Who Are the Two Back-Up Point Guards Miami Could Consider?

I’ve been discussing some possible back-up centers quite a lot lately, but what about some possible back-up point guard options?

Obviously the plan for Miami will be to resign Goran Dragic, but if that’s not the case for some reason, these will be some options.

Miami will be looking for a guard who can defend, since they’ve had troubles with the point of attack. And there are two guys that I believe fit their needs for a good price as well.

The first guy is De’Anthony Melton, since he seems to fit the needs of Miami perfectly.

He’s the type of guy that Miami can gamble on over others, since his inability to really shoot the ball gives teams some uncertainty. Miami, on the other hand, is not worried about the shooting aspect of things, since they seem to have that locked up already.

He is a guy that Miami truly could trust against opposing point guards, since he’s proven he can go toe to toe with just about anybody on the defensive end. His competitive spirit and energy also screams Miami Heat guy, which is why Miami will definitely give De’Anthony a look.

He is a restricted free agent though, which means that Memphis will have the ability to bring him back. But it just comes down to how much they truly value him.

Another intriguing pick-up would be Jordan McLaughlin, who Miami Heat fans are very aware of. Jordan seemed to be another one of those unknown players who seem to kill the Heat, when he scored a very efficient 13 points against Miami in late February and hit the go ahead layup on Bam Adebayo with 8 seconds left to eventually win the game.

The reason he’s intriguing is because he’s another one of those two-way players. When he was playing in the Summer League, all people would say when discussing McLaughlin was how defensive minded he was, since he would pick up opposing point guards full court.

Not only would he give Miami exactly what they want and need defensively, but he is also a very solid offensive player. He has the ability to both attack the rim and shoot the three ball, which he can do by creating his own shot.

The fact that not many people know his name tells you Miami will give him a look alone.

He is also a restricted free agent, which means Minnesota will have the option to bring him back as well.

Once again though, it does seem very likely that Miami will resign Goran Dragic, so they won’t need to worry about this position. But if that’s not the case, I believe De’Anthony Melton and Jordan McLaughlin would definitely be at the top of their list.

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