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Why College Football Might be Harder Than Other College Sports

Most students find preparing for college hard enough, but college football recruits, in particular, also need to think about athletic performance. College football could be harder than other college sports because of the intensive preparation needed. 

How do people manage? How does a freshman become a college football star? Most top recruits will tell you they started prepping as early as their junior year of high school. That’s when coaching staff nationwide starts looking. 

Preparation: the details

Different players need different kinds of strength. Runners need speed; quarterbacks need arm strength; defensive backs need agility, and linemen need solid cores. In addition, there’s also mental preparation to consider. 

The coaching staff wants more than someone with talent. A linebacker that adapts to stunts and shifts quickly is in high demand. The same goes for a quarterback who can assess defensive coverage instantly. 

There are also academics to consider. Players have to fulfill some minimum academic requirements. People who fail their classes will bid their college football dreams farewell. 

College football requires stamina 

A freshman who takes the field faces mature-bodied men who are five years older. They are almost at their peak shape and have quite a bit of experience playing football. They are stronger, faster, and bigger than the freshman, who has his work cut out for him in the way of strength training. 

Players take a 2-3 week break when the high school football season ends. This is over by Christmas, when they start training again, specifically weight training and a lot of it. 

College coaches don’t train players before summer, so it’s up to the latter to get ready for next fall. Usually, weight training takes place four days a week, where the player trains his upper body on some days and his lower body on others. Such intensive training is not typically for any other college sport.  

Ultimately, the best-prepared team gets the top odds and the most fans. Location is also a factor. Recently, sports betting became legal in Ohio, and the interest in football is huge. This Caesars Ohio promo code will help you make the most of your wager, especially if you’re a freshman to betting. 

Skill training

A recruit who can’t hold the ball will be passed over, no matter how strong or fast he is. It’s easy to forget the basics with all the speed and strength training that season preparation requires from a freshman. Compared to other sports, college football runs at the speed of light, whether it’s hitting blocking tasks, carrying into gaps, running routes, or dropping into coverage. Sports like track and field focus on just one component: speed and strength. Football demands physical effort in every aspect. Football players have to be fast, strong, and skillful. You need to undergo drill after drill. A running back should always keep the ball tucked away. A quarterback must always throw. Catches and routes are what wide receivers are responsible for. The list is endless. 


Everyone is fast in college football. The difference to high school is awe-inspiring. The guys running away from your tackles or coming to tackle you will be doing it far more quickly than they did in high school. Linebackers chase faster, running backs run more quickly, and quarterbacks throw the ball faster. No other college sport places such universal emphasis on speed. 

College football places great emphasis on your running technique. The player’s ground force can be maximized in a way to produce top speed and the best acceleration. A lot of training is involved, including with weight sleds.

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