoot and attack as much as possible.

Coach Spo won’t be afraid to utilize him in a bunch of lineups tonight, but one of them will most likely be in the starting lineup at the point guard position.

Tyler Herro is a very intriguing name heading into the season, mostly since it doesn’t seem like he will be hitting a wall anytime soon with the amount of confidence he has. And the work he has put in behind the scenes will be on full display tonight, once again, as a preview of the future.

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