Miami’s Hunt for a Big Man Isn’t Predicated Around A Fit for Bam Adebayo

The big talk of both free agency and the NBA draft for the Miami Heat is just trying to fill some holes in their roster.

One of the most important holes that needs to be filled is a big man who can grab them some rebounds and protect the rim a bit.

Something I have noticed though, is that people are getting too hung up on finding a perfect fit to play with Bam Adebayo, and I just don’t believe that’s a worry in the Miami Heat’s eyes.

For one, if Miami grabs a big man in this draft, they’re getting him to sub in for Bam to bring a spark to their center position. They’re not going to be starting this draft selection next to him right away.

Of course the hope is that the selection turns into the starting center of this team, but that is not the direction this team is going. They’re trying to win now.

I understand finding a fit for Bam when discussing free agency, since that starting position can be plugged in immediately. Obviously guys like Serge Ibaka and Danilo Gallinari would be starting right away. But if they grabbed someone such as Aron Baynes or Tristan Thompson, it does not mean they have to play together, since that type of pick-up would be used as a bench role.

And not many should worry about players fitting in with Bam anyways, since Bam makes everybody on the floor better. Jae Crowder, Meyers Leonard, and Kelly Olynyk all shined in their minutes this year when they played next to Bam Adebayo, and not to discredit any of these talented players, but that’s what I like to call the Bam effect.

If Miami was to look at Vernon Carey Jr in this draft, which I believe is very possible, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad pick because he’s not a great shooter from distance and can’t play next to Bam. That would actually just further prove that they’re going to get that extra piece for this team, such as a Jrue Holiday, which means all they need is a trusted back-up center to give them a boost without Bam.

The Miami Heat are finding pieces to compete for an NBA title once again next season, not build for the future.

The time is now and they know it, which is why this “fitting” topic doesn’t mean much to them.

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