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Ohio State presence in March Madness – odds for some of favorites

March is here with all of its chaos. Nine Big Ten teams—including Ohio State—are represented in this year’s NCAA Tournament. That is the highest number at a conference. Additionally, the league features many teams that may make some noise and have a significant season despite the conference not having won a national championship since 2000. It is always entertaining to project each team’s potential tournament success, especially with so many Big Ten teams participating in the mayhem.


Because of how well-known March Madness is, even those who do not watch sports or support any team outside the month of March are frequently aware of it. According to March Madness, each competing team has an equal chance. That is the 68 teams who were chosen to participate in the contest. Aside from the Super Bowl, it’s conceivably the biggest sporting occasion in America. March Madness includes major events. Every day of the month there are games, so you may watch your preferred team rule the court on the appointed day. Many supporters might prepare food and drinks with a basketball or collegiate theme or decorate with basketball-themed products.


Ohio State Buckeyes supporters are looking forward to their team’s participation in March Madness as the 2023 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament draws near. The Buckeyes are a favorite to win the competition since they have a successful basketball program and a history of doing well in the event.


Ohio State’s record at March Madness

A successful program with a long history, the Ohio State Buckeyes’ basketball team is legendary. With a record of 55-32 across its 33 NCAA Tournament appearances, the squad has a strong resume. 11 times in all, they have advanced to the Final Four, and in 1960, they claimed the National Championship.


In the last few years, OSU has had an up-and-down experience when competing in the March Madness competition. The team last featured in last year’s edition, where they were defeated by Villanova in the second round to a 71-61 scoreline. Prior to that, the college program was last in the NCAA Tournament in 2019 when they reached the second round before being beaten by Houston 74-59.

Who are the favorites for March Madness?

Unsurprisingly, there will be a number of sports fans all over the country that will be considering potentially wagering on the upcoming tournament. Fans in Ohio could be among those as they will get the opportunity to make the most of a number of opportunities, too.


Recently, residents of the state and fans of OSU have been able to take advantage of the various Ohio Sports Betting Promos available, and the NCAA Tournament will seem like a great option for many to get involved.


Of course, with that in mind, it perhaps is only worthwhile to take a look at the various odds that have been provided and take a look at who could be the winner of the 2023 March Madness tournament.

Houston Cougars

All of the recommended sportsbooks still have the Cougars as one of the favorites. The best course of action for Houston is to watch for any potential slip-ups in AAC play, but that’s easier said than done given that Kelvin Sampson’s team has only dropped two games all season. Houston has a strong chance of receiving the top overall seed in the tournament given that it is ranked first on all analytical websites for college basketball. As a result, the odds for the Cougars to win March Madness stand at +700.


The Crimson Tide should be viewed seriously as a candidate for the national championship because they are the only non-conference team to defeat Houston this season. Since Gonzaga, Alabama has only suffered one loss in SEC competition and has gone on a strong run. The Crimson Tide are occasionally prone to poor performances since they play quickly and frequently use the 3-ball, however, their tactics can work in this year’s event. With odds of +900, Alabama clearly appears to have a chance. 


The greatest player in the league and award-winning center Zach Edey play1 for the Boilermakers. This season, Purdue has suffered three defeats, two of which came in early February against teams like Indiana and Northwestern. Despite recent poor form, Purdue still has a chance to win the Championship at March Madness, with their odds slated at +1200.

Kansas Jayhawks

The reigning national champions struggled for three games in January, but they now appear to be on the mend. The Jayhawks, who comfortably lead the nation in Quad 1 victories, are tied for first place in the Big 12 with Texas and Baylor. With its resume, Kansas virtually certainly qualifies for the No. 1 seed if it wins the Big 12. The Jayhawks are distinct from the majority of other collegiate basketball teams. KU’s small-ball play is distinctive and may be challenging to make arrangements for in a tournament environment in a year where everyone seems to rely on a big man.


Because of Jaime Jaquez and Tyger Campbell, who are perhaps the best team in the nation, UCLA is optimistic about its chances of winning the championship. Since losing both of their games in their Vegas tournament at the midseason, the team has not lost more than two times. This year, UCLA should at least be a No. 2 seed, thus it stands to reason that the market has set its odds at +1300.


The Buckeyes’ presence in March Madness

Ohio State has a chance to redeem itself heading into March Madness, making it worthwhile to keep tabs on the latest basketball news. When the Buckeyes are at their best, they can compete with the most potent teams in their league. EJ Liddell has been everything he was expected to be. The team, though, enters the Big Dance with a 4-5-0 record, including defeats to Nebraska and Penn State. The Buckeyes’ disappointing regular-season finale has put them in a precarious position in the NCAA Tournament, where they will play a strong opponent in the first round and one of the top teams in the country in the second.


As the No. 7 seed starting against the No. 10 seed Loyola-Chicago, Ohio State received no benefits. In 1963, Loyola took home the NCAA championship. Under the leadership of head coach Drew Valentine, Loyola finished with a 25-7 record in the Missouri Valley Conference. With a victory over Drake 64–58, they took home the conference tournament prize. 


Several people predict that Loyola will pull off a very slight upset and end OSU’s season because of their seasoned talent, recent NCAA success, and the shaky quality of this OSU team. As a result, Liddell is considered to be the game’s finest player, and it is predicted that he will exert his dominance once more to give the Buckeyes a tense 3-point victory.

The Greatest Arkansas Basketball Players of All Time

Arkansas basketball has a rich history, and while the Razorbacks have had some of the best players in the game over the years, they’ve also had their fair share of disappointments. From the rising stars of college basketball to some of the most celebrated players in the NBA, here’s a list of some incredible Arkansas players:

1. Sidney Moncrief

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/XcBPc0Q_2h8

Sidney Moncrief, who played at Arkansas from 1975 to 1979, was a three-time All-American and can be credited with putting the Razorbacks’ basketball program on the national map.

The shooting guard’s accolades include playing in the NBA All-Star game for 5 consecutive years. In addition to his consensus First Team All-American designation during one of those seasons (1979), he was also named Consensus Second Team All-American in 1979. His scoring average of over 20 points per game for four seasons surely makes him deserving of his spot on our list.

2. Joe Johnson

Another notable player in Razorbacks history, Joe Johnson spent his collegiate days playing for the University of Arkansas. He was named the state’s Mr. Basketball in 1999 and has made the NBA All-Star team a grand total of 7 times.

When turning professional, he was drafted tenth overall by the Boston Celtics, where he stayed for just one season. He played for six other teams before returning to the Celtics in the 2021 season.

3. Corliss Williamson

Born in Russellville, Corliss Williamson played basketball at Arkansas (1992-95) before going on to play in the NBA for the Sacramento Kings (twice), Detroit Pistons, Atlanta Hawks, and others.

He won a range of titles over his career and also became a coach in 2007. His 12-year coaching career included a few seasons with a team from his home state, Arkansas Baptist.

4. Alvin Robertson

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/qk03WPpOS-Q

Alvin Robertson is a four-time All-Star who played for the San Antonio Spurs from 1984 to 1989. He was named the NBA Defensive Player of the Year in 1986 and was part of the All-NBA Second Team in the same year.

Robertson remains the only player ever to have over 300 steals in a season and also holds the record as the player with the highest average steals per game – 2.71. He started his NBA career with the San Antonio Spurs and played for four other teams during his career, including the Detroit Pistons.

5. Oliver Miller

Oliver Miller, also known as the ‘Big O’ thanks to his huge 6’9″ frame, played for the Razorbacks until his graduation in 1992. The center was named CBA All-Star in 2003 and drafted 22nd overall in the 1992 NBA Draft, where he was selected by the Phoenix Suns.

Miller played for a considerable number of teams during his career, including several international ones in countries such as Greece, Poland, and China.

6. Todd Day

Todd Day was a shooting guard who played for the Arkansas Razorbacks from 1989 to 1992. He was a second and third-team All-American in 1991 and 1992, and the Razorbacks saw considerable success when he was part of the team.

Day was also named SWC Co-Player of the Year in 1991 before being drafted in the first round of the 1992 NBA Draft by the Milwaukee Bucks. He then played for a range of teams, including in Cyprus and Brazil, before becoming a coach in 2016 at Philander Smith, a role he continues with today.

7. Bobby Portis

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/kXJksx1kdJ0

A professional basketball player, Portis was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. He played college basketball at the University of Arkansas before being drafted by the Chicago Bulls in the first round of the 2015 NBA Draft. He went on to play for the Washington Wizards and New York Knicks before moving to the Milwaukee Bucks in 2020, where he still plays today.

He was an SEC Player of the Year in 2015 and made it to the NBA Championships three times, playing for the winning team in 2021.


Arkansas is a state with a rich history of basketball, and these players are just a few of the many who have made their mark. We know you’re going to agree that they deserve to be on this list.


Five Teams to Look Out For at March Madness 2022

March Madness is about to begin – the best time to watch college hoops. But which teams could go all the way in 2022 and emulate last year’s winners Baylor? Read on to find out



March Madness brings out the best in college basketball

It is that most wonderful time of year again. No, not Christmas and the holidays, March Madness is about to begin. The best of the best of college hoops come together to battle it out to leave one remaining champion.


Fans across the country will be eagerly filling in their brackets and preparing their best March Madness bets. Baylor took the championship last year in what was an incredible tournament. But which teams should you be keeping a close eye on this year? Who can go all the way and win the NCAA Tournament? Read on to find out.


Baylor Bears


Baylor became the second consecutive first-time winner in 2021 as it rounded off a tournament of shocks and surprises to beat Gonzaga 86-70 in the National Championship game. Only seven teams have come back and won a second title straight away – so can Baylor become the eighth?


The Bears are one of the best teams in the country and could be good to be one of the four number one seeds. But repeating last year’s incredible triumph will be tough as they battle against other programs looking to take down the king. Baylor will be there towards the end of March Madness – but maybe not on the final day.


Gonzaga Bulldogs


You’ve got to feel for Gonzaga. It is twice in five years now that the Bulldogs have come up just short and lost to the eventual winner in the National Championship game. Gonzaga was outstanding last season, winning its first 31 games – it just couldn’t beat Baylor when it mattered.


The Bulldogs have been installed as the favorites to win in 2022 and could well go into the tournament as the number one overall seed for the second year running. Freshman Chet Holmgren has added another aspect to the Bulldogs’ dominance this year and could be the difference in the Final Four in New Orleans.


Duke Blue Devils


It was a huge shock last year when Duke missed out on the NCAA Tournament altogether – the first time the Blue Devils had not made an appearance since 1995. Repeating that just wasn’t an option this year after Coach K announced that this season would be his last.


But can Duke make sure that Mike Krzyzewski bows out at the very top of the college game? It was all looking good earlier this season as the Blue Devils blew away the opposition. But then came that double-digit loss to UNC. It was not the final home game that Coach K would have wanted – so now his players need to go all out to win the championship.



Who will make the game-winning shots this year?


Arizona Wildcats


Oregon State was the surprise team from the Pac-12 last year, winning the tournament and reaching the Elite Eight. But it is Arizona that most people will be the main hope from this conference in 2022. After missing out because of the self-imposed postseason ban, the Wildcats are hungry for glory.


Not many outside of the program really believed that Arizona would be one of the favorites this year but new coach Tommy Lloyd is in charge of a team that has excelled on both sides of the ball. He spent 20 years at March Madness perennial Gonzaga before taking on the Arizona role, so he should have a good idea about how to deal with the NCAA Tournament.


Kentucky Wildcats


Kentucky is regarded as one of the regulars of the NCAA Tournament but it has been a while since these Wildcats went and won it. That was back in 2012 when UK beat Kansas to take the title. John Calipari was the same coach in charge for that victory and Kentucky celebrated in New Orleans where this year’s Final Four will be held.


Kentucky is number three seed in the SEC Tournament and will be hoping for a good display there to see them into the excitement that is National Tournament. 


NCAA Basketball Season So Far: Surprises Everywhere

Basketball is a long-drawn, high-scoring game – and possibly nothing better could give you that adrenalin-rush than a match, given up for lost, suddenly turning around and reversing the result at the end of the buzzer. 

The start of the 2021-22 NCAA Season had much of such drama, with many top-seeded teams unable to justify their ratings against unranked adversaries, except pre-season favourites Gonzaga Bulldogs and Baylor Bears, both of which made it all the way to the finals. 

This season talents have sparked quite some interest worldwide, as seen in the NCAA rising stars overview by Vietnamese sportsbook Vwin99.

If the results of the initial matches were any indication, very few favoured teams from the original list of 64 made it to the sweet 16 roll, some of them waylaid by other college teams given less than favourable chances of victory.  For the first time in 45 years, for example, Duke and Kentucky did not qualify. 

But even the eventual Gonzaga Bulldogs versus Baylor Bears faceoff in the finals was not without its share of drama. The Gonzaga Bulldogs, steered by its long-time, 22nd year head coach Mark Few, whose mentoring reputation was on a downslide after years of lacklustre performance, finished the regular season with a surprising perfect record of 24-0.  The Bulldogs achieved success by mercilessly running roughshod over anyone who got in their way, including 2nd ranked Brigham Young University (BYU) and 4th best Saint Mary’s College.  

The Bulldogs’ one final victory over the Baylor Bears would have completed a perfect sweep and won them the championship.  But this was not meant to be.  The Bears played the spoiler’s role with an emphatic 86-70 clincher over the Bulldogs, to win for the first time the much-coveted 2021 NCAA Season.

The Bears were firmly in command for the most part of the game, leading by as much as 20 points at one stage.  Rising star Jared Butler, who now wears a Utah Jazz uniform in the NBA, led the assault with 22 points and seven assists.  It wasn’t a one-man show though.  MaCio Tague contributed 19 points and Davion Micthell added 15.  Bulldog Jalen Suggs, now playing for the Orlando Magic in the pro league, took the cudgels for Gonzaga with 22 points. 

The Bears were 43.5 percent from the three-point area, while the Bulldogs had a measly 29.4 percent.  The Bears were even more ferocious under the net, gobbling up 16 offensive rebounds against only five by the Bulldogs. 

It was truly a season of surprises.  After all, the 2020 NCAA basketball season was unceremoniously cancelled due to health concerns.  The 2021 version would have also been placed in the backburner for the same reason, except that the organizers were more creative in finding ways to ensure that the event was sealed off from the virus. Even if it meant holding all the games only in the state of Indiana for the first time in NCAA history. 

Aside from the Bears’ historic first NCAA title, the other big winner of the season is the NCAA itself.  

Tournament organizers defied the odds of withdrawals left and right due to health protocols, to successfully hold the competitions and to lay the groundwork for another exciting tournament starting in March this year.    

More Top High School Hoop Prospects Look to Take Over G-League

The up and coming idea of another transition to get to the NBA began on April 16th, when the number 2 prospect in the 2020 class, Jalen Green, announced he’d bypass college and join this select G-league team. This lead to 5 star athletes, Isaiah Todd, Daishen Nix, and Kai Sotto, to follow along and join this team as well.

As great as this team sounded already, there are more rumors that opened up today after Oklahoma State was hit with a postseason ban due to NCAA violations. With the number 1 player in the 2020 class, Cade Cunningham, committed, there are rumors flying around about what he will do next. College? Overseas? G-League?

Cade Cunningham was offered a lucrative deal that was believed to be at least as much as Jalen Green’s as well. But if he elects to continue with the college route, Kentucky will most likely be atop of his list after he committed to Oklahoma State over them.


With all of this being speculated, there is even more news connected to this G-League team. The number 1 player in the class of 2021, Jon Kuminga, has been “50/50” on whether he’d reclassify up to the class of 2020. Today, Corey Evans from Rivals stated “Bank on Kuminga reclassifying into the 2020 class and turning pro.” This is very promising for the new G-League avenue, but continues to look worse and worse for the future of college basketball.



Canes Basketball Freshmen Will Catch Your Eye

The Miami Hurricanes got two players in the top 100 to commit towards the end of last year. One being Earl Timberlake who has been turning heads for a while and is ranked number 24 in the class. The other being Matt Cross, who has gone slightly under the radar for how advanced his skillset is.

Matt Cross, a 6’6 225 pound small forward, is a four star athlete and ranked number 77 in the class. He played for Brewster Academy surrounded by tons of talent, including the number 4 player Terrence Clarke.

Matt is a lights out shooter from deep and has major range. Even though he is very good with catch and shoot, he seems even more comfortable off the dribble. This is very impressive for a guy his size. Here’s an example of that…

He is also a major threat in the post due to his size and has great footwork around the rim. His rebounding has shown to be towards the top of his strengths after averaging 9.5 rebounds per game last summer during the EYBL season. He also added 23 PPG during that stretch. Take a look…

Matt Cross will be a great compliment to Earl Timberlake this season. Matt can stretch the floor with his shooting ability which will lead to Earl being able to use his strength of slashing. The same goes for Miami’s PG Chris Lykes. Matt will look to play the role that DJ Vasiljevic and Sam Waardenburg have.

When people ask scouts about Matt Cross they usually start with the word toughness. So did Coach Jim Larranaga when he said “Matt is the definition of hard-nosed. He’s an outstanding 3-point shooter, a great team-oriented player and has an extreme toughness that will allow him to compete against the best players in the ACC.” With that said, Matt will look to bring a special fire to this Canes team this season.

Why The Miami Hurricanes Basketball Team Got A Gem

The Miami Hurricanes basketball team got the number 24 player in the class, Earl Timberlake, to commit in early November. He’s a 6’6, 215 pound left-handed wing that plays the game with something that a lot of young guys don’t, heart.

He has a very polished and all around game with his abilities to pass and rebound at such a high level. When he has the ball in his hands, he always looks to play-make to find the best possible shot on the court.

He is a very athletic and explosive player who has the ability to throw it down on you. He has said and shown that he’s not afraid to take it up on anyone he’s up against. Here’s an example…

Earl is never afraid to take the big shot as well. He’s been in many positions where they need a big shot down the stretch of a game, and they all look to him. Like this…

His ability to rebound up at the rim at only 6’6 also is something that is not talked about enough. He’s a very scrappy player who knows how to use his body. His shooting is also lethal at times off the dribble, but will look to improve that this year with Coach Larranaga. He will he watched closely by many NBA teams this year at Miami, and might have a chance to enter the 2021 NBA Draft if he produces.


The 2021 NBA Draft Class Will Become One Of The Best Ever

While many people may not know a lot about the 2021 NBA Draft class, they will soon enough. This draft class has as much talent across the board as any I’ve ever seen. Here’s a look at some of the talent…


1. Cade Cunningham

(PG, 6’7, Committed to Oklahoma State)

Cade Cunningham has been getting looks since he was a freshman at a small high school in Texas. Before his Junior year, he transferred to play for Monteverde and get coached by arguably the best high school coach ever. He is an all around player who lingers around a triple double every time he hits the floor.

Comparison: Ben Simmons (With a jump shot)


2. Jalen Green

(SG, 6’5, Not Committed)

Jalen Green is the most talented player in his class due to his athleticism and superb scoring abilities. Even though he is ranked 3 in most of the rankings, I believe he will be the best prospect in this class by far and will shoot up to number 1 by draft time. He has handles, can shoot the three, and can take any defender 1on1 off the dribble.

Comparison: Kobe Bryant (Ish)


3. Evan Mobley

(C, 7’0, USC)

Evan Mobley is a talented young center who has shown great potential over his high school years. He has even better intangibles than a lot of NBA star centers at his age. He runs the floor as good as a guard and his body is starting to fill out. By the time he finished his season at USC, he will be as solid as anybody in the draft.

Comparison: Kevin Garnett 


4. Ziaire Williams 

(SF, 6’7, Not Committed)

Ziaire Williams played for Sierra Canyon this past year on one of the most watched high school teams ever. He was out for the first half of the year with injury, then came back where he left off. He hit a game winning jumper to win the State finals. He never gets rattled and plays the game at his speed at all times. His game translates to the NBA very well.

Comparison: Paul George


5. Terrence Clarke

(SG, 6’7, Committed to Kentucky)

Terrence Clarke is another insanely athletic guard who can not only jump out of the gym and shoot the ball, but prides himself on the defensive side of the ball as well. He is a player with a very high IQ when he has the ball in his hands, due to his high end passing abilities, especially when he is driving to the rim.

Comparison: Donovan Mitchell

6. Jalen Suggs

(PG, 6’5, Committed to Gonzaga)

Jalen Suggs is one of the most explosive point guards I’ve seen in a while. While a lot of the guards in this draft are good passers, he is on a different level. This might be because he was a five star quarterback and safety as well, which means he is able to read a defenders eyes and manipulate them just as he does in football. He has a very high ceiling and will shoot up the draft boards even more by the end of his year at Gonzaga.

Comparison: Russel Westbrook

7. Scottie Barnes

(SF, 6’8, Committed to Florida State)

Scottie Barnes has the athletic ability to blow by any defender teams throw at him from a point guard to a center. He is great at attacking the rim and crashes the boards at all times. His best attribute though is his defensive versatilities, which he’s proven he’s the best defender in the class. What sets himself apart from other players is his energy. No matter if it’s the championship game or a pickup game, he puts it all out there on the floor, which makes him very appealing to NBA scouts.

Comparison: Pascal Siakam (But vocal)

8. BJ Boston

(SG, 6’6, Committed to Kentucky)

BJ Boston is a pure scorer and has proven he can score at all three levels this year at Sierra Canyon. When their top player, Ziaire Williams, started the year with an injury, BJ Boston took the team over as the leader and number one option, which proved he deserved to be a top player in his class. He can shoot the three as good as anybody and will look to improve his all around game this year with Coach Calipari.

Comparison: Devin Booker

9. Joshua Christopher

(SG, 6’5, Committed to Michigan)

Joshua Christopher is another high flying guard, which seems to be a trend in this class. He has proven he can handle the ball as good as any point guard and is not afraid to take the ball up on anybody. He also has a good shoot from deep and looks to continue to polish his game under Juwan Howard at Michigan this year.

Comparison: Jaylon Brown 

10. Greg Brown

(PF, 6’9, Not Committed)

Greg Brown is one of the most polished 6’9 prospects that I’ve seen. He is very under control with the ball in his hands which is usually the problem with players with his size. He is a walking mismatch since opposing teams just can’t defend him. If they put a big on him, he blows by them and if they put a guard on him, he bodies them down low. He will be one of the most exciting players to watch in college this upcoming year.

Comparison: John Collins