Would Miami Consider Dennis Schroder?

The point guard position may not be much of a worry for Miami as of right now, since they have Tyler Herro possibly switching over, a 20th pick consideration, and of course Goran Dragic. The only issue is that although it seems very likely Miami will resign Goran, there’s still a small chance it doesn’t work out.

If Miami was to go into next season without Goran Dragic, a veteran point guard would be pretty ideal.

Dennis Schroder would definitely be an option for Miami through trade, since he’s going into the last year of his deal next season.

He’s coming off of a very impressive season averaging 19 points a game off the bench. The shooting even improved this year since he hit about two threes a game, shooting 39% which was a career best.



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I think it’s pretty obvious what Schroder gives you offensively, but what stands out now is the other side of the ball.

Schroder probably had one of his best defensive seasons of his career this past season. He’s very feisty and energetic on the defensive side of the ball, which led to him being an absolute havoc against opposing guards.

He actually was fourth in Defensive Win Shares among all of the other guards in the NBA during the regular season.

And when discussing the fit on this current Heat team, I believe it’s a pretty good one.

For one, Schroder thrived most this season when playing in lineups with two other ball-handlers, like Chris Paul and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. And if he gets inserted into lineups with Tyler Herro, Jimmy Butler, and Bam Adebayo, he should be able to thrive very similarly.

I also believe he wants a starting position in this league, and that won’t happen in OKC unless Chris Paul gets traded. And he’d definitely start on this Heat team since they’re in need of a defensive guard.

Once again, I don’t believe that Miami and Goran Dragic will part ways since Pat Riley made it clear in his press conference that they’re looking to take care of him. But if they were to move on, I believe Dennis could be a guy that they consider.

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