Why The Miami Hurricanes Basketball Team Got A Gem

The Miami Hurricanes basketball team got the number 24 player in the class, Earl Timberlake, to commit in early November. He’s a 6’6, 215 pound left-handed wing that plays the game with something that a lot of young guys don’t, heart.

He has a very polished and all around game with his abilities to pass and rebound at such a high level. When he has the ball in his hands, he always looks to play-make to find the best possible shot on the court.

He is a very athletic and explosive player who has the ability to throw it down on you. He has said and shown that he’s not afraid to take it up on anyone he’s up against. Here’s an example…

Earl is never afraid to take the big shot as well. He’s been in many positions where they need a big shot down the stretch of a game, and they all look to him. Like this…

His ability to rebound up at the rim at only 6’6 also is something that is not talked about enough. He’s a very scrappy player who knows how to use his body. His shooting is also lethal at times off the dribble, but will look to improve that this year with Coach Larranaga. He will he watched closely by many NBA teams this year at Miami, and might have a chance to enter the 2021 NBA Draft if he produces.


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